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Subject: Individual Card Rulings: Attacks rss

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Jeremy Anderson
United States
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The general rules for Attacks that people might not know are thus: You choose a monster or Freeze in play as your target. Targets that are immune to the kind of damage you deal will take no damage; However, you are still allowed to target them.
Example: I have Flanking in play, which grants bonus damage to people who attack after I do. I play Spear Volley and target Hotspark Hatchlings. They take no damage from the attack, but I am allowed to pay 1 prowess to draw a card and they will take bonus damage if another hero then makes a melee attack against them.

*This one contains a rules change*
Blessed Smite: Your target takes 2 melee hits. If you paid magic when you played Blessed Smite you then draw a card. Then all heroes (including you) may return one Affliction from in hand to its stack. Any hero who does so draws a card.
You must pay the magic cost when you are first playing the attack; For instance, you cannot deal the 2 hits, take a Wound for getting into melee, draw a card because you have an Armor of Mist, and then use that magic to boost.

Fireball: Your target takes 1 ranged hit. If you pay 1 magic, you may either deal +1 hit (a total of 2 ranged hits) to the target, or you may put 1 hit marker on each other monster (or Freeze) in play. This second effect is "untyped" damage, so it is added to anything that is not immune to all forms of hits. Also, because it is not melee you do not take a Wound for using it. If you pay 2 magic when playing Fireball you deal 2 ranged hits to your primary target and 1 untyped hit to all other targets with health totals (monsters or Freezes).
You may only get each boost effect once, meaning there are 4 total options: Fireball, Big Fireball, Exploding Fireball, or Big Exploding Fireball.

Leading Strike:
You deal 1 melee hit to your target if there are no Guards in play, or 2 melee hits if there are one or more Guards in play. Also, regardless of how much damage you deal, the cost of all Villagers drops by 2 Coin for the rest of the round (making any of your starting Villagers free). This effect stacks, but cannot reduce a cost below 0. For instance, if three different heroes play Leading Strike in one turn the Prince drops from costing 2 prowess and 5 coin to costing 2 prowess and 0 coin.
Leading Strike does not reduce the cost to remove the Vagrant from town.
Because Leading Strike's secondary effect is so useful, the rule bears mentioning again: You cannot play this card without a target.

Spear Volley: If there have been no ranged attacks played by other heroes this round before you play this attack, your target takes 1 ranged hit. If any other hero has played at least one ranged attack against any target this round, your target takes 2 ranged hits instead. If you pay 1 prowess when you first play Spear Volley, you draw a card.

Thieving Strike: Your target takes 1 melee hit. Determine who played the first attack card against your target this round. If it was not you, then instead of the Wound you would take this round for getting into melee combat, you take a Coin. This is regardless of any other attacks you may have played.
This effect overrides effects on cards like Lesser Flamewrack that replace the Wound with something worse.
If you were not going to take a Wound anyway, for instance because your target is a Freeze or the Wound stack is empty or you have already played a Thieving Strike this round, you cannot gain Coins this way.

Wild Charge: Based on the ways you can boost it, there are 4 variants of Wild Charge.
If you pay 0 prowess, your target takes 2 melee hits and you take a Wound. This is in addition to the Wound you will take for getting into melee combat.
If you pay 1 prowess, your target takes 2 melee hits and you take a Wound unless your target dies of this attack (counting in bonus hits from effects like Flanking or Lightning Daggers).
If you pay 2 prowess, your target takes 3 melee hits and you take a Wound.
If you pay 3 prowess, your target takes 3 melee hits and you take a Wound unless your target dies of this attack.
If you attack a Freeze with Wild Charge, you do take the bonus Wound from your reckless attack. If your attack will break the Freeze, you may pay the prowess boost to avoid that Wound.
A Thieving Strike prevents the Wound you would take for regular melee combat, but not the one you get specifically for playing the Wild Charge. A Holy Aura can prevent either Wound.
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