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Subject: The Thrill of Rules Questions rss

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Frank Hussey
United States
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I think my biggest problem here is the way the cards and rules are worded and organized. I think I know the answer to most of the questions, but I'd like to be sure. I tried a first play with another player and she was thoroughly confused and provided me with even more questions. So here we go!

1. If you are not assimilated, playing Restore will will clear ALL cards from your command row, right? Including Hijack, Delay, Encrypt, etc.? Part of the confusion is one line of text on Encrypt says, "Use Decrypt only to remove." -- implying that only Decrypt could be used and not Restore.

2. Does Delete combine with Broadcast? Card text says no, example in rule book says yes [page 6, fig. 3]. I like the idea, but see how it could be too powerful and destroy too much of the grid. Should it be included as an optional rule?

3. Can one play multiple copies of the same type of card on the command row? In other words, I put down two copies of Operate and if one is Infected then I can still use the other. I think the answer is yes.

4. Does Encrypt affect the card it is played on top of? I think no.

5. Can Encrypt and Crash be used on empty slots in your opponent's command row?

6. Do the cards that combine with Broadcast have an implied "OR" in the text? In other words, if I have Operate and Broadcast, should I assume the text on Operate to be, "Use Operate to take one card from any player's hand, OR combine with Broadcast...". I believe the "or" is implied, but it was unclear enough for confusion during the game.

7. If I did want to use both the regular power of Operate as well as the power I get by combining it with Broadcast I assume I would need two Operate cards in my row and a single Broadcast, correct? Two Broadcasts and a single Operate would not achieve that, correct?

8. Hijack caused a lot of confusion during our game. If my Ghost Rotate has been Hijacked, may I choose to not move even if I can? I believe the answer is yes. In other words, I rotate clockwise the tile I would like to move to but, after rotation, cannot. And I do not move onto a different tile even though I could.
If I am Hijacked but am using the combine power of Operate and Broadcast to switch tiles then I assume I can/should use the Hijack rotate on the tile I want to move onto that will be switched, yes? In other words, Hijack doesn't necessarily affect an adjacent tile, but instead, as the card says, the tile you plan to move onto.

9. Can one play a Ghost card underneath an Infect? An Infect is already in place but you play a card underneath in hopes you'll be able to Delete the Infect on your next turn. I guess the answer is yes.

10. The hand limit of five does not include the cards in your command row, correct?

11. Can one play and activate cards from outside the grid? As far as I can tell, the answer is yes. But that would mean I could Search and Operate without ever stepping into the grid, steal the Data card from a player who has it, and win the game immediately -- a pretty cheap victory. I prefer the answer that one must at least be within the grid but I'd love to know the official thinking on this.

12. Am I a dummy? I suspect the answer is yes, but I also suspect the rulebook and cards could be much more consistent, better written, and organized.

13. Should I ask an unlucky 13th question?


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