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David Elrick
United Kingdom
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The following is a three-player game using Chez Greek and all the Chez Geek cards. The players are identified by their course/majors - Botany, Pre-Law and computer Science. Welcome to the dysfunctional student house.

Turn 1
The Botany major has a variable income. He rolls low in turn 1 and has an income of 2 this turn. He buys cloves and watches the big game on TV.

The Pre-Law major invites the uber-geek over to hang out with the Computer Science guy. He then hangs out at the cafe and drinks some stout (strange cafe - maybe this student house is in Dublin...). At the end of turn one he has 4 slack.

The Computer Science guy has a variable income. He rolls high in turn 1 and has an income of 4 this turn. He tries to get rid of the uber-geek but fails, so he invites the clumsy drunk over to hang out with the Pre-Law guy. He then buys some tequila shots.

At the end of turn 1 the Pre-Law major is leading with 4 slack, the Computer Science major has 3 slack and the Botany major has 2 slack.

Turn 2
With tension mounting in the student house, the Botany major keeps his head down. Not that he has much choice as he still has an income of 2. He buys some action figures and watches the Animal Bothering Show on tv.

The Pre-Law guy does some fast talking and directs the clumsy drunk over to the Computer Science guy's room. He rents a movie (the ever-popular action thriller 'No Time for T-Shirts') and watches the Hitler Science Theatre on tv.

With guests over, the Computer Science guy is finding money a bit tighter now and only has an income of 3 this turn. He manages to block the clumsy drunk and send him back to Pre-Law's room and he also manages to offload the uber-geek on the Botany guy. He then tries to invite over the Nookie Monster (ah, I see...), but sadly she's not answering her calls (or e-mail, or IM, or Facebook, or whatever). Disheartened, but at least with a quiet room, he kicks the door shut, indulges in some net nookie (eeuwww!) and then sleeps.

At the end of turn 2 the Computer Science major is leading with 10 slack, the Pre-Law major has 7 slack and the Botany major has 4 slack.

Turn 3
The Botany major still doesn't have much cash (income 2 again), but he uses social darwinism to send the uber-geek home. He then buys some used CDs to listen to and some canned spaghetti to eat. He is also diagnosed with Narcolepsy (which means he can play a free sleep card each turn if he has one).

The Pre-Law guy turns the clumsy drunk around again and sends him back to the Computer Science guy's room ("there's booze over there"). He then goes on a scavenger hunt and follws it up with not very good nookie at Jimmy's.

The Computer Science guy is flush again (income 4) and he gets an increase on his allowance (+1 each turn), but he can't get rid of the clumsy drunk who finally finds the tequila shots. He does have Pre-Law's rented movie repossessed (plays 'Sucks to be You'). Giving in to having the drunk around, he holds a barbeque and then goes out and buys some Anime.

At the end of turn 3 the Computer Science major is leading with 12 slack, the Pre-Law major has 11 slack and the Botany major has 7 slack.

Turn 4
The Botany guys finally catches a break, with an income of 4. He goes to a sci-fi con, watches the Hitler-y Mysteries and then sleeps.

The Pre-Law guy has obviously been taking shark elective classes or something. He plays 'Dude I'm Broke' on the Botany guy (reducing the Botany guy's next income by 1 and increasing his own by 1). He buys Gummy Worms and White Russian, but he's unable to watch the latest episode of Mitzi the Demon Hunter because of a cable outage (played by the Botany guy).

The Computer Science has an income of 5 this time. As he has no booze he persuades the clumsy drunk to go home. He then gets a cat called Longneck. He buys some comics and goes out goldfish swallowing.

At the end of turn 4 the Computer Science major is leading with 16 slack, while the Pre-Law major and the Botany major are tied on 14 slack.

Turn 5
The Botany guy has only 3 income this time. He tells Longneck "not on the bed". He goes to a concert, surfs the nest and then sleeps.

This ends the game. The Botany guy has 21 slack, the Computer Science guy has 16 and the Pre-Law guy is at the bottom with only 14.
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