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Subject: Le Havre (The Harbor?) rss

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StevenE Smooth Sailing...
United States
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This entry falls somewhere between a session report and a strategy posting... Forgive me if it seems incoherent. It is late and I fell asleep writing it... Hopefully that is not a bad sign. whistle

I played through Le Havre solo a couple nights ago… Well my wife sort of watched over my shoulder so I guess I wasn’t really by myself.

I printed out the map and made it into a trifold described in another thread (printed on 11x17 paper)
Setup was pretty quick.

I chose this Equipment Pack scenario because it uses the Hobart Funnies, 5 units worth. (I procured additional Funnies through a fellow BGG’r. I think it makes a difference having a complete unit of Funnies… but not essential)

The scenario starts out with the British player having three mine diggers and then having to decide how to outfit the remaining two Hobarts. I think the choice is obvious with all the bunkers blocking the bridges… Petard Mortar units, +1d when close assaulting bunkers, plus, if they roll a star in close combat the bunker is destroyed, meaning removed from play. However, a bridge layer could be helpful. .. hmm

The British have several paths they must follow to begin the attack because the mines and hedgehogs force three paths.
The mine diggers need to clear the mines to allow the non-digger tanks and infantry safe passage… The starting hand for the British in this game had Armor Assault, two Order All in the middle, two Order 3 in the middle and one Order 2 on the right.

To utilize the armor intact the minefields need to be breached.
Using the Armor Assault card I was able to open three avenues, I probably should have used this card later in the game, but wanted to make sure I had immediate options as cards were replenished.

The Germans are fairly locked in in this scenario.
Sure the infantry can leave the bunkers but if they do they need to try and stay in cover… Which will prevent them from attacking the turn they move if moving into the woods… the only other alternative is to remain in the open to attack.

The British drew the “Their Finest Hour” card twice, allowing for 6 dice to be rolled each time.
The first roll yielded two infantry and one armor.
The second play of TFH resulted in 5 flags and a Grenade!!! Doh!!!

Holding only center and left flank cards the British push was concentrated in the middle.
The Petards got through the lines and started pummeling away on the center bunkers.

The Germans had a couple Infantry Assault cards but being more of a defensive battle they are not very effective against full strength units in this scenario… (my opinion)

The British were able to clear out the center section except for the sandbagged artillery on the German left, on other side of the river.

The Petards are important but not essential to winning this scenario. If one can get the British infantry to advance they can work to root out the held bunkers and move on to the bridges.

I was able to get some infantry moving on the right and along the center/right seam where they met accurate resistance.

The British need to find a way to silence the German artillery on the far side of the river.
This unit kept shelling almost every turn eventually taking out 2 infantry and a Petard unit.
I did get a unit of Paras next to the artillery but rolled like crap and paid the price.

The British played “Direct from HQ”

After selecting the 4 ordered units I had a mine-digger right next to a command bunker containing two infantry… Digger couldn’t get it done. Next the remaining Petard unit which had previously destroyed German right bunker was able to clear out the remaining tanks. Next I had an infantry unit go after the German left bunker at the head of the bridge. The last order was for the British mortar unit to shell the same bunker… 2 dice for two hits… bunker cleared. Nice not needing LOS on late ware mortars… this time.

The Germans played Attack Left where the artillery inflicted another loss and the German left most infantry came up empty…

The final turn opened with the score at 5 to 6 and the British playing Behind Enemy Lines for an easy walk onto the bridge for the win.

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Jim O'Neill (Established 1949)
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StevenE wrote:
...and I fell asleep writing it... Hopefully that is not a bad sign.

No, Steven, it's only a bad sign when you fall asleep playing it.

Nice session report.


Est. 1949

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