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Subject: Two player run rss

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Franz Lauer
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##### New Angeles #####
###### 02.59 p.m. ######
## Cyber Solutions Inc. ##
Executive Meeting Room

Two men entering the room via a ventilation shaft. McEvoy follows Mr. White into the room noticing in an instant the smell of fresh air coming from the near window.
Standing there right in front of the glowing City lights are two men looking puzzled at John as he slams down on the round meeting table.
"Shit", Animal mumbles, "seems there is another team on the hunt."
"That's right Mr. McEvoy, so let me propose you hurry up" says Mr. White and dashes for the door.
Gabriel Santiago, still holding his climbing gear in the hands glances to his partner.
"What the f~~~.. is this Cash...."
"Shut up and run" shouts Hugo Cash, the Inside Man
The race begins.

Mr. White advances to the next room, it's the Surveillance room and in an instant the alarm goes off (alarm dial +2), the Animals follows right at his heels glancing over the surveillances monitors and the flaming red light right over the door.
"Great !"
Another opeartive enters the room - it's Gabriel Santiago, he looks at the the two men, pulls his Interface Link out of his neck an sniggers.
"Don't mess with me boys, cause I'm the best"

Meanwhile Hugo Cash still in the Meeting room swings his Sledgehammer and destroys the Tech Lock protecting the Data Accses Panel of the Meeting table (5DFs)
He hears the alarm sound from the adjacent room and checks his approximity timer: 07. (D6+2 - 5+2=7).
"First round", he mumbles. "That's going to be a rough ride"

Hugo pulls out his iPad 10.7 G and connects to the Interface of the Meeting room, his fingers running over the panel, grinning when he receives two Data Files from the adjacent Surviellance room. (2DF - 1+2).

Gabriel Santiago dives into the Matrix using the Interface of the Surveillance room looking for the next room to enter. It's the Research Admin Office, 5 Data Packages waiting for an extract and "Holy shit", he shouts, "there is an entrance to a secret room".

Mr White advandes to the Research Admin Office and another alarm goes off.
Mc Evoy follows looks at the alarm light right over the door " Nice one Mr. Perfect - is that your MO"
The Animal looks at his approximity timer: 16 (D6+3+7 - 6+3+7=16).
"The second round goes to the other team, we have to hurry"

McEvoy uses the Interface of the Research Admin Office and a hidden door opens into the secret room.
"Holy Crap, he shouts to Mr. White, "it's a Brain Scan Station, full of Data (8 DF) and a lot of needfull stuff"

Mr. White begins to extract the Data of the Research Admin Office (4DF - 1+1+2+2=6).
"Grab what you can", he yells back.

Gabriel Santiago enters the Research Admin Office. Mr. White looks at him and grins.
"Perhaps your are the best - but for now, a little bit late"
"We'll see", the Tech Expert replies.

Meanwhile Hugo Cash still in the Executive Meeting Room begins to extract the Data Files (4 DF, 1+1+2+2=6, total 9)
He looks at his approximity timer: 21 (D6+3+16 - 2+3+16=21) and activates his com link
"Gabriel, three quarter left, move, move"
"Third round and it seems to be a thight run", he thinks.

Hugo advances to the Surviellance room.

Gabriel Santiago launches a Remote Drone sending it to the secret room and locks into the Interface there.
The Drone returns with a "Sub Dermal Data Drive" and a "Sub Sonic Emitter"
"What the hell was that", cries John McEvoy from the adjacent room.

Seeing the Drone leaving the Brain Scan Station McEvoy starts an Extraction (4DF 1+1+2+2=6).

Mr. White advances to the Motion Perfomance Testing Area. Another alarm goes off.
"Oh no, come on....I'm the Brains, don't you know?"
"I can hear that!" shouts McEvoy.
Both look on their approximity timer: 30 (D6+4+21 - 5+4+21=30).
"Fourth Round but how many left?"

Mr White starts the Extraction of the Data Files in the Motion Perfomance Testing Area. ( 4DF - 3+3+2+1=9, total 15)
"Damned, I'm good", he says.

Mc Evoy is still downloading the Data from the Brain Scan Station. (4 DF - 2+2+2+1=7, total 13)

Hugo Cash advances to the Research Admin Office.

Santiago giving himself a shot of Stims advances to the Motion Perfomance Testing Area, activates the Interface and moves two rooms up, right into the Security Station, where Security Officer Nelson is waiting.
"Bullshit", Santiago yells and grabs for his Monoknife. But Nelson pushes the Alarm button and pulls the trigger of his Flechtette-Gun.
Santiago dives behind a desk but feels a burning pain in his leg.
The approximity timer shows 37 (D6+5+30 - 2+5+30=37).
"Fifth Round and it's getting better and better", Santiagos grumbles.

Hugo Cash, the Inside man rushes forward to the Motion Perfomance Testing Area
„Hold on Santiago, I'm coming“ he yells over his com link.

Santiago, in cover behind a desk spots a download interface, plugs into it and takes his chance throwing his Monoknife and hits Officer Nelson who is standing in the center of the Security Station. Santiago extracts 2 Data-Files (2 DF – 1+1=2) while the Officer goes down.

Mr. White still in the Motion Perfomance Testing Area calls McEvoy „Come back, I've a plan!“ and connects to the Secretaries. „We have a security leak down here, call the police!“ (The alarm dial goes up to 7). Mr. White retreats to the Research Admin Office.

McEvoy retreats to the Research Admin Office.
He looks onto his approximity timer: 46 (D6+7+37 – 2+7+37=46).
„Sixth round and time to leave“ he says.

Mr. White extracts the last Data-Files in the Research Admin Office. (1 DF – 2, total 17)
„I've got ya!“

McEvoy using his Utility-Belt enters Motion Perfomance Testing Area extracts the last Data-Files there and retreats to the Research Admin Office (1 DF – 1, total 14).

Meanwhile Hugo Cash speeded up by XpressO2 enters the Moving Sidewalk, stays there and extracts 2 Data-Files from an unsecured downlink. (2DF – 1+1=2, total 11)

Santiago still in the Security Station uses his Disrupter Laser and destroys the Tech Lock.
5 Data-Packages are now free to extract.
„How much time left?“ he wonders and glances at his approximity timer: 59 (D6+7+46 – 6+7+46=59).
„Seventh round and we're running out of time“

Hugo Cash connects his iPad 10.7 G with the Interface of the Sidealk and collects a „Live Feed“ and a „Signal Boost“.
„Might come in handy?“

Gabriel Santiago activates his Sub-Dermal Data Drive extracts 4 Data-Files and connects to the Interface collecting a Data Code Breaker and a Movement Tracker. (4 DF – 2+2+2+3=9, total 11)

Mr. White while retreating to the Surveillance room stumbles into his Informant and receives to Data-Files. (2DF– 1+1=2, total 19).

McEvoy smoking a cigarette speeds up right into the Meeting room on his Frictionless Slippers.
„Enough of this stupid running“. He checks the room ready to leave and discovers two remaining Data-Files.
„Hmm, eighth round enough time I think!“ His approximity timer reads : 69 (D6+7+46 – 3+7+59=69).

Mc Evoy extracts the remaining to Data-Files. (2DF – 1+1=2, total 16).
Mr. White enters the Meeting room retreating from the Surviellance room
„Let's say goodbye Mr. Evoy“

We have to go, shouts Hugo Cash an retreats to the Motion Perfomance Testing Area.

„I'm right behind you“ yells Santiago, limping onto the Moving Sidewalk. His leg hurts and he knows that he is delayed.
He checks his watch – the timer reads : 79 (D6+7+46 – 3+7+69=79).
„Nineth Round 'm not going to make it“

Looking behind, awaiting Santiago to show up Hugo Cash calls for Backup, his team outside messing with the traffic lights hampering the approaching Mercenaries (decreasing the Approximity Dial to 69).

„Go, go!“, yells Santiago,“I'm wounded and not going to make it.

Mr. White and McEvoy are leaving the complex of Cyber Solutions Inc. Carrying away 22 Data-Files ( total 35).

The Approximity Dial goes up to 79 again.

Hugo Cash hurries up to get out of the building retreating. Santiago slowly follows, resting room after room being wounded.

Hugo reaches the Research Admin Office on 88 but bumbs into the angry Mercenaries entering the Surveillance room.
„Hands up, scumbag, where are the others?“
Hugo slumps onto the floor
„I' do not know for sure, but I think they're are out...they made it out....“
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