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Subject: (supposedly) more competitive survival mode variant rss

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Jim Andrew
Jawa Barat
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i create this variant based on my session of solitaire survival mode. the concept is to give incentive to yellow cards, as the official rule for this game mode is too weighed to red cards. in the process i get the idea of Event Cards (read below). this variant can be played without addition to game components (proxy cards, etc). the rule follows the official rule written in the rulebook except for following parts:

(setup) separate the cards into two piles

pile A :
TR-001 Wrathful Deity Statue
TR-004 Incense Burner
TR-006 Ghau Amulet Thogchag
TR-012 Bronze Varaha Statue
TR-013 Saraswati Statue
TR-014 Tibetan Turquoise Ring
TR-015 Nepali Bronze Lion
TR-016 Ram's Head Thogchag
TR-021 Yama and Buffalo Statue
TR-022 Ottoman Ring

pile B :
TR-002 Three-Stone Coral Ring
TR-003 Nine Jewel Ring
TR-005 Copper Lakhe Mask
TR-007 Ottoman Bracelet
TR-008 Enameted Snuff Bottle
TR-011 Byzantine Gold Coin
TR-019 Dipa Oil Lamp
TR-020 Tibetan Conch Horn
TR-023 Wooden Vajrapani Mask
TR-024 Mani Jewel Thogchag

unused :
TR-009 Tibetan Ritual Vase
TR-010 Singing Bowl
TR-017 Bronze Ganesh Statue
TR-018 Tibetan Flint Lighter
TR-025 Tibetan Knife

(how to play)
pile A : use as in official rule (open two face-up cards, no matter how many player(s) playing)
pile B : consider the pile as Event Deck. ignore the written marker requirement on these card, consider these cards have marker requirement as (#number of player +1). there's only one card available in each round, dont flip open new card even though you discover the treasure. during Recovery Phase, discard the available card (from previous round) then flip another one card face-up.
note : all 10 cards in pile A benefit the players. there're 2 (out of 10) cards in pile B that benefit the enemies, and there's 1 card that simply disbenefit the players

(setup) remove these cards from the game, no matter how many player(s) playing. it's weird to use them in co-operation game mode anyway
AC-020 Temptation
AC-021 The Stolen Clue
AC-026 Drum
AC-027 Light Seaplane
AC-031 The Spoils of War
AC-032 Francis Drake's Ring
AC-038 Chloe's .45 Defender

(setup) place the enemy card EN-001 Guard in the Adventure Card Zone, in addition to the enemy as in the official rule
note : this is to give players easier access to the special action deck, which is a plus; whereas more enemy is a minus, so they would balance themselves

edit : AC-025 Make a Deal is useful in multiplayer play, it is the only card that allow player to exchange cards. in solitaire play it should still be useful to play card at -1 cost
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Alex Hajdasz
United Kingdom
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I have played using this variant a couple of times now and I can honestly say that it is excellent and represents a very nice way to properly balance this particular scenario.

The rules concerning treasure are a particular highlight here as there is now a practical incentive for playing yellow cards and hunting through the search deck knowing that the cards coming out are always going to help instead of just sometimes help,is just much much better.

Very nice work with this, I would interested in seeing more variants for Uncharted that are this concise and enjoyable.

Well done.
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