Christoph Breitkopf
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In our first session with this scenario, Lannister eliminated all my units in round 4. Time for revenge!

Feed It to the GoatsWolves!


My first move was to attack the blue Stone Crows with my archers and red Cavalry. Eliminated them, and pursued to the Lannister archers, killing 3. Nice first move, so I made a scene shot:

Lannister attacked my red Cavalry with his. Shagga move to attack my forces near the road, and Kevan moved toward the action.

Start of round 2:

The Greatjon and one Warhost made a combined 7 dice flanking attack on Shagga. I only wanted to drive him away to advance the Greatjon down the road, since eliminating him was extremely unlikely. Rolled 4 valor and 3 blue. Rerolled the blue dice and got red,valor,morale, for a total of 6 hits. In addition, I used the command card tactic to reactivate both my attackers at the cost of one figure. And advance toward the control markers.

Start of round 3:

Proceeded to attack the remaining Lannister forces (Red cavalry, Kevan, Archers). I really tried to eliminate them all in round 3, but did not succeed - the Archers survived.

Start of round 4:

To finish this clean and nice, I got all control markers and then eliminated the Archers. Revenged!

Our final thoughts:

Going for the eastern flank seems the right approach for Stark - getting the western control marker would normally (with surviving Lannisters) quite hard, as it's difficult to reach.

It was probably a bad move by Lannister to attack with Shagga - instead, he should move to protect the area around the control markers. Capturing Shagga was just extremely lucky, but even if I had not killed him, I could easily have blocked him from the action near the control markers.
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