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Subject: Another 2p Versus Variant rss

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South Australia
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Forum keeps eating my post, let's try another edit. Square brackets might have been messing with code tags.

After reading an already existing variant for Marine player vs Genestealer player, I thought I'd come up with my own versus variant.
The main difference with mine is that the game set up is done differently than the basic game to allow for movement of marines and Genestealers.
Instead of the line of marines, you play on a field with 7x3 spaces and use only 3 marine 'leaders'.
The field looks like this

Left of field played location card
6 5 4 -- 3 2 1
G { | | }~M{ | | }
EL~{ | | }M~{ | | }
G { | | }~M{ | | }
1 2 3 -- 4 5 6

Right of field played location card
6 5 4 -- 3 2 1
{ | | }~M{ | | } G
{ | | }M~{ | | }~LE
{ | | }~M{ | | } G
1 2 3 -- 4 5 6

G = Genestealer blip pile
L = Location card
M = Marine, left facing
~ = Facing
1-6 = Terrain placement
E = Current event card

Shuffle event and genestealer cards.
Marine player (randomly) selects 3 marine teams and takes the 'leader' and all the corresponding action cards.
Then places the marines in any order in the center of the field with starting facing of left, right, left.

Genestealer player then selects the starting location (2 player card) and can place it on the left or right of the field, facing in. Genestealer blip piles are then placed above and below, corresponding to the numbers shown on the card.
The Genestealer player then draws 3 event cards, and chooses 1 for initial genestealer spawning, keeping the other 2 as a hand.

Spawning genestealers is done by following the major/minor spawn number of the initial location, like the regular game.
Genestealer cards may be placed on any space on the column of the spawning terrain. The player can choose to add all genestealers to one swarm, or on individual spaces. They may be placed on existing swarms.

Left of field played location card
6 5 C --
G { | |1GS}~M
EL~{2GS| | }M~
G { | |1GS}~M
D 2 3 --

2 major spawns on the Door and Corridor terrain. Genestealer player spawns 2 genestealers in 1 swarm of two genestealers in the door column, and 2 swarms of one genestealer in the corridor column.
If marines are all on the column where a genestealer would spawn, spawning will not occur at that terrain.

Playing goes in the order of the base game, but with changes for the new layout and movement.

Action Phase
Marines choose and resolve actions as per the usual game with these changes.
Move + Activate – A marine can do any of the following in this order:
1. Move to any other space in their row, not passing through genestealer cards
Move up/down one row (exception for *Yellow* who can move to any row), switching rows with the other marine who occupies that row.
2. change facing (left or right)
3. activate terrain in their current column

Attack – range now spreads from the cards current facing as the following shows.

Marines can not attack directly above and below (except for *Green*).

If an ability allows multiple attacks or kills, the target genestealers can be chosen from any swarm in range.
On a successful attack, the surviving swarm will be pushed back unless blocked by the field edge, a marine or by another swarm.

Genestealer Phase
The Genestealer player can move genestealer swarms in any order up, down, left or right one space on the field. A genestealer can move ‘past’ a marine, to the opposite side with this one movement

Alternatively a player could ‘split’ the swarm, moving only the cards they desire from one swarm, the cards that remained, however, can not be moved separately (they count as ‘moved’).

When a swarm moves onto another swarm, they join together. If a swarm moves onto an unmoved swarm, the new swarm may not move.

If a genestealer swarm is directly left or right of a marine, they must make an attack roll following usual attack/defense rules of genestealer attacks. Genestealers cannot attack up or down.

Event phase
The Genestealer player must play one of their 2 event cards, and then draws a new event card from the event deck.
The card is followed as per regular rules, with the order: text, spawn, move icon.
If the event card shows arrows and a swarm contains a genestealer with the icon of the card, they may move 1 space up, down, left or right, but cannot split the swarm, nor join another swarm.
If they event card shows flanking, the swarm may move 1 space up, down, left, right or *diagonally*. They may not split the swarm or join another.

Traveling happens whenever either genestealer pile is empty at the end of any phase.
The genestealer player collects the old location card and places it above the field(to remember the spawn rate and location order), draws the new location, and chooses to place it on the left or right with genestealer blip decks being placed above and below it.

Well, that took a lot of effort to finally post. I think the 'code' tag was messing with things.
As for the actual variant room for change, and there are a few specific rules that aren't listed, but hope it shows enough to give the idea.
Any other thoughts?
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