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A Fistful of Penguins
1-6 Players
15-30 minutes
Ages 8 and up

Object of the game

The object of A Fistful of Penguins is to have the best zoo earning the most money over three rounds.

Game Setup
Each player takes six penguins (Purple penguin tokens), and $10 (one red $5 and five yellow $1 chips). The starting player is chosen by deciding who has most recently been to a zoo.
Game Play
The starting player begins by taking four of the dice and rolls them to start the round. After the dice is rolled and the values are revealed the player can chose a number of options to affect his roll.

Turn options
1. The player can stop rolling and take the initial value of his roll in money and tokens, and pass the dice to the next player.

2. The player can spend his penguins to:
a) Roll spare dice from the bank and add their value to the initial roll, (each additional dice rolled costs one purple penguin token from the players supply).
b) Reroll as many dice as the player wants
3. The player may also cash in his rolled penguins to take more purple penguin tokens from the bank.
The player may continue to do options 2 and 3 as many times as they wish until they run out of penguins or dice.
When the players turn is over, he passes the dice to the player on his left. When everyone has had a turn rolling dice, spending penguins, and scoring their zoo, the next round begins.

After three rounds are completed, each player counts up his money tokens. The player with the most money at the end of the third round wins.

Dice Scoring Summary


Each penguin rolled is worth a purple penguin token from the supply. The penguins are not worth money. Five purple penguin tokens are worth 1 gold penguin. One penguin rolled is worth 1 purple penguin token. Two penguins rolled are worth 3 purple penguin tokens. If you roll 3 penguins you can collect 6 purple penguin tokens.


Each squirrel earns you $1 from the player to your left. If you roll 2 squirrels, you take $1 from the player to your left and $2 from the next player after him. Each additional squirrel adds $1 to the amount you take from the next player around the table. If the number of squirrels is greater than the number of opponents, then the collection continues around the table, skipping over the active player. Squirrels are the only animals that take money away from other players, rather than from the bank.


Each moose rolled is worth $9 if it is paired with a squirrel. Moose are worth nothing if not paired with a squirrel. The squirrel paired with the moose still collects money from players based on the squirrel rules as well.


Each kangaroo is worth as many dollars as there are kangaroos squared. One kangaroo rolled is worth $1. Two kangaroos are worth $4, three kangaroos are worth $9 and so on.

Kangaroo Chip

During the first round, if you have at least one Kangaroo scored, you take a brown kangaroo chip with the one kangaroo showing face up. In your later turns you may spend the ship to change one of your dice to the kangaroo side. If you score kangaroos in the second round you can take a brown kangaroo chip with the two kangaroos face up which allow you to change two dice to the kangaroo sides. You may not have more than one kangaroo chip. If you kept your chip from the first round you just turn it over from the one kangaroo side to the two kangaroo side.


Each lion is worth $7, but if you chose to score lions, no other animals score except the lions and penguins.


Each camel is worth $5 if there are no lions rolled, but $0 if there are any lions on any of your dice. (Whether you score the lions or not!)

My thoughts
This is a great press your luck filler game. There is literally no set up time and the game only lasts between 15 and 30 minutes to play. A Fistful of Penguins is also great as a family game teaching counting and risk taking. The components of the game are made with great quality; the box itself is very portable and separates the components with box dividers and included bags. I recommend this game to gamers of all levels as a fun, quality, filler to add to any game library.

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