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Subject: There are strange things afoot near Svartskog... rss

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Rachel Maxwell
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Uh, where? Well, its about 30km away from the Big City of Oslo, Capital of the worlds richest country, with the worlds most expensive board games! Anyway, let me not bore you with those details yet.
This play session took place yesterday at my new board gaming friends house.

We played 3 different games last night, and I already wrote about our Ticket To Ride (TtR) session on that forum. I'm a long time lurker and thus a relatively new poster here, so forgive me for any faux pas that I make.

I have Mr Jack and the first Mr Jack Extension, we did not play with this Extension.

To start, I wasn't even going to bring Mr. Jack along. I really didn't want to bring it because I thought that my newly found gaming friend would think that it was just a childish game. I still don't know her that well, nor do I know what types of games. This isn't about her though, this is about our play session. Anyway, it was only because my wife mentioned that I should bring it along that I did. So it was Mr. Jack, Incan Gold, TtR, and Smallworld.

We only made it through the first three, but it was enjoyable.

Should one count their first play session as a real game session? I think so, since people can still figure out if they like it or not, even with all the stumbling through the rules. So stumble through some of the rules and most of the game-play we did. I took the role of Mr. Jack (Mr. Gull) and I tried to explain the game, in Norwegian. That didn't seem to go so well. At least my wife was there to clarify things a bit. Apparently, there is a bit of Norwegian gaming terminology, that I am not aware of. At any rate, I chose to play as Jack, and drew Mr. Gull as the antagonist. As we played, I moved the other protagonists around on the board, trying to make it difficult to catch me. Naturally, after 8 rounds, I had won.

A rematch was immediately called for, with me being Jack again, and this time she was going to play a little more strategic. Uh oh. I mixed the cards as best I could, drew a new antagonist. This time it was Mr. Holmes himself. So, I tried to confuse my adversary, with bait and switch tactics. I tried moving some protagonists closer to the exits, and I tried to keep myself often times visible. This game of cat and mouse was however, short lived. After just 4 rounds, at the beginning of the Fifth, she announced, "I know who you are".
"You are him," and she pointed to Sherlock Holmes.
I looked back at her and grinned.
"Oh no, " she gasped while covering her mouth afraid that she had guessed wrong.
I grabbed my card and it was quite a tense situation. I turned it over to slowly reveal that she was correct after all.
At which point we all burst into laughter. If this was a game of bluffing, I might have won.

Of course, I didn't win, and I would have continued to play this game but there were several other games to get to that night. I had intended to play all four of them. However, my friends Husband was running late, so I decided to bring out Incan Gold. That game turned out to be less boring, than at first it seemed. (Edit: This is not relevant to this playthrough)

All said, she really loved this game she said it was the best one we played that night. Of course, all session plays written by one person, don't tell the whole story. I only write as the person who ran the games and what I observed.

I am not certain whether or not I like games like Mr. Jack where it is Player vs Player (PvP). I did enjoy Clue(do)as a child, but I don't think I ever played Scotland Yard until I moved here. I can say that I generally do like whodunnit mysteries, which is why I got Mystery Express in my list. However, I think that with this new gaming group, we will focus on some gateway games first. Any suggestions for other gateway games are always appreciated. Also, if you are in or around Oslo (and you have a car) and these game meetings become something of a certainty, you are welcome to ask me about information in either Norwegian (norsk) or English.

And I really am wondering if anyone does have any tips regarding the teaching of games to new players. Teaching someone a game you understand is one thing. Watching on line videos isn't enough, are there any courses or seminars available that help one to easily disseminate the rules to new players?

Again, thank you for reading my lengthy sessions. In the future, my session play writings should become more tightly focused on the game sessions themselves and not this ancillary text.

What can I write that doesn't sound too cliché? Game On? Happy Gaming? Oh, I know...
Take Luck!

"Take Luck" is a reference to a comedic sketch performed by Comedian Brian Reagan
Also, fixed some grammatical errors and non-relevant information was denoted as such. Thanks to Matt for the helpful advice!
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Matt Connellan
United States
New York
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I am the white void. I am the cold steel. I am the just sword.
Take luck? That's definitely NOT cliche, mostly because it makes no sense in English as far as I can tell.

Otherwise, an enjoyable but rambling session report. I definitely agree that this needs to be more focused (why are you talking about Incan Gold?). Best of luck in the future on these.
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