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Subject: Solitaire survival mode in search for better variant rule rss

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Jim Andrew
Jawa Barat
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so i was trying the co-op survival mode for 1P. i've tried it in 3P and 2P before, but i always feel like something is missing with the official rule, as if the game lack something. this time i play as Zoran. my hand lack of red cards, but fortunately the available treasure give me +2 attack so i can still kill some enemies. the enemy keep spawning but i still survive because of the anti-damage treasure. i dont have enough card to defeat all enemies at round 6 though, so i lost the game. well here feel the i need of some custom rules

i feel the normal game mode is great : there're multiple path of victory. player who doesnt excel in defeating enemies (without red cards) can still win through discovering treasures (using yellow cards) or by surviving the game (mainly using blue cards). but in the survival mode, the game is very weighed into red cards. there's almost no need to play yellow cards as the treasure doesnt benefit us much : there's too few of them available, and we wouldnt want to change it once we see treasure like Wooden Vajrapani Mask or Enameted Snuff Bottle that really benefit us. consider ourselves lucky if we found them, they will make the game much easier

so, to make this survival mode more as a 'game', not so luck dependant based on the available treasures, i try to manage the treasure cards. first i set aside treasures thats irrelevant to this mode, then i separate the treasure deck into two pile, A) ones that must be discovered and B) ones that should be kept in play. there're also two treasures that benefit the enemies (Ottoman Bracelet and Dipa Oil Lamp, i'll call them pile C. for now i set them aside as i'm not sure about what to do about these cards yet). i flip one card from pile A (should be equal to the number of players) and one card from pile B. pile A is played as usual, but the cards from pile B would only last for 1 round. then i set the basic enemy "Guard" as first enemy, to give player easier access to special action deck

first test play result : the available treasure feels much better this way. the enemy feels too easy, so i think the basic enemy should be placed in addition to the official rule then (so there're 2 enemies at round 1). for the rest of this session i play as Zoran again so i can compare the difficulty. this time i get many red cards so this is easy victory

second test play rule update : the basic enemy is placed during setup in addition of the 9 enemies in the deck. i think pile C can be used to increase difficulty. in a way, they also need to be discovered so i shuffle them into pile A, and the number of card flipped is two.

second test play result : the difficulty is just about right. pile C should be placed on lower half of the deck, or maybe shouldnt be included in 1P game as it makes the game too hard. the game went smoothly until round 4 where i cant clean up the enemies, and eventually i fail to clean up all enemies at round 6, not enough red cards

third test play rule update : then i try putting pile C into pile B instead, making it like an event deck

third test play result : this time it feels really hard. i have weapons, but the enemies keep spawning like crazy, i need the Phurba or some addition of drawing power / search marker. feels like i need the passing bonus here. i think shuffling pile C into pile B is more rational, so there're event that benefit us and those that benefit the enemy. then pile A is full of positive cards, like an incentive to yellow cards in the game

fourth test play rule update : this time i got passing bonus (even though i'm practically the last player passing). result : i have no red cards until round 3, but because i have many cards in hand i could kill the enemies one by one, and just enough to clean up at round 6. this is a hard victory. this custom rule now feels just right. so i'll use this rule the next time i play cooperation mode

in summary, here's my setup

pile A : TR-001, 004, 006, 012, 013, 014, 015, 016, 021, 022
pile B : TR-002, 003, 005, 007, 008, 011, 019, 020, 023, 024
unused : TR-009, 010, 017, 018, 025

unused ACTION cards : Drum, Temptation, Stolen Clue, Make a Deal, Spoil of War, Francis Drake's Ring, Seaplane, Chloe .45 Defender

for full description of my variant rule, read here (supposedly) more competitive survival mode variant
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