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Subject: Sessions number 3, 4 and 5 rss

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Christian Fink
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Today we played 3 varied and entertaining games of panic station:

Today's 1st session: (6 Players, one of them newbie)

We'll I started with two gas cans. in the first round I placed a room, went in with both caracters an made the team search. From then I did the team search every round, stayed in this room and spawned parasites everywhere around me. beacause this room was an impass I couldn't escape with both caracter because I would have entered the parasite area. I also didn't want so leave one behind. And I didn't want to trade cards in all this rooms I would have had to pass. So I stood there, relativly save.

The others placed the rooms very terribly. Long corridors were build up. Fortunitly the one good guy with the chip card placed the cocoon behind the locked door on his side of the corridor. but I didn't really trust him. every one must had pass him and trade or fight, when he wasn't a good guy. also no one on his own, could have pass the door, beacause the terminal was on the other side of the sation. The bio scan revealed 2 infected player... maybe the one at the cocoon and the other one at the terminal to stop us from unlocking the doors?...
but ok, long story short: Humans won (he had 3 cans), one was killed by parasites shortly before.
The host by the way, had 5 gas cans in his hands. good job. but too little.

2nd Session: (6 PLayers)
Again I ended in an impass, searching things. at the end of the room there was a terminal behind a locked door. some trading was going on. I was sure I have three guys on my side. I defeated an infection trial by the guy on my left, then an infection trail from the guy on my right. I made some plans with the guys I trusted, that we should fire us through the enemy lines. I had 4 cans. they should kill the parasites, so that I can pass the rooms secured with my trooper. suddenly it happened so fast. the cocoon was placed behind a locked door again. The bio-scan revealed: only 1 human left! (me!) no chance for me. they sent all the parasites in my room (parasite signal) and forced me to leave it... but they showed mercy and shot me! By the way: They (one of them) chose the bio-scan, just to watch my unbelieving face! What an unholy moment

3rd Session: (5 PLayers)
Paranoid as I was now, I trusted no one! But I started without gas cans.
I found a gas can in one room. The next player entered the room. We agreed to trade a gas can each. because in the last games I always defeated his infection trials, I decided to give him something else, hoping he will give me the can... he did. Having both caracters in this room, I made 3 team-searches. that of cause spawned 3 parasites + 2 parasites that were in the equipment cards. from then some players believed, I could be the host. I forced the parasites away with the parasite signal (mini expansion). In the parasites phase this bunch of parasites killed a players character immediately (and "3 times" )... sorry. but better you die, than me.
Because of my enduring paranoia I blamed the guy who run the bio-scan first, to be the host, because no one would suspect the host to run the bio-scan
he of cause blamed me from then.
I had so many bullets and the machine gun and revealed them, showed everybody that you should not mess around with the man and his gun. Try to infect me and you will die soon! (I also had 3 armor and 2 health kits)
The guy on my right made a mistake: he played the personal scan card, watched the card of the guy he chose but didn't see the host card!!! (that this guy had!!!) so he said the host is clean. But I didn't trust both of them anyway. I thought again this is a great plan to make credible, that an infected mate isn't infected.
finally the cocoon was placed. the rest was routine. the host didn't managed to infect a single player. the host also got healed by the injection card (mini expansion). everybody won, hurray!
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David Ausloos
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Thanks for the sessions report.
It shows again how diverse each session can be, depending on the shape of the station build.
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