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Subject: Session 2 X-Wing - Vaders Missile smash rss

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Marcel Neumann
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Hello again,

Yesterday i found the time to introduce this game to a friend. As expected my game comunity has now grown by 1 devil

He is familiar with tabletops so the rules and mechanisms were no problems. We decided to play a 100 point game with asteroids and equipment-cards since my second basegame arrived yesterday.

He took the Rebels while i stayed on the dark side sauron

Wedge Antilles


Biggs Darklighter


Hornton Salm

Ion Cannon
Proton Torpedoes
Proton Torpedoes


TIE Advanced

Cluster Missiles

TIE Fighter
Winged Gundark

TIE Fighter

TIE Fighter
Mauler Mithel

TIE Fighter
Dark Curse

Startlayout as i Remember

Wedge, Sam, Biggs





Gundark, Mithel, Dark Curse, Backstabber, Vader

next time i try to take pictures and add them cause its hard to remember the twists and turns But als usual i try my best.

Okay reday to rumble

1st Round

The 3 Ties on the left made a strait 3 forward while Vader and the 4th tie made a soft 3 to the right (should hav gone with a strait 3 also but afterwarts u are always smarter ... but i was prepated for the eventual move left from the rebels)

The rebel Sqaud made a soft 3 to the right so that the battlezone would be on the left side of the Asteroidfield.

This time we used a bigger playmap so that nobody was in firedistance.

Round 2

The Tie next to Vade made a hard 3 left and managed to maneuver into the Asteroidfield with not clashing into an Asteroid. Vader made a hard 1 as i guessed that the next turn the x-wings would do a Koiogran Turn and i wanted to be prepatred .

Gundark and Mithel made a staight 3 forward and Curse made a soft 2 to the left.

The x-wing mad both a soft 2 turn to the left as expected. The y-wing made a straight 2 an crashed into the x-wing

Thats for the Movement.

As the Rebel Squad had a tight formation the special abbilty of Briggs was activated an he was the only target i could fire on.
3 Ties concentrated their Fire on him causing the shieldgenerator to fall out. an so he recieved a hit to the hull.

the X-wings took out mithel in one giant blast. --- man he didnt last long.shake

Round 3

As Predicted 1 X-Wing and the Y-wing made a Koiogran Turn an endet were Vader was waiting for them.
The last X-Wing (Wedge) made a Hard 2 into the asteroidfield.
Unlucky for him one TIE-fighter(Backstabber) Moved a straight 3 so the spot were he endet was in use . So he bumped in the TIE and wasnt able to do much more this round.

Vader moved a straight 2 and was in perfect position to get rid of Biggs.
"Missiles engaged" "FIRE"

Biggs was never seen again.
Gundark and Dark Curse made a Koiogran Turn and fired at the Y-Wing. They took out the shields but thats it.
The Y-Wing fired at Dark Curse and missed.

Round 4

The imperial Ties moved lousy ... sorry but there is no other way to discribe it. Gundark moved so that he wasnt able to shoot at the Y-Wing and Dark Curse moved straight into Gundarl and was also not able to shoot. "Nice one shake"

Vader managed to stay out of sight of the Y-wing and fired at him but didnt hit him. *grrrr"

Backstabber showed his piloting skills and managed to get behind Wedge. Distance 1. (Okay .... Homerun you would say) Wedge with no shields 4 Dice to Roll and Focused.
After rolling the dice and recieved 4 blanks i knew better.

The Y-Wing used the ion cannon and landed a hit on Vader.

Round 5 (think i missed a Round between 3 and 4 sorry modest)

Backstabber made a straight 2 and Wedge made a Koiogran Turn.
Face to Face fight went with 2 hits for Backstabber and 2 hits for Wedge.

Vader was moved out of the sector ... hmmm .... nasty move.

Dark Curse and Gundark made a Koiogran Turn to get behind the Y-Wing.
Dark Curse missed his Shot. Gundark left one mark in the thick hill of the Y-Wing.
The Y-Wing took out Drak Curse with the ion cannon.


Wedge was taken out by Backstabber sorry for the lack of detail.
Gundark got 2 hits on the Y-Wing and Dark Curse was moved extremely close to the sector border but stayed on the playmap

The Y-wing shoot Dark Curse again with the ioncannon to move him out next round but Gundark seeing the predicament of Dark Curse took out the Y-Wing one round later.


So the EMPIRE was victoryous again.

Next time i will add Pictures for the movement cause its a pain in the a s s to write every maneuver down

CYA soon.

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Re: Second Game x-wing
Don't drop all the dialogue, the stories the thing, but pictures will also be appreciated. Keep up the good work, and looking forward to your next installment
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Marcel Neumann
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Re: Second Game x-wing
dont be afraid. i won´t drop all dialogue .. Just the movement can be displayed clearer with pictures and arrows. The rest will be Text only and 1 or 2 emoticons laugh
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