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Hello again, BGG! This is the 2nd in a series of threads covering a campaign of Descent 2e between myself and
Drew Meg
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Tonight we had the 2nd session in our "Shadow Rune" campaign. The BGG community was thoughtful enough to point out a number of rule infractions on our part in Episode I, so hopefully our session tonight was smoother. To compensate for our ridiculous number of search tokens from last game, Drew reverted his heroes back to their base gear, drew 3 search cards and collected their gold values, and then re-did the shopping phase.

Shopping Phase
Drew had 75 gold to spend. He purchased leather armor for Leoric.

Choose Next Quest/Travel
I selected The Masquerade Ball quest on its reputation that it favors the OL. While travelling, all 3 heroes pass a knowlege check and each draw a search card. Averic drew a treasure chest and recieved an iron spear in exchange. The next travel card merely skipped the flipping of a third.

During the setup, I place the zombies in the read of the Chapel and the Goblin Archers in the library.
Round I
Leoric moves and does a ranged attack, killing one of the zombie minions. Avric and Grisban both move and unmask the guests in the chapel. Both of them are nobles! yuk

My zombies manage to do a couple points of damage to Leoric while my Goblin Archers unmask 3 guests, all of which are cultists. I use one of the moulders to unmask the final guest in the South room. Lady Eliza moves towards the heroes.

Round II
Grisban fatigue moves next to my Master zombie and kills him with a double attack (using Rage). Leoric also does a move attack and kills a zombie minion. Avric escorts his noble out.

I attack Leoric with my remaining zombie and a couple goblin archers. When this doesnt drop him, I attack with a nearby flesh moulder to finish him off. My moulder with the noble moves next to the exit while Lady Eliza positions herself by the master flesh mouler in the central intersection.

Round III
Leoric stands, getting 4 health and 1 fatigue back. Avric enters and moves into the chapel and Grisban searches and moves towards the door. Even with his remaining fatigue, Grisban is still a couple of squares from the entrence.

I attack Leoric with various minions, getting him down to 1 health. Lady Eliza rushes in and uses seduction on Grisban, who is so enamored with Eliza that he forgets what he was doing at this party in the first place... (moves away from the door and is stunned) The flesh moulder who was escorting moved out the exit. Considering Grisban has 18 health, I don't think I'll be stopping him from exiting.

Round IV
Grisban resolves his stun condition. Avric fatigue moves a square and double attacks lady Eliza. Avric misses on both swings. Leoric runs to the middle of a group of monsters clustering in the map intersection and uses his Heroic Ability. My Master flesh moulder barely survives, but my last zombie and a master and minon goblin archer die as well.

I half-heartedly take my turn, considering the game appeared about to end. I attack leoric with my Master Moulder, knocking him down. After this I decided to attack Avric with Lady Eliza, but she missed.

Round V
Leoric stands, and gets 2 hp back. Grisban moves out the entrence, ending the encounter.

Drew saved 2 Nobles, I abduct 1. Drew rolls a grey defense die, and rolls a 2. Drew wins!
Unfortunatly, we have to finish The Masquerade Ball during another session.

Grisban: 15 hp, 0 fatigue. Brute unlocked. 1x Curse Doll, 1x Fire flask
Avric: 12 hp, 3 fatigue. 1x Iron Spear.
Leoric: 2 hp, 0 fatigue. Ghost Armor unlocked. 1x health potion. 1x leather armor.

Party has 0 gold in their coffers.

Overlord hand: 2x Frenzy, Dark Fortune, Dark Charm, Pit Trap, 2x Dash, Explosive Runes. I think I culled a tripwire out of the deck.

Thanks for reading! See you at episode 3!
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