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Subject: First play of Rex: Final Days of an Empire rss

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This is my first attempt at a session report so hopefully it isn’t too bad…

I played a six player game of Rex at my local FLGS’ weekly game night. Four of the players (including me) hadn’t played Rex before so we spent a good amount of time going over the rules and gameplay before we got started. I chose to play as the Emirates of Hacan because Lion dudes are cool, plus the deployment discounts seemed like a good advantage to have. I can’t remember the exact Betrayal card I was dealt but it had a value of one and I needed to have more guys in the Galactic Council location. The traitor card I was dealt was the Ambassador of the Xxcha Kingdom. Here are the highlights of each turn as I can remember them:

Round 1:
During the first round nothing too interesting happened. I think all but one of the players was able to bid for and win a strategy card, so the Lazax Empire was happy with the influx of influence. I hadn’t realized that players had to pay me (as the Emirates of Hacan) the deployment cost when they deployed their units so that was a nice surprise to have some influence drop into my lap. With my new found influence and deployment discount I deployed a nice stack of units on the Imperial Palace. I now had control of two of the stronghold bases, which I felt good about. At the end of the round, two other stronghold bases were controlled by the Barony of Letnev and one of two spaces that held influence was occupied by the Federation of Sol for an influence grab. The other space with influence on it was only a couple of spaces ahead of the Dreadnaught Fleet so no one wanted to visit and chance getting wiped out in the Bombardment phase. I’m not really sure what the Universities of Jol-Nar player was doing. He deployed some units I guess but don’t remember anything specific. The Bombardment phase wiped out the uncontested influence but nothing else.

Round 2:
A Temporary Ceasefire card was drawn and got us immediately talking alliances. The Lazax Empire asked me to join with him so that we could control the influence in the game with our race advantages. This sounded good so I signed up. At the same time, the Xxcha Kingdom negotiated his way into our alliance. This left the Sol, Jol-Nar and Letnev players to form their own alliance having seen the three of us team up. Looking back, I think having held two stronghold bases already I could have possibly tried to stick on my own and get the third stronghold for the win but if other alliances had formed without me I prob wouldn’t have made it anyway. The rest of the round consisted of the Lazax player and myself taking everyone’s influence during the bidding and deployment phases respectively. I could see where this alliance was going to be good for us. We all set out with a new sense of purpose and clarity in who our friends were and weren’t. As such, several battles were enacted this round. The Lazax Empire defeated the Jol-Nar in a battle for another Stronghold base. I believe it was the Civilian Spaceport. I lost a battle against the Sol player for control of a space with influence tokens on it. At the end of the round the Hacan/Lazax/Xxcha alliance held three Stronghold bases and the Sol/Jol-Nar/Letnev alliance held two. The bombardment phase didn’t destroy anything and the Dreadnaught Fleet landed on Adminus Imperialis, where my initial stack of 5 units were chillin’.

Round 3:
Things heated up quite a bit this round. We traded some influence around to help even things out between the Hacan/Lazax and Xxcha players when another Temporary Ceasefire card was drawn. No changes were made in either alliance. All but one of the strategy cards were bought by the Hacan/Lazax/Xxcha alliance as we didn’t want the other alliance to have additional help in battles. The first battle took place at the Imperial Naval Base where the Xxcha Kingdom surprisingly defeated the Barony of Letnev forces holding that space. Huzzah for the Hacan/Lazax/Xxcha alliance. Our celebrations were short lived as the Federation of Sol narrowly squeeked out a battle victory over my Hacan forces holding the Imperial Palace. This left the Civilian Spaceport, Adminus Imperialis and Imperial Navy Base in the hands of the Hacan/Lazax/Xxcha alliance and the Imperial Palace and Mecatol Power South in the hands of the Sol/Jol-Nar/Letnev alliance. During the Bombardment phase, I was able to play a strategy card that allowed me to determine how many spaces to move the Dreadnaught Fleet. I wiped out a couple of Sol/Jol-Nar/Letnev allied armies and trapped a large Jol-Nar army in the IAF HQ that was poised to attack the Xxcha army holding the Imperial Navy Base in the next round. This set up quite nicely for a chance at victory for the Hacan/Lazax/Xxcha alliance.

Round 4:
The decision was made to go for broke rather than reinforce our positions, which would have allowed the Sol/Jol-Nar/Letnev alliance to shore up their positions as well. The first player was the Lazax Empire who had lots of influence and lots of units to move/deploy in order to attack both Mecatol Power South and the Imperial Palace. First, a battle for Mecatol Power South with the Barony of Letnev. Due to having the power of his Xxcha ally to determine a single strategy card that his opponent cannot play, the Lazax player was able to destroy the Letnev’s Leader with a Biological Weapon strategy card and thus win the battle. Next, the Lazax took on the Sol in the Imperial Palace. Having earlier in the game using a Double Agent strategy card to expose the Sol player’s traitor card to be the level 6 Leader for the Lazax, my ally knew he should not use that Leader and used his level 5 Leader instead. Again, using the ability of our Xxcha ally, the Lazax player specified the Sol player could not use a particular defense card which enabled him to destroy the Sol leader and win the battle. The game was ours…or so we thought. Just was we were starting to comfortably celebrate our win as an alliance we were betrayed! The Xxcha Kingdom did not want to share the glory and played their betrayal card to emerge as the sole victor of this war.

While it was slightly disheartening to go from winning the game to seeing a trusted ally claim victory all for themselves, the game was still fun and exciting to play. I had been wanting to try this game out and was not disappointed. Don’t think I’ll be buying this one but will play anytime someone tried to get a game going.

Thanks for reading my first session report!
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