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Those men in tights

A good friend of mine
came over recently and we had a few hours to play some games. He had his bag with him with a games as possibilities for the day.

He is the same friend that taught me how to play Citadels, The Great Fire of London and some others.

And honestly I was stoked because I have only played one game with him that I did not care for too much (Great Fire of London) and that was because the game to me seemed weak on theme, even wimpy.

He asked me what I wanted to play and I hesitated because I saw the game the Founding Fathers on top of his stack and I thought that maybe it was dry also. Plus the fact that I am not politically active, do not align myself with any party as a practice and think that the US system is mucked up to begin with.

Did Washington make a career out of politics? No.

So I asked my Amigo what he wanted to play and as if on cue he said, "well we can try this one if you want." So I decided I was going to give my friend the benefit of the doubt once again and try this game. It was Saturday and we had some snacks and a few hours to burn - what did I have to lose?

I have to admit that my 1st impression was not all giddy and drool. I thought that even though the game board did remind me of our out-of-touch elitists that the game might not satisfy me in the end.

But I was wrong. Dead wrong.

Now I am not going to say that this is one of my favorite games, but it is a darn good one and easy to learn as well. Basically there are 3 areas of the game board:

1. The Assembly Room where you will vote 'yes' or 'no' on the bill currently under review
2. The Debate Track
3. And the Committee Room

The other areas are the scoring track, the who-has-voted-yea-or-nay delegate area and where the cards are placed during the round.

The idea is that you will want to vote a certain way for the law that is under consideration that gives you the benefit so at the end of the game you have the most points!

[Of course, i had no idea what these areas meant until after the 1st round really when I began to watch what my friend was doing to add up his points at the end of the game. He was voting on the bills and collecting the tokens for the parties that were on most of the passed bills. I am no rocket scientist, but I could figure this one out.]

courtesy and all rights dong hyuk song

The Assembly Room is where you will vote and each state can only vote once. So what do you do if you have the Delaware card, but someone already voted with their Delaware card? Well you can either discard [called snub delegates in the game] to get new cards or perform the action that is at the bottom of the card such as gaining 1 VP as shown on the Connecticut card below.

[My son was also catching on pretty quick too. And since my friend was leaning toward the 2 Federalist parties I decided to go the way of the inti-Federalists or States rights! I didn't think I could beat him outright, but I thought that I might be able to derail his master plan just a bit]

[By mid game I was fully understanding this game and so was my son. It was great light fare for the Saturday and I cannot think of a better game to play around the 4th of July. My friend did end up winning and that was fine by us since we had a great experience and learned a new game]

This game has great quality bits and the cards are cool because for each one you can do one action or another. But there were two things that got me to thinking about the game components:

1. The game board had a slight ledge in it by the Debate Track area as shown in the pic above

2. Yes - I have to admit that the bits are very fine quality and big, but I was put off at first that there are pink and purple bits - lol. But then I brought to mind the historical characters like Barney Frank, J. Edgar and realized that this was not really out of place at all.

courtesy Wikipedia

I have more than once told my wife that if I ever met Bill Clinton I would not shake his hand. Would I now? No. But I might ask him to play a game with me, if he wanted to, and probably this one would be it:-)

There is also a very cool online implementation at that you can play for free!

~ The Muse
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