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Todd Boyer

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2-5 Players

15-20 minutes

Ages 5 and up

”Like all bears, our little buddy Beary loves the taste of honey! On each turn players must “BE ALERT” to remember under which hive the colored bee was last seen.”
Object of the Game

This is a game of memorization, observation and beehive collecting. Keep a close eye on what bee color lies underneath each hive as players will steal them from each other or gather and lose them from the center of the table.

Game Setup

Remove all 6 bees from the box along with the six beehives. Place each colored bee (red, blue, green, yellow, purple, and pink) under a hive, hidden from everyone’s view. Place the beehives in a circle in the center of the table within reach of all players. Then remove the deck of 36 cards from the box and shuffle them before placing the deck face down on the table within reach of everyone playing.

Game Play

The player that most recently ate honey goes first, then play progresses clockwise. The starting player draws the top card from the deck that will show either a colored bee, a Beehive, or a picture of Beary the Bear. If the card is a colored bee, the player simply tries to guess which beehive that color bee is underneath. The player then lifts a beehive to reveal the color of the bee hiding under that hive. If the player guesses right, they take the beehive with the bee underneath and places it in front of them on the table. All players were able to see what color bee was under that hive when the starting player lifted it up. If the next player draws the same color bee, they can steal the beehive in front of the first player. After revealing a card and making a guess, the turn ends and the next player draws the next card from the deck and takes their turn.

If a player draws a beehive card, they simply pick any beehive in the middle of the table and put it in front of them. You do not lift the hive in this case and therefore do not reveal the color of the bee you collected. If you draw the beehive and no more hives remain in the center of the table, you may take one from another player.

If Beary the bear is drawn, you must push one of the beehives in front of you back into the center of the table. You do not lift the hive in this case either and therefore do not reveal the color of the bee you are returning to the center of the table. If you draw this card and do not have any hives in front of you, you do not take any action and your turn ends.
Game End

As soon as a player has four of the six hives in front of them, the game instantly ends and that player is considered the winner. Otherwise, the game ends when all the cards have been revealed and the player with the most beehives wins. In the case of a tie, you simply reshuffle all the cards and place them face down and the tied players continue to play until one of them collects an additional beehive to break the tie.

My Thoughts

Though I am not very good at games requiring memorization of moving pieces, I really like playing this game. I have played this game a number of times since its release last month. I have played with gamers in their thirties to younger kids and everyone has a lot of fun playing. As usual, Simplyfun does a really good job with quality. The box is solid and has good compartments for the bees, the hives and the cards. The hives and the bees are made of durable hard plastic and the cards are made of good quality card stock as well. This is a great game that scales any age and gamer level. This game can be played quickly and requires very little time to set up or put away. Bee Alert will teach younger kids memory and observation as well as taking turns and patience. This game will also teach older gamers that you can still get beaten by younger kids.

*All SimplyFun games can only be purchased through a SimplyFun Independent Consultant, and are not available through any other regular retail channel. I am an Independent Consultant for SimplyFun. All views and opinions that I express related to their products are my own and not influenced in any way by the company I represent. You can purchase this game as well as any other SimplyFun games by clicking on our company web-link below.*

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