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James Fung
United States
San Diego
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I finally received my order, and tonight was its first night on the table. Order of battle:

Y-Wing: Dutch Vander + Ion Cannon + R5-K6
X-Wing: Red Squadron Pilot + R5 Astromech
X-Wing: Rookie Pilot

TIE Advanced: Darth Vader + Concussion Missiles + Swarm Tactics
TIE Fighter: Night Beast
TIE Fighter: Obsidian Squadron Pilot
TIE Fighter: Academy Pilot

The Rebel strategy was to use Dutch and R5-K6 to spam Target Locks. Dutch would disable enemy ships and the X-Wings would concentrate fire. The Imperials split into two 2-ship elements, one going left, one going right, hoping the Rebels would show one of them their six or get pinched in the middle. Seeing this, the Rebels angled off toward the pair with Night Beast and the Obsidian pilot. Vader quickly turned his element around.

Vader got the first word, launching his missiles at maximum range and blowing the Rookie X-Wing's shield off. However, the Rebels had by now closed with Night Beast's element, hiding the corner of the table... of space. Dutch and R5's coordinated Target Locks exploded the Obsidian pilot with a Direct Hit. Night Beast did not last much longer. Ranges quickly closed and the starfighters maneuvered to avoid collision. Night Beast used his ability once to get a free Focus token that burnt off some of Dutch's shields, but soon he was vapor.

However, all this time Vader had been closing range. With performing Target Lock and Focus in the same turn, he fragged the Rookie X-Wing then turned on Dutch. The slow, clumsy Y-Wing didn't have a chance. Actually, it did have a chance: its Ion Cannon with 360 degree firing arc was slowly frying the Academy pilot while the Red Squadron pilot tried to line up a shot. Then one of Vader's shots caused a Munitions Failure. No more Ion Cannon. No immediate threat to the Academy pilot.

Dutch tried to get out of there, but when you have Vader tailing you... The Red Squadron's best shot was to finish off the Academy TIE to at least make it a 1-on-1 fight. Both sides turned to face each other. However, Vader's Swarm Tactics raised the Academy pilot to skill 9. Vader didn't even his Focus token to blast the X-Wing's shields down. The Academy pilot opened fire at point-blank range with Focus, causing one Direct Hit and a normal hit, exploding the Red Squadron X-Wing before he could fire or his R5 repair the damage.

"All too easy."


- The Y-Wing is basically a moving platform for its Ion Cannon. Really, just reserve 5 points to buy it every time. I feel this mainly because it's main armament combined with its relatively poor maneuverability is not that big of a threat. And being able to take 8 hits sounds like a lot until you realize you're only rolling 1 defense die per attack.

- Vader is a beast. I don't know whether to run away from him or try to take him down quick.
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Vader died in our game eventually. He was stressed after a turn then got ion cannoned! Sitting duck Trouble was, he was on my side
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