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Subject: Solo Rogue vs Ragnaros: Full Build & Combat rss

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Dan Christopher
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R/B/G : Red/Blue/Green dice.
2R : 2 Red dice.
2B8 : 2 Blue dice showing 8.
2Gx : 2 Green dice showing any value.
2R3+ : 2 Red dice showing 3 or more.
+3Rr : +3 Reroll value.

This is a maximum burst build, developed exclusively for intrepid, plucky young Rogues looking to solo Ragnaros. Under normal combat circumstances, Ragnaros will vaporize a Rogue in the Damage Step of round two. Since the Ranged Strike Step of round two is skipped, solo Rogues must do everything and anything possible to kill Ragnaros in a single round.

This build assumes no special gear and no items/potions. The assumed gear will provide a conservative 1B/4R/3G and +3Rr. Fancier gear will allow for better results.

1. 11 tokens in the defense box.
2. 28 tokens in the damage box.

Using this build and the assumed gear, a Ranged Strike will hit for 6-9, the Rogue will then Defend for 8-13 (need 11 to survive), and resolve the round with 24-31 tokens in the damage box (need 28 to kill Ragnaros).


Sinister Strike (Instant)
Stealth (Ranged)
Backstab (Instant)
Ambush (Instant)
Dual Wield (Trinket)
Instant Poison (Weapon Add-On)
Deadly Poison (Weapon Add-On)
Garrote (Instant)
Slice and Dice (Active)

Vile Poisons (II)
Improved Backstab (III)
Lethality (IV)
Precision (V)
Master of Subtlety (VI)

Combat Overview:


- expend, use, drink any/all useful items you may be carrying; this overview assumes none.
- spend 8 Energy to use powers (Sinister Strike, Backstab, Ambush, Garrote).
- gather your dice pool (7B/10R/3G as assumed).

a) Dice Pool Step, Round One
- use Precision to place 2R on the table as 2R8.
- roll dice.

b) Reroll Step, Round One

- use +3Rr. Note: when choosing which dice to reroll, keep in mind that you will AUTOMATICALLY be changing 4Rx and 2R3+ to R8, AND 4Bx to 4B8, so plan your Rerolls accordingly. Once you are certain you'll survive Rag's first hadoken (i.e. 11 tokens in the defense box), G becomes lowest priority.
End of Reroll Step, Round One:
- use Lethality to change 2R3+ to 2R8.
- use Improved Backstab to change 2Rx to 2R8.
- if necessary, unequip Deadly Poison to change a further 2Rx to 2R8.
- spot 4R6+ to place 4 tokens on Slice and Dice (via Sinister Strike and/or Backstab).
- spend 4 tokens from Slice and Dice to change 4Bx to 4B8.
- spot 1R8 to place 2 tokens in the Damage box (via Instant Poison).

c) Place Tokens Step, Round One
- place dice hits.
- place +2 Attrition (via Vile Poisons).
- Place +x Attrition (via Garrote, should be ~10).

Rag will laugh at your Ranged Strike, stomp you within an inch of your life in the Damage Step, and hopefully perish in the Resolution step. If he survives to see round 2, you will be atomized. Enjoy!

Notes & Further Assumtions:
- This build assumes a Rogue is level 6, with access to level 6 powers and talents available from both WoW:TBG expansions.
- This build is ineffective vs. Attrition-immune enemies.
- This build observes a house rule wherein Rogues may only equip two "poison" add-ons if they have Dual Wield equipped (otherwise they may only equip one).

Theorycraft: It *may* make sense to drop Sinister Strike for Cheap Shot, and/or possibly one of the "poison" add-ons for Anisthetic Poison. It all depends on how many 5 and/or 6s are left staring up at you by the end of your Reroll Step. In my testing vs. Rag, maximizing the availability of R (and to a lesser extent, B) was more useful than lowering threat - likely because this build grants a large number of dice changes; very few, if any 5-6s remained by the start of the Place Tokens Step. HOWEVER, this I can firmly state: if your gear/items allow you to reach the 10R cap without needing Sinister Strike, then drop it for Cheap Shot.
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Ignacio G.
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I find the Rogue to be the hardest class to build (aside of the Priest, that sucks). This build could be useful, will try it on a game. Thanks.
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Dan Christopher
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Just keep in mind that roughly half the damage output of this build comes from attrition. If your opponent is attrition-immune, you'll need to adjust.
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Jean-Michel Simard
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3 years later...

Hey there!

Shoud you be able to lvl up to 6 while using the ragnaros overlord? The way I see it it is not an outland boss so you have to leave the lvl 6 stuff in the box friend! I do admit soloing a boss is quite a feat in my opinion (although people seem to say overlords are too easy, I hardly understand that unless all the quest creatures are in line and you win 'em all)

Is it house rule or is it something I haven't understood? Because I find Ragnaros very hard with 2 players!

hope you'll get a notification or something
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David Hammel
United States
Los Angeles
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I deeply regret selling this game. I have the adventure game too, and at the time, when both were readily available, I thought "Well, we like the adventure game a lot more and it's so hard to get the bigger box game to the table... time to strip the fat!" Never know when a game will phase out and disappear forever, and reading this made me wish I could go for another run. Oh well. Good memories.
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