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Subject: Ascension Lore Speculation: The Askara rss

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Jonathan Davison
United States
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Middle Aged Mutant Lit Major Turtle
Hey, all.

I did some cursory internet searching and couldn't find any specific answers to my question, "What is the lore behind the many Askara cards for the Enlightened faction?"

So the Enlightened faction occupy the world of Arha. And they worship Logos, a god revered through scholarship and intellect ( Within the world of Arha exist the Askara. The Askara are all depicted as possessing six arms and bifurcated faces (like the Greek god Janus). Here are what I can glean about the Askara from their flavor text and card powers.

Askara of Fate

No flavor text. The picture resembles religious artwork showing angels heralding the arrival of the apocalypse. Toot toot, let's start this party!

Eternal Askara

"Vigil has fought bravely in the dim light. Only the Askaras know whether it is dawn or dusk."

Lore nugget: This card gives two revelations. One, the "Askara" are a group of beings (side note: Is "Askara" or "Askaras" the correct plural noun? It seems to change based on the card. Grammar snobbery!). Two, the Askara are like seers able to foresee the duration of the war between Samael's legions and the four realms.

Card Power: Discarding the monster seems to represent the Askara "foreseeing" that the war with Samael is drawing to a close.

Tower Askara

"Their fingers sift through every idea that was, is, or ever will be."

Lore nugget: The Askara seem to resemble the Fates of Greek mythology, passively observing the ongoing struggle of humanity. Except the Askara observe the realm of the mind.

Card Power: The Askara is shown reaching towards the flow of humanity's cognitive discharge being funneled through a chamber. Presumably, the card power represents her dipping in three hands, pulling out a handful of ideas, keeping the best, and throwing the rest back. Interestingly, she's holding an atom in her hand! Let's hear it for science.

Twofold Askara

"Samael had ensorcelled the catacomb gate to take the life of the disenchanter that broke it. Only the beloved of the Godslayer had that knack. Unbidden, the Askara acted in her stead."

Lore nugget: I'm not sure of the identity of the "beloved of the Godslayer". I assumed the "Godslayer" in the game's title was whoever won the game. But apparently it's an existing character? Nor do I have any idea what was behind the "catacomb gate". But it sounds like the Askara are wily shape shifters, allowing them to dupe arcane security measures.

Card Power: The power allows the Askara to duplicate the form of any other hero in your hand. Identity theft ... for the greater good!

Askara of Fortune

"Fortune and choice are two sides of the same coin. The askara transcend all dualities."

Lore Nugget: First of all, the capitalization of Askara/askara is inconsistent. Grammar snobbery! Second, the Askara/askara ,like Dr. Manhattan, are able to perceive both sides of the age old tension between the concepts of determinism and moral autonomy. They do this by peering into the blazing light of an artifact that resembles a Magic 8 Ball.

Card Power: All players reveal a top card and you choose which hero power to enact as your own. The smug Askara seems to be seeing all possible future outcomes and choosing the path that grants the greatest reward.


So what are the Askara/askara/s? The half human, half god descendants of Logos and a sultry oracle? Inhuman servants created by Logos to monitor humanity and ensure the decree of his will remains as Fate? DISCUSS.
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Joseph Moore
United States
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Started playing the mobile game and this question has come up for me many times. I know this is ab it of an old thread, but it's exactly what I was looking for. To add to your discussion, we also have...

The flavor text encourages the idea of mystics.

Here we see the askara manipulating time.

There's a few others here, that I'm having trouble finding larger images for.

Again, we see them directing the action of heroes, seeming to say, "this one has to act now."

Does the flavor text indicate that Askara and other people of Arha are the same race, or that Askara teach the Arha these lessons? It also suggest that Arha is a race or people rather than or in addition to being a place.

This doesn't tell us much, other than that there is a prince.
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Dylan Pedersen
United States
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THREAD! Rise up, rise from the loam and dirt of your charnel hole!


I, also, have wondered as to the identity of the Askara, and we can determine a few things about them by inference.

For one, the Arha are almost certainly a monastic order similar to the 'science monks' of Anathem, and the Askara are in some way divine to the Arha, meaning they have some strong connection to science and learning, but in a more spiritual context.

For another, two (maybe three?) of the gods we have seen share the six-armed trait of the Askara, Aiyana and Sammael (the third is Time, but that may or may not just be pre-Fall Sammael). Oros and Kythis, however, do not, and we've never seen art of Logos himself. This indicate different types of divine beings, and that the six-armed type are significantly more powerful (Sammael is Sammael, and Aiyana is featured on Ogo Rising, whereas Oros shows up nowhere else and Kythis is explicitly referred to as a 'godling'). It might also be worth noting that the servants of Aiyana (her messenger, for example) share none of her 'physical' traits, implying the Askara have much more direct, powerful connection to Logos.

For a third, and final, point, the Askara are very pointedly intermediaries. While the Lifebound and Voidborn appear to have a very direct connection the their spirituality, only the most enlightened and/or devout Arha (Dhartha, Oziah and Adayu) appear to have any direct contact with Logos at all, while the Askara actively influence time, space and even fate, although it's unclear if they are enacting the will of Logos or fate, or if there's a difference at all.
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