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Subject: 5: Fast Battle & Furious Damage rss

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Cedric Chong
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comic style

Played up to mission #5 before this. Mission #4 and mission #5 were slightly different. Both had the challenge of not having full range of unit types. As such, every round, activation dice were wasted.

Moving on to mission #6, we had full range of units. Two units for each of the four types. There was also the Battle Damage rule. What it meant was, on top of the power crystals, when you took out a Link entirely, you gain bonus VPs.

Heavy Link = 3 VPs
Medium Link = 2 VPs
Recon Link = 1 VP
Infantry = 2 VPs

The Game
Got started with the game. The terrain on my right flank were closer to my units. I felt if I had to move out and attack on my right flank, it would put me in vulnerable positions. On my left flank, however, there was more open space. I decided to concentrate on the left flank first.

Round 1. I moved out my Recon and Heavy Link, double-teamed an enemy Recon Link. Because it was double-teamed, it could only defend against one of the two attack. I took it out scoring me a total of 4 VPs.

Score: 4 - 0

My opponent tried to move out. The Heavy Links both moved slowly. Because I chose not to push out on the right flank, I supposed it made it harder for my opponent to gain Line-Of-Sight. Nevertheless, I was surprised when two Long Range Bombardment cards were played against me by both Heavy Links! The Infantry fired at my Recon first. I defended and returned 3 damage! Looking great! However, both of the Long Range Bombardment took out my Medium Link, for a total of 6 Victory Points.

Score: 7 - 6

Round 2. My Recon Link went up against the Medium Link. D6 versus D8... Hmm. I decided to use my Smart Bomb against it even though I had Line-Of-Sight. This was so that the attack could not be defended with a Weapon System card (unless it was an Anti-Missile). I hoped this would increase my chances of a successful attack. And it did! I barely won the attack, scoring 1 damage. My Heavy Link on the other hand rolled badly against the Infantry, and suffered 1 damage in return. Next was my Medium Link against the Recon. I wasn't expecting much.. and just barely made the roll with 9 versus 8 for 1 damage. However, the card I played let Medium Link gain two additional damage. 3 damage total. I took out the Recon Link for 4 more VPs!

Score: 12 - 7

My opponent moved down the right flank and took out my stray Recon Link for 4 VPs. However, my Infantry did well against the Heavy Link. It rolled a critical hit and rendered the Heavy Link unmovable!

Score: 13 - 11

Round 3. We needed 20 points to win. I looked at the score and realised I only needed 7 more points. I did a quick scan of the battlefield. If I took out both the Medium Link and the Infantry on the left flank, I would have enough VPs to win the game. So I changed my strategy. I started to move my units on my right away from Line-Of-Sight of my opponent, while advancing down the left flank. Sadly, I lost both my battles and lost 3 VPs this turn.

Score: 13 - 14

My opponent ran low on Weapon System cards, and decided to engage me in close combat. It promptly took out my Recon Link for 2 more VPs.

Score: 13 - 16

My opponent only needed 4 VPs to win, while I needed 7. If I were to win, it had to be this turn! I rolled my activation dice. With the results, I could not activate both Heavy Links and still target both of my enemy units which were needed to win me the game. Then I decided to double-activate one of my Heavy Link to match it against the Medium Link. And to use my Medium Link which just happened to be in range of the Infantry. My remaining Weapon System cards were not very good. But I assigned them correctly. My Medium rolled a crit! Just enough to take out the Infantry for 3 more VPs. My Heavy Link rolled enough for a double damage, but the card gave two extra damage. I made it! Took out the Medium Link for 5 VPs.

Score: 21 - 16

Mission #6 is by far my favorite scenario!! Just for comparison, mission #5 is the one I dislike the most. Both played back-to-back. Ha. The thing that I love about mission #6 is the action! Because each side has 8 units, and all 4 types, there are lots of action every turn. I specially made all the damage color in the comic above to show all the carnage each turn. The game went quickly and each turn you feel like there are lots of choices and things to do.

I give mission #6 thumbsupthumbsupthumbsup. I feel this is, by far, the best way to play Abaddon. There are lots of options in the deployment, and I feel both sides will play slightly different due to the terrain placement. This is also the first scenario to introduce Battle Damage. And it rocks! On top of other advantages, there is suddenly a new incentive to focus fire and take out individual units as quickly as possible. I will most likely be stuck in this scenario for a long time before moving on to the next one.

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3: The Bomb From Nowhere
4: Critical Escape
5: Fast Battle & Furious Damage
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