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I have always liked the scenario "Transportsiedler" (Transport settlers) from "Das Buch" and used to combine it with Cities and Knights. Recently, I designed a combination of the transport settlers with the Schokoladenmarkt expansion.

I've uploaded the (large, water-rich) setup here:

The rules of Schokoladenmarkt (Chocolate Market) apply, with limitations which ingredients can be grown on which island. However, there is a restriction: Chocolate may only be produced on the central temple island, and all ingredients must be transported there, using the rules of Transportsiedler (Transport Settlers, from "Das Buch").

Allocation of resources, movement of ships and the pirate follows the rules in Transportsiedler. All resources taken by the pirate are immediately transported into the active player's resource collection on Catan.

Backstory: The deities of Catan require mollification in the form of chocolate to avert bad things happening to the island of catan.

There are four islands. The upper island consists of the 18 land hexes of the basic game minus the desert tile. This is Catan, the starting island. Setup is random, the dots indicate the positions of the trading ports. Fishermen of Catan could be added as an option on those adjacent sea hexes without a port. Being a rather cold island, only the ingredients nuts (forest hexes) and milk (pasture hexes) can be grown here.

Depending on the level of complexity you prefer, this island could use C&K rules or the Barbarian Invasion from Traders and Barbarians, and possibly the Rivers of Catan (removing the appropriate number of land hexes, placing the marsh hexes on sea hexes). Otherwise, the robber is placed on this island the first time a 7 is rolled. The robber cannot leave the island. (If the Rivers are used, it can be displaced into the marsh.)

The island on the left bottom is Roja, the origin for cocoa (in the otherwise unproductive jungle hexes). It is a land plagued by volcanic eruptions, which may destroy the towns and plantations. No other ingredients can be grown here.

The island on the right bottom is Talis, a hot and sometimes dry land. The deserts house wild riders which sporadically raid into the island, occupying productive land, which must be chased off by knights. All the rules from the desert riders (or desert dragons) scenario from Das Buch (or the Schaetze-Drachen-Entdecker fan package) apply for this island. The ingredients sugar (on wheat hexes) and wine (on hill hexes) grow only on this island.

The central island on the bottom is the temple island. Each player may build only one settlement on its coast, and two roads towards the center of the island. Once the two roads (the second into the center of the central tile) are built, this player may start producing chocolate.

Place a six sided die on the desert hex of temple island showing a 1. For every rolled 7, increase the number by one. When the die reaches a 6, roll for the increas in demand for chocolate.

The start positions on the chocolate chart are development card for "Zartbitter" and "Vollmilch", road for "Vollmilch-Nuss" and "Dunkle Nuss", and resource card for "Trauben-Nuss". The "Victory Points" earned for producing chocolate are a form of prestige points. The player holding the most gets 4 victory points, the second most gets 3 victory points (in a 4 player game, 2 in a 3 player game), the third gets 2 victory points (or none in a 3 player game). The rules in "Historische Szenarien I: Alexander" or "Siedler von Nuernberg" detail how equal numbers of prestige points are resolved.

If the demand for a type of chocolate reaches the top, the gods withdraw their favour from the island of Catan, unless a player (starting with the active player) sacrifices 3 prestiges points (or more, raising offers clockwise, starting with the active player). If a player sacrifices prestige points, this player receives a victory point (e.g. from Seafarers). If not, a land hex in Catan loses its resource number: Roll two dice and flip one of the corresponding resource numbers on the top island (Catan). Reroll in case of a 7, don't reroll if this number isn't available any more. The active player chooses which number to flip, but unless there is no other option, no settlement or city should remain without an active number chip (use the rules for "Impoverished Land" from the Great Catan scenario, part of some editions of Seafarers, or of the Schaetze-Drachen-Entdecker Fan package).
It is possible in a later turn to reactivate the number chips. The same mechanic for bidding applies. On each player's turn, only one attempt to repair a hex can be made. The player winning the bid gets to decide which hex (if more than one) is repaired.

Each player gets 8 cities, 10 settlements, 30 roads, 3 transport ships (numbered) and optionally one war fleet (from "The Colonies").

Victory conditions: 18 victory points.

The game also ends if all production in Catan is lost due to lack of chocolate offerings.
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