Casey Fulton
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Hi everyone,

I made some high resolution templates for making your own Hero cards for any of the D&D Adventure System games.

Samples: (half size @ 300dpi)
Download: (33MB)

This package contains Photoshop templates that can be used to create high quality DIY Hero cards for the D&D Adventure System games (such as Castle Ravenloft, Wrath of Ashardalon and Legend of Drizzt), which can then be printed using services like (

Included are templates for the front and reverse of the Hero Utility, At–Will and Daily Powers, and for the Hero Tile for levels 1 through 5.

• Super high resolution (600dpi).
• Ideal (and intended) for exporting to be printed by Artscow.
• Vector based for cleaner lines (excludes most shadows and the marble outline graphic on the Hero Tile).
• Original fonts used - that is, the same as used by WotC: Mentor Std, Sans and DnDLolth.


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Tom Howard
United States
Marina del Rey
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Hi Casey, welcome to BGG!

First off, nice job on the template. I always appreciate the use of vector masks to keep everything nice and clean. It's also nice to see the extra effort in finding and using the official fonts. That being said, I've got a couple of notes for ya:

- I have already created templates for every card in this game, which can be seen in this thread (I just want to make sure you knew these existed before you go through all that work!). These templates are 300dpi, which is good enough for a nice quality print - but if you prefer to make 600dpi ones, then go right ahead. Other things to note about my templates are that they too were created with vectors, then flattened in order to be more compatible with users running Gimp or other picture editing software. They also include all the necessary shadow effects and "marble" borders, etc. I'm explaining this simply to make sure you're aware of 'em. If you've seen them and still want to make your own templates, then great!

- Sharing/distributing the official fonts is probably frowned upon, and could potentially get you in trouble. As much as I've wanted to do the same, I've left the font files out of my template packages. However, they are still used in the template files, so if you have the fonts installed, then the templates will look great.

- I can't find a way to select the Power Color of the card. For example, if I wanted to make a Utility Power, you've got layers for the Title Banner colors, Attack Box colors, and even the name "Utility Power," but no color layer for the background border.
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Damo the fool
Western Australia
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You guys have done an awesome job creating these and I'm really grateful you did.

Ok so you can guess there is a but coming, right?

While I would love to learn to use photoshop, (it is on my list - but that list consists of over 100 things that I have - well get paid, to do first) I don't have nor can I use photoshop (or gimp).

Is anyone able to produce a fill-able PDF from these templates?

I have opened them in photoshop, saved a bitmap of them and can edit that but I only have one colour of each template.

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