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Subject: Cobra:Patton unleashed. rss

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Colin Raitt
United Kingdom
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Cherbourg is up and running but the front is stuck in the Bocage and Fortitude has been rumbled. The allies have 4 turns to grab 11 more cities. Last time we tried this, the germans held firm in the collines.

July 3
Allies. I selected the +3 air support and placed it on the US sector overlapping with artillery. Only 1 new support, red ball. Sea transport; US 9th armour, 5th infantry, 4th Canadian armour and 1st Polish armour.

The British made 2 separate attacks hoping to cause losses rather than take ground. 6 infantry from Caen and 1710 were repulsed from 1711 suffering terribly just to hold their ground. In contrast 3 armour from 1910 succeeded beyond expectation thanks to carpet bombing and an engaged result. Liebstandarte, Hitler Jugend and 272nd infantry were reduced to a single kampfgruppe after 2 rounds of attrition. No advance for fear of counterattack.

The Americans attacked along a 45 mile sector. Three infantry from Carentan took 1509 supported by air and artillery, the reduced Das Reich and panzer kampfgruppe were ill suited to the bocage. I forgot to use the Big Red One’s elite bonus. Three more infantry from St Lo took 1510 aided again by air and artillery, crossing the river Vire, driving out Pz Lehr and finishing off 5th Fallschirmjaegers. 1 division is free to exploit. Three armoured divisions in 1508 swept through the clear coastal terrain of 1409. The German 77th was destroyed and 353rd had to flee in short order. All 3 armoured ready to continue the advance.

The yanks advanced to Avranches before the germans could react. Das Reich was surrounded and surrendered.

The black bulls (11th armoured) and 2 US infantry were brought up to strength using the red ball marker. General Patton becomes available.

Germans. Supplies placed on Frundsberg SS Pz. 7th army HQ moved to Angers. He fell back from the open ground east of Caen. 116th Pz barely moved from Rouen despite calling themselves greyhounds. Pz Lehr cleared the US infantry from Avranches but stayed up in the high ground around Mortain. After a quick recce, Frundsberg thought better of attacking 2nd army HQ. 3rd FJ rebuilt. 9th Pz and 277th arrive at Orleans from 19th army. 47th and 85th reinforce Paris and Rouen from 15th army.

August 1
Allies. Supports flood in, the 2 reserves would have been wonderful last turn when I had 12 divisions waiting behind the front. +2 air over 1711, artillery in Caen. Sea transport; 4 US and French armour.
The British eyed the open channel between the Collines du Perche and the Seine but caution wins the day. In a battle between worn out formations Ironsides (3rd), Guards armoured and Wessex (43rd) polish off the 711th. Stronger British divisions engage 21Pz, Hohenstof and Frundsberg. Close air support and heavy artillery fire shred the Germans.

The Americans poured through the gap at Avranches to envelop Rennes and the western end of the enemy line. 2nd FJ dies at Rennes but causes light losses to her attackers. 5FJ is driven out of 1612 by Patton. Pz Lehr and 276th are caught in a pocket and destroyed. So many hexes were eligible to exploit the markers ran out.

Desert rats and black bulls overran the kampfgruppe in 2113 leaving 346th isolated. Canadians fought their way into Alencon. Super sixth armour and LeClerc’s 2nd Division Blindee closed the trap around 1712, then Hell on wheels and Spearhead (2nd & 3rd armoured) captured it.
Lucky 7th armour took Vannes in exploitation though I missed that 136th zbv was out of supply. Hitler dismissed Von Rundstedt. No replacements or supports this turn. St Malo’s festung fell to a coup de main.

Germany might do some things better.Hold the front for 1 more turn. Weak infantry could have been sacrificed in the open spaces at either end. Getting 116th Pz into the line for August 1. Use the supplies for an armour repair.

The allies could try US and British armour in adjacent hexes around Caen with overlapping air and artillery to get more exploitations in July 3.

Thanks to Jon for a good game
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