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Subject: Graecos Donos Ferentes Time rss

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Philip Thomas
United Kingdom
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After my triumph in Cities and Knights of Catan, we broke out Mare Nostrum. Two of the players were new to the game, and chose Rome and Egyot, The other player, who had been Greece and Egypt previously, now chose Babylon. I chose Greece, having previously played Carthage and Egypt (which I won with). Matt then wallked in- he had played Rome (winning) and Carthage and chose Atlantis. We explained the rules and went ahead- conventional openings mostly, except Rome who built 3 Legions. Since Atlantis had placed Influence in Massilia, his target was obvious, and he set about converting that province. My two extra triremes occupied the sea round Greece. Babylon had bought influence in a Fish province, instead of a Trireme. Next round, Babylon went before me and took Troas, as well as building 2 caravans to become Director of Commerce. I placed Influence on Crete and built a Centaur, with one eye on the many Roman Legions to the West. However, Rome and Atlantis were engaged in a private feud, much to my relief. In the Military phase I landed in Troas and pretended to Convert- so Babylon would not build the City. Meanwhile Egypt had acquired the Gems terriory between it and (neutral) Carthage.

Next round Babylon built a Market, I built a city and a Temple on Crete, and Egypt placed Influence on Hieroncapolis. I moved my Centaur from Troas to Hieroncapolis, not wishing Egypt to have any more cities.
The next round saw Egypt buy the Mausoleum (he later said he wouldn't have bought this if he knew the game better). Atlantis built Helen of Troy, irritating Rome. I built a Temple on Constantinopolis, becoming Political Leader. Next round everyone except Rome bought a Hero or Wonder- Egypt taking Statue of Zeus, myself the Colossus, Babylon Medusa, Atlantis Adonis. I made sure to buy Baal so as not to lose a City. Babylon bought Vulcan and Egypt Ishtar, and Babylon used Vulcan against Egypt's Gems caravan for no very clear reason- and Egypt did not protect it with Ishtar, correctly reckoning Baal a greater threat. I ended up not using Baal (I had nowhere to build the dead city anyway).

In the next round me, Babylon and Rome had a set of 9. I bought Castor and Pollux. Babylon bought Ariane, and Rome bought Hercules. Hercules was used to throw a rock at an Atlantis Trireme, which sank. I used my triremes to sink a lone Babylonian one near Cyprus.

The following round, everyone except Rome bought their 4th Hero! I picked up Vulcan by Castor & Pollux imitating Adonis. Babylon took Spartacus and used his ability and another set of 3 to recruit 2 legions. Egypt took Imhotep. I took Antigone for the guaranteed win on the next turn, and bought a legion. Atlantis took Hamilcar because of the Roman build up in the Pyrenees. Rome bought 2 Titans and a legion, taking him to 8 legions in total. However, he elected to just throw Rocks at the Atlantis position in Spain, using Hercules and the two Titans for three Rocks which killed 3 legionaries, but left him unable to follow up, considering Helen. I attacked Babylon's Gold province, but he used Medusa. As the turn ended I used Vulcan to destroy Babylon's Perfume Caravan.

On the final turn, Babylon traded 0. Both me and Egypt had a set of 9 (or 8, with Imhotep) Tax. As I had most cities and Temples, I was declared the winner.

An interesting game, much faster than I thought. Carthage's absence didn't end up helping anyone much.
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