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Subject: New Cards That Would Be Great Someday rss

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Lord Caspian
United States
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I can't wait for the new expansion to come out. My gaming group LOVES Thunderstone!

Some thoughts we had on what we'd like to see in the future are:

Trickster Monster Group - Work similar to Hoard monsters in that you shuffle in their placement cards into the Dungeon Deck. But when they enter the Hall they are not revealed until someone actually attacks that group. Once revealed they stay revealed. Perhaps their 10 cards could be something like:
1) The Joker: Immune to Attack Spells. The Joker gets +1 Health for each point of damage Attack Spells would have given out.
2) The Jester: Immune to Weapons. Gain 1 Curse for each weapon card.
3) The Magician: Move both The Magician and attacking Player to the deepest Dungeon Rank to fight the battle there, exchanging places with the monster currently in the deepest rank.
4) The Clown: All Heroes suffer -2 Attack.
5) Gypsy Sooth Sayer: Double Darkness penalties.

Another Traps Group
1) Pit: Active Player can only draw 3 cards at end of turn.
2) Drain Spell: Each Player loses 3 XP or must discard 1 card for each XP not lost.
3) Unleashed Darkness: Double Darkness Penalties until end of Active Players next turn.
4) Unleashed Evil: Village closes down until end of Active Players next turn.

Undead Monsters that drain levels would be cool. Could be automatic or maybe not. One monster would take 1 level off any hero. Another monster would take 2 levels off any hero. Another could take levels off all Heroes. Example of losing 1 level, destroy a regular or reduce a Level 3 Hero to Level 2. The Level 3 Hero is now available again to all players for raising any level 2 heros they may have of that type.

Stronger Thunderstone Bearers. The Void Apocalypse from the Hydra group is awesome with its 20 Health. That was a great addition to the game when it came out in its Promo pack. Let’s see some Thunderstone Bearers that are at least that or more. One that we came up with for our games was Baron Von Blackheart. He has a Health of 25, worth 12 VPs, and has the following abilities:
1) RAID: Each player turns up cards off their deck until a hero appears. That hero is in league with the Baron and is immediately placed under the Baron’s card.
2) BATTLE: The Baron gets +1 Health for each level of Hero under him.
3) BREACH: Same as RAID effect and Baron stays in Rank 1 to fight to the death.
4) SPOILS: Active Player receives all heroes under the Baron.

More Curses and Special Diseases. Stuff that is more lethal than just Attack -1. The Curse of War is great because you can’t rest or prepare with it. Nice to have some that cost you VPs or make you pay more gold, or are Attacks with -2 or -3. Some other thoughts on those:
1) Curse of Want - Must go to the Village and spend all your gold if possible.
2) Curse of Invincibility - Must go to the Dungeon and attack deepest rank monster.
3) Curse of Greed - Must go to the Dungeon and attack monster with greatest Gold Value.
4) Curse of Fear - Cannot go to the Dungeon.

Just some ideas and suggestions for AEG!
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