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Leonardo Abreu
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Well, after about 9 months after purchasing the game I finnaly managed to put together 2 more people, with ample time, the game box nearby, and no other plans. Brazilians never give up, so, Game of Thrones!

It would be the first play for all of us. No fear of spoilers (we are all ADoD updated), I've re-read the rules during the week, browsed here for some hints of "what not to do on the first game" and some basic guidelines. All card/board games veterans.

We took a little while to set-up and explain the rules (about 1 hour). We drew the houses and I got Lannister. As I told them the rules I also tried to give them the best advice I could read from the forums ("don't neglect the navy", "don't forget to get power"...). I put to the vote wether or not we would use the ToB cards, and we unanimously chose to use. I was sure to inform them that a Lannister always pays his debts before we started.

The start was pretty fast, and the first three turns were over quickly, I was almost thinking the tales of how long the game take were overestimated... until we ran out of free land to grab. Then things slowed down. I negotiated with Stark our border, with him staying put at Moat Cailin (giving me Flint's, Seagard and Graywatch) and me not going across the Trident. Stark and Baratheon started to clash on the Narrow Sea.
About turn 6 I had Lannisport, Riverrun, Harrenhal, Seagard and Flint's, and it was time for a little backstab. I planned to take the Bay of Ice from the Sunset Sea, Take Moat Cailin from Seagard. Next turn I would be first (had the Throne), so I would assault Winterfell by sea with Support from Moat Cailin. I attacked Moat Cailin from Seagard with a Siege and 2 Knights, and all would be well unless I drew a +0 and he a +3 in the ToB cards. Guess what happened?
Worst, my army was sworded by Ned Stark and even I managing to take the Bay of Ice, I lost it when he counterattacked next turn from the Winterfell port. Sniffing weakness, Baratheon started attacking me on the south and eventually taking Harrenhal.
Play went on until the 10th turn, when we stood at 4 castles each, Stark had the Throne. The reach was uncontrolled after Baratheon had to leave it and had no Power. After taking punishment in the last few rounds, I tried to take it, and hoped to stave off the Baratheon attack from King's Wood by drawing a skull in the ToB cards. Not happened. Baratheon at 5, Stark and me at 4. Stark attacked Flint's Finger and took it, going to 5 too. The last March on the table was mine, I planned to assault Baratheon's Harrenhal, but it was too well supported for me to take. So I was in a position of King Maker, as I could march on Flint's using ship transport and take it back, giving the win to Baratheon, or doing nothing and giving the win to Stark. I decided to leave all to chance, and marched towards Flint with a single Footman (I had 2 more Knights in that March order), knowing he had only Catelyn in his hand, I put Clegane to stay just tied with him in strength. It would be decided by the ToB cards (if it stayed tied he would win, he was above me in the Fiefdoms). But I drew the +2 and he a +0, I took Flint's and Baratheon was the winner.

We all had a great deal of fun. Made our mistakes (Baratheon played several turns of extra starred orders before we noticed and pointed it out; I neglected to take the Arbor up until turn 7, which could have given me an edge in Power, Stark was sloppy with some orders when he could have maximized Support and taken Baratheon lands), but that's what a first game is for!

I would like to thank the forum members for the advice I read before the game, that surely minimized our mistakes.



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egrek egrek
United Kingdom
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Sounds like you had a fun game.

I've played a number of games ranging from 3-6 players and more players means more fighting and diplomacy. More the merrier!

Still, now you've learnt, are you all game to play again as different people?!

Out of the three houses, which would you like to be?
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