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Subject: Skorne vs Trollbloods - Tournament Practice Session rss

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Zack Stackurski
United States
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I love almost all games, play Boardgames with my wife, have three kids, generally enjoy cats and understand and like those bumper stickers with the little fishies sprouting legs.
This happy cat is excited about new board games!
I've been contemplating attending a Warmachine tournament... and so Matt (our local tournament veteran) came over to see if I am fast enough yet to competitively play a 35 point list with timed turns... this is important as I've noticed I am one of the slower players in our local group despite having a firmer grasp of the rules than many... We played a hold the center scenario where you want to control a zone just past the center of the board and deny your opponent a mirrored zone on your half of the field. Terrain was a fat woods middle center on my side some hills on the flanks and a long skinny wood on my right over on Matt's side of the board.

My List - Archdomina Makeda, Bronzeback Titan, Titan Gladiator, Basilisk Drake, Min Unit (4) Cetrati, Max Unit (10) Nihilators, Agonizer

Matt’s List (I think…) – Primal Doomshaper, Earthborn Diretroll, Diretroll Mauler, Mulg the Ancient, Krielstone bearer unit, Janessa, Runebearer, Whelps

Deployment: Matt deployed in a classic Brick with Trolls right in front and small units clumped behind them. I had my Cetrati in shield wall center field right next the forest in shield wall screening Makeda and the Agonizer with both Titans on their immediate right. The Basilik and Nihilators started on the other side of the forest.

Matt Turn 1: Trolls run into my target zone except the Earthborn who takes off for the forest and hides in it using pathfinder. Doomie dumped a bunch of fury on the Krielstone and cast some sort of upkeep on Mulg.

Me Turn 1: Makeda casts Savagery on the Cetrati and dumps the rest of her fury on the Agonizer. Cetrati trot upfield almost their full 10 inches to cover the zone I’m defending. Titans run up to support and Wilbur (my agonizer) follows. Nihilators run about 75% speed up the flank followed by the more cautious Drake.

Matt Turn 2: Matt moved the Mauler up a bit and camped Doomie on the far corner of the zone I needed to control. The earthborn moved to the edge of the woods and the Krielstone bearers, runebearer and Whelps followed him in. Mulg entered the edge of the woods to back up the Diretroll and Janessa popped her wall up right in front of them.

Me Turn 2: Those trolls were close to savagery walking range for the titans… but with the wall in the way I couldn’t reach them… so I ran the Nihilators forward mostly onto the hill halfway across the board looking down on my target zone. The basilisk followed as far as the edge of the woods to stay in Makeda’s control range. The cetrati moved up about two inches in shield wall to give the Trolls a long charge to consider while the Gladiator moved in a little tighter to support and the Bronzeback moved out a little to keep the Earthborn on the flank honest. Agonizer follows in tight against the Cetrati and cries the -2 damage from Beasts agony then Makeda dumps a little more Fury on Wilbur for max range, puts Defender’s Ward on the Cetrati and Savagery on Gladis.

Matt Turn 3: Matt started out with Doomie and had him cast a spell that knocked out all upkeeps in his large control area. He then speed buffed and fortuned the Mauler with the Earthborn’s animus and sent it charging into the Cetrati. Thanks to fortune his first two attacks hit the Cetrati leader, but the damage rolls were low and the leader survived… so the Mauler used its grab and smash ability to throw the cetrati at Makeda! Matt rolled a hit but did minimal damage to either model and they both survived. The Mauler forced for another swipe at the Cetrati who was disconnected from the shield wall when his leader was thrown and actually managed to kill something so he used another ability (I think from Doomshaper…) to move two inches which brought him into contact with Wilbur… and the mauler used his last fury to smash the poor baby titan. Matt said the phrase all Warmahordes players like to hear from their opponent: “Crap! I wanted to use my feat…” He ended his turn by moving Mulg up a bit out of the woods and moving the earthborn over next to him then popping Janissa’s wall up in front of them. Matt then realized activating the runebearer after everyone isn’t that useful…

Me Turn 3: Makeda pulled fury then spent one to stand up. I lamented not having pushed the Basilisk up a bit more last turn as Doomshaper had no fury and landing a spray would have been great… but with the woods in the way I couldn’t even get rush on him to make it close. So instead I moved him up a bit more to have better threat for next turn and brought most of the Nihilators off the hill to be in striking distance of the objective zone and even sent one running all the way in just be able to contest it (no useful game effect there, but anything charging that one guy was going to get smashed by the whole unit the next turn!). Then Makeda put Defenders Ward back on the Cetrati and Savagery on Gladis then moved a bit toward the woods to be sure she wasn’t in Gladis’s way. The Gladiator moved in and brought down the big troll, though it took all of her fury to do it. Then the Cetrati reformed their shieldwall and one skewered the whelp spawned when the Mauler was injured. The Bronzeback moved over a tad to provide countercharge support to anything coming to engage the cetrati.

Matt Turn 4 (Time Extension used): Matt didn’t forget his feat this turn! After using the runebearer to make a spell cheaper Doomie boosted both Mulg and the Earthborn’s speed and put Fortune on Mulg. Then the whelps ran forward to engage the Bronzeback and deny it a counter charge. Mulg then charged the Cetrati and killed one outright. He then killed one in two blows (more crummy damage rolls from Matt) and used the movement after killing stuff ability to move into striking distance of Gladis. He rolled a crit smite and sent her flying through Makeda on the slam! The both survived but Makeda chose not to transfer the damage as she’d just get hurt by Doomie’s feat anyway. Then instead of following up with the Earthborn Matt sent him trampling after the Nihilators. He could only move far enough to get the lead Nihilator and then barely contacted the next two closest in line… but more bad rolling meant that even after going full fury on attacks only two Nihilators were down. Janessa then popped a wall up behind the Troll to keep the Nihilators from swarming the objective.

Me Turn 4 (Time Extension used): If I could kill Mulg I’d just about have this thing in the bag… but I didn’t have a line on him with the Bronzeback so I hoped to do as much damage as possible. I started with the Nihilators who were able to charge one guy on the Runebearer and another two on Janessa… but they all whiffed. The remaining unit struck ineffectually at the Earthborn since he was there. Then the Basilisk moved up to the wall and brought down both Janessa and the Runebearer with his spray (though Janessa passed her tough check) only taking moderate damage from Doomshaper’s feat (I might have been able to get a hit on Doomie, but he had some fury this turn for damage transfers). Then Makeda put defenders ward on herself and cast carnage to make Mulg even easier to hit… but the remaining Cetrati and Gladis merely inconvenienced him and he had over half damage and all his aspects left when they were done. Finally the Bronzeback killed the two annoying whelps and time was called.

Summary: So… that went pretty well… though had I realized how few turns you get in a timed tournament match I might have been more aggressive. As it was I managed to win on models destroyed though that had more to do with Matt feeding me his Dire Troll for nothing since he had forgotten to use his feat than anything I did particularly right (ending on time and counting points is less satisfying than fulfilling an objective or assassinating the other caster). I did learn the importance of not moving the agonizer up so far against beasts and while Makeda’s control range is longer than what I’m used to from Morghoul her spell range isn’t any better and I need to keep her closer to her beasts if I want to boost them more effectively. Still, this proved I can get my turns done in a timely manner and I’m pretty well set on going to the tournament in mid-October. With any luck I’ll get a few more learning games in between now and then… or if nothing else, get at least one of my lists fully painted!
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