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Subject: Character strengths/weaknesses rss

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Stefen Roebke
United States
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Does anyone know of a chart/document/forum post that outlines the different strengths and weaknesses of each of the current 14 characters?

Some of them are obvious from the boxes, like priestess is strong against fortitude attacks, but weak against alcohol attacks.

Some are less obvious, like Zot, or Fleck, etc.

You get a feel for them as you go along, but as I introduce new players to the game, I would like to give them a concrete overview of the characters they have to choose from and how to target the characters they are playing against.
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Andrew Miller
United States
Oklahoma City
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The first two sets are pretty easy.

Gerki, Fleck - Gamblers
Fiona, Gog - Bruisers
Dierdre, Dimli - Tanks
Zot, Eve - Jack-of-all-trades

Gamblers are great with money, but can't take a lickin'.
Bruisers dish out the damage but can't hold on to their gold.
Tanks can absorb damage of one type (physical/alcohol) but not the other (alcohol/physical).
Jacks-of-all-trades can do a little of everything.

Gamblers and Jacks-of-all-trades can cheat.
Bruisers and Tanks can't cheat, but they each have anti-cheating cards.

From the little I've played of it, the RDI3 characters don't fit into these roles quite as well, but that's how I explain things to new people.

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Mike Beiter
United States
New York
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There is no full chart that I am aware of. But having played the game a ridiculous amount of times, I can lay out my thoughts. Like you said the boxes give a big hint.
I made quick reference cards to use as character pickers and listed strengths and weaknesses on them.
Here is how I describe them to new players…

RD 1. The characters of this set do a good job of fleshing out the basic strengths of each area of the game.
Drunkenness management.
Damage preventing/healing.
Cheating/money management.
Offensive power.

STRENGTHS: Hits hard. Great drunkenness management.
WEAKNESSES: Bad with money management
A solid character in any game where gambling is not running rampant. Saving her cards that remove her from the round of gambling and pulling money from everyone else for the right moment will assure her long term survivability.

STRENGTHS: Good counter and reaction abilities. Decent damage dealing. Cheating ability.
WEAKNESSES: Low physical defense. More of a jack of all trades kind of character.
The most well rounded character. With good luck he will have an answer for anything you can throw at him. With bad luck he can be beaten senseless.

STRENGTHS: Damage prevention and healing. Great political character.
WEAKNESSES: Weak physical attacking. Gets drunk easy.
As long as she draws drinks that are low on alcohol content she will stick around to the end. Usually she waits for other characters to beat each other senseless and she swoops in for the win if she is still sober.

STRENGTHS: Cheating ability. Great money manager. Decent alcohol avoiding.
WEAKNESSES: Gets beat up very easy.
Don’t even try getting him to run out of money. Focus on beating him up. Once he runs out of tricks he is vulnerable. But he has some decent damage cards and tricks that can keep him around till the end.

RD 2. The characters in this game take the abilities above and go more extreme.

STRENGTHS: Master manipulator. Cheating ability. Can raise drunkenness.
WEAKNESSES: Weak offensive power. Better in multiplayer games.
Very similar to Zot in play style. They both cheat, and have counter spells. But Eve sacrifices raw damage dealing potential to be able to intoxicate her opponents.

STRENGTHS: Drink master! Decent money manager. Strong defense.
WEAKNESSES: Low offensive power.
The most survivable character in the game. The easiest way to lose at RDI is to get drunk and he is a master at not getting drunk. So mastering the key vulnerability of the game has made him a winner regularly when he is played. His weak offensive power is his only handicap. So if you can remain sober and whack him around a bit, you will eventually take him down.

STRENGTHS: Master of gaining money! Decent drink manipulation. Cheating ability.
WEAKNESSES: Minimal damage dealing, no defensive cards!
Another extreme character. His money making abilities are even better than Gerki. But if it is not about drinking or gambling, he is nearly useless. He has a couple weak damage cards, and a couple counters But if you attack him, you know you will damage him.

STRENGTHS: Hits hard, hits very hard.
WEAKNESSES: Everything else…
Gog is a more extreme version of Fiona. He hits harder and can do more damage. But does not really shine anywhere else. He has defense cards and drink avoiding. But generally he is here to beat on weaker characters that can’t defend themselves.

DR 3. These characters have a feel of being “Stronger” than their predecessors, but it really is just flavor.

STRENGTHS: Potential for high attack power and defensive power as well as healing.
WEAKNESSES: You have to manage her piety to maximize her card potential.
If managed correctly she can be devastating. If you can keep her pious early game, she will be difficult to drop, and late game you can pull out the high damage cards and drop all opponents.

STRENGTHS: A drink master. He is all about getting people drunk.
WEAKNESSES: Not overly powerful in other ways. Weak defense. A decent well balanced character.
He is all about the drink deck. Get your opponents drunk and eliminate them before they beat you up. Drinking is the easiest way to lose, and he maximizes that probability.

STRENGTHS: Very well rounded with the potential to do devastating things. She does it all with a flourish!
WEAKNESSES: Her gear deck can completely counter her own actions, so when she does pull off an action it can be devastating, but in an average game she loses at least 2 turns by having her actions countered by her own deck and that can be a huge game changed.

STRENGTHS.: Another well rounded character. She has some sneaky tricks and defenses and can survive for a while.
WEAKNESESES: Not very offensive and her wolf companion can handicap her.
Like Wizgille, Kaylin is very luck based, but depending on the mood of her wolf. Sometimes she gets a huge bonus, sometimes it is a penalty.

I hope these assessments help.
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Stefen Roebke
United States
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Great, these were both extremely helpful!
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