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Subject: Game Gumshoes Presents: Blindside by Talicor rss

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Chris Game Gumshoes
United States
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MFG: Talicor
#of Players: 2
Age Range: 10+
Overall Construction: Blindside is a somewhat unique in it's construction in that it is completely modular.. The game board itself is broken into 4 pieces which can be placed to make whatever desired configuration. Next set of pieces are the cardboard tokens that signify starting positions & where you can rotate your pieces. Then you have the movers themselves which you add little arrows to to signify in which direction they can move, but as you play the game you will also be removing these arrows. Did I mention that on top of all of this modular goodness the spaces on the board & the movers are also hexagon shaped?
Oh I don't want to forget that there is also a rulebook/strategy guide.
The only problem I have with the game being so modular is that it points out a few flaws. The game board itself has inset spaces where you stick the tokens and the movers. Unfortunately the tokens are cardboard so they may run the risk of being damaged from being put in and taken out of the board. Also the movers themselves get stuck from time to time, although I do believe with enough play wear that would be less of a problem. Finally there are directional arrows that you place in the movers, these pieces have 2 different sized arrow heads, the difference in size is almost negligible but is enough to make the pieces not fit and or get stuck. This problem is another one that may go away after repeated plays.

Gameplay: This part is funny because just like in my Six review I have to say that the game play is both simple and very difficult at the same time.
Simple: You move your movers in the direction they have an outward arrow pointing and you can move it the same number of spaces that you have outward pointing arrows on your mover(each mover has a different number of movers and will decrease in quantity as the game progresses. There are also rotators markings on the board, on these spaces you can take a move and rotate your mover in any direction. This will come in handy after you have lost some arrows from your movers.
As you move your movers you can jump over an opponents piece and capture their arrows. If you jump a piece you take off any arrows on your opponents piece that are aimed in the direction that you crossed over them. When you do this you are limiting your opponents movement by taking those arrows. Even better still if you can land directly on an opponents piece by exact count, you not only take an arrow but it allows you to move their piece to any space on the board you want, which can give you an advantage if they only have 1 arrow left and you put them in a not pivot location.
Play until you remove all all of your opponents pieces or until one player cannot move.

Yes/No Recommend: As we would with any games we've seen from Talicor we would recommend this product. It is a great strategy game that requires not only planing ahead but awareness of everything on the board. While we were out demoing the game we ran across a kid who was familiar with this game from playing it at his school. Seems that are schools out there that like to engage children's minds and have chosen this game to do it. Personally, I have a lot of friends who think they are chess masters and this game gave me the opportunity to not only win a strategy game but show that I am capable of thinking numerous moves ahead.
I will say that this game is not for everyone. I would definitely make sure the people you play with have at least a basic knowledge of strategy or either chess or checkers. They also need to be able to follow directions. I did have 1 person that no matter how many times I told them that they could only move in the direction that the outside arrows are pointing the still just moved in the direction of the arrows on their piece. But if you do have one of these people playing with you, modify the rules. Maybe you can make up your own house rules that make the game more fun and interesting than it already is.

Where To Get It: So to start there is always Talicor's website. from there you can check out Blindside and many other games. If you like educational games they are by far one of the best companies out there.
I always recommend going to your local game/hobby store to see if they have it or will order it.
Some of their games are available at toy stores, big box stores, & local pharmacy type businesses but I won't guarantee you will be able to find all games there.

Happy Gaming!
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