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Subject: New Campaign Has Begun Winter 1970 rss

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Randy Knight
United States
Rhode Island
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Winter 1970

Some historical notes:

The South Vietnamese ground offensive Operation Dewey Canyon II begins as the vanguard of the US 1st Brigade, 5th Infantry Division begins movement with an armored cavalry/engineer task force from Vandegrift toward Khe Sanh. Some 9000 GIs support the move of 20,000 South Vietnamese troops to reoccupy 1000 square miles of territory in northwest South Vietnam and to mass at the Laotian border in preparation for Operation Lam Son 719.

US ground forces are not to enter Laos in accordance with a US congressional ban. Instead, they give logistical support, with some 2,600 helicopters on call to airlift Saigon troops and supplies, in addition to artillery fire into Laos from the border.

South Vietnamese troops, supported by heavy US airpower and artillery fire, cross into Laos for an extensive assault known as Operation Lam Son 719 on the Ho Chi Minh Trail. The drive on Hanoi's supply routes and depots is described as the "bloodiest fighting" of the Indochina War by observers. Enemy resistance is light at first as a 12,000 man spearhead of the South Vietnamese army thrusts its way across the border into the Communist's deepest jungle stronghold, with the town of Tchepone, a major enemy supply center on Route 9, as their big target.

But resistance stiffens in the second week. During the last weeks of February 1971, the big push bogs down some 16 miles from the border, after bloody fighting in which the Communist troops overrun two ARVN battalions.

On to the winter 1970 Game Report:

Pacification Winter 1970:

Pacification continues to proceed at a steady pace in our game.

+3 Population are gained by SVN, yielding a total of 303 SVN-controlled "pacified" population.

SVN Morale jumps by 6 points, to 169.

SVN population control increased +3 to a total of 303.

The SVN government has been continuously STABLE now since the Winter of 1968. After all the Coups from 1966-1968, I never anticipated this reality.
It almost mirrors the historical feel of South Vietnam leadership.


Critical Hit ! (second season in a row)

The Optimal Trail Status marker is reduced by one box on the Ho Chi Minh Trail Status Track. This is excellent! (Rolled a 6 on D6 this season)

Another Aircraft was shot down during the trail bombing, however.

Nixon is quite pleased, and will continue the trail bombing campaign next year!

US Player Recruitment Phase:

*** US commitment jumps by 2 points to 335. ***

The US increased commitment by 2 points,
which are used to bring 4 x US 105mm artillery battalions into ports in South Vietnam.

The ARVN get nothing this season.

NVA Recruitment & Deployment:

The NVN Morale increased from 681 to 720 this season. So the NLF received +39 new commitment this season, to continue improving their force levels.


1.) Mark bought ALL EIGHT NVA independent artillery this Winter… makes me wonder if there will be an Offensive in the Spring of 1971 ?

2.) Also, in response to Nixon's devastating critical hit bombing of the Trail, the NVA spend 12 commitment to completely repair the Trail to its Optimum Levels.

Mark bought no NVA replacements

Mark bought no VC replacements

Mark bought more hidden VC counters in Laos and Cambodia, and on the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

Winter 1970 Operations

Here is a brief summary of the quiet Winter 1970 action:

1.) The ARVN jostled around a bit, moving some divisions a bit closer to the SVN border in IV Corps, where some NVA were lurking nearby on the Trail.

2.) The US held their winter positions, and threw a few outposts on patrol, in case the VC decided to sally forth from Laos and Cambodia.

3.) The three hidden VC headquarters ambushed a couple Koreans and ARVN regiments in the first Game Turn from Laos and Cambodia. The Koreans and ARVN moved out of range of said HQ artillery before such ambushes could happen again in Game Turn 2.

4.) Had a nice dinner together at the Dairy Bar across the street from Mark's house in New Hampshire

END of Winter 1970 Summary and Highlights:

* US brings on 2 Commitment
* US 105 mm Artillery lands in the port cities of Saigon and Hue
* No losses of any import, a few replacements here and there.
* US Morale actually increases by 2 points again - INCREDIBLE!

US Total Commitment 335
US Replacements 17
US Total Air Points remaining 168
US Riverines 2
US Helicopters remaining 40
US Divisions in SVN :7
US Morale: 461

NVN Morale Level 720
NVA Divisions remaining: 3 on trail, plus all NVA artillery
NVA Eliminated: 0
NVA replacements 75

SVN Morale 163
SVN Draft Level 186
SVN Population Controlled 303
ARVN replacements 111

VC Population Controlled 57
VC Eliminated: nothing
VC Replacements 77

Other than sporadic bombardments, the lull in serious action continues. No Free Fire markers were even placed this Winter, which is wonderful. Perhaps the people of Vietnam will flock to us in the Spring census?

Next up, Spring 1971, and a new year of pacification, and glorious gaming! ...

Enjoying the Game!
Randy Knight (playing with Mark Evans)
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