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Subject: Undead Power in the Underworld rss

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I just recently bought Smallworld : Underground.
I already have all the expansions including the events cards.
My brother just lost an important basketball game tonight. I thought
a game of Smallworld would give him some hope to taste victory before he sleeps.

Underworld map with Relics & Popular Places.
All expansions included.
3 players, in turn order :
My wife (W)
My younger brother (B)

I chose Immortal White Ladies for my first race conquering a mountain region & an adjacent region using my 7 tokens scoring a humble 2 points.
W then chose Berserk Iron Dwarves and conquered 8 regions including the Mine of the Lost Dwarf scoring a lot of points. B then chose Ransacking White Priestesses and expanded into 4 regions on the other side of the river away from us.

The next turn, the events card rewarded bonus points for occupying swamps which we converted to mud pool regions. I immediately declined scoring a pathetic 2 points again but making my 2 remaining White Ladies immune to everything. W rampaged the board with her iron hammers scoring double digit points again with the Mine of the Lost Dwarf & her new Altar of Souls. B declined also stacking all 4 priestesses on a mountain.

Things were looking great for W as she was scoring double digits while B and I were scoring a lot less.

On the third turn, I chose the Frightened Skeletons and invaded the Iron Dwarves taking their precious Mine of the Lost Dwarf & causing major casualties. For the first time, a double digit score. W declined her dwarves seeing that the next event will be Golden Age prohibiting players from declining. B chose Fisher Shrooms and scored a lot of points obtaining a scary Sword of the Killer Rabit in the process. B really did a good job farming mushrooms from the forests, fishing in the riverside & collecting from his White Tower.

The fourth turn, I pounded a few dwarves with my growing Frightened Skeletons. W chose Vengeful Ogres expanded into the vacant regions. She also sacrificed a declined dwarf to the Altar of Souls for extra coins. B peacefully expanded to other mushrooms forests. It seems that B & I are beginning to gain momentum while W remains consistent with her points.

An all out war breaks loose. B & I chose to prevent the rampage of the Ogres across the map. After a couple of turns, with severe casualties, W chose to decline. She inflicted casualties also to both my Frightened Skeletons & B's Fisher Shrooms but my skeleton army just kept on growing.
B had 4 Fisher Shrooms left. He chose to stand his ground not wanting to lose his precious White Tower. I was able to occupy the Altar of Souls.

Finally, an event allowed me to win an auction for an additional Peace Loving power. W chose a new race, the Shield Pixies. For the last 2 turns, B & I stood our ground while the Shield Pixies expanded across the attacking my Frightened Skeletons. I wanted to take advantage of Frightened & Peace Loving so I occupied the vacant regions. B wanted to go mushroom collecting & river fishing. On my last turn, I was able to score 20 points for being frightened, having the Mine of the Lost dwarf & my 2 White Ladies. B has been consistently pulling off 10+ points. It was a good thing I remembered to sacrifice 1 White Lady to the altar for 3 points.

After a mind exercise but a very fun game as well, we tallied our scores.

Myself : 111
W : 109
B : 110

Undead power won (white ladies & skeletons).

It was a very close game. I thought I lost as I saw B's pile of 10's. But then got over it when I saw a whole lot of my 5's & 3's.
This is a very fun game. It is like multi-player super chess on steroids with fun colorful art. Even on other players' turns, everybody needs to focus to strategize their next moves. The relics & popular places made the game more exciting & dynamic.

I look forward to more games of Smallworld in the future.
Too bad my brother lost both his basketball game & this.
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