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Subject: Noobs in flames (again) - 20 rss

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Marco semori
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Hi guys here is our report about our global war playing by Vassal.
We are playing with all expansions (except Lif and Fif), all optional rules (except tankers and intelligence) and the 2d10 system.
This is our second Global War!

Hope you enjoy it, sorry for the mistakes, my english is pretty bad.
Recap at the end.

Me - Germany and Italy
Fefe - Japan
Once again the bad guys!

Alle - US, CW, Naz. China.
Matte - URSS, France, Comm. China
Matte is the new good guy :)

N/D ‘42

The populations still under the Soviet boot start to strike against the evil Russian government and to ask better life condition as their brothers few kilometers far, under the fair German democracy.
The Russian kindly answer to their protests saying "No one can say to have better conditions than who lives under the Soveit! So we will conquer that land and make them miserable as you are!"
The crowd run for the streets in jubilation!

The Russian HQ release a large amount of German war material to his stick armed army (ochit on Koniev), large air battle takes place over the front, a German Bmb is shout down as well as a Russian bomber.

The flipping is poor, the German war material is for infantry only…
The winterized units attack in the south and the city of Vilna achieving a success in both case (DR 14 on a +11 and +9) killing 4 German units.

German rearrange the front around Kaunas and send more air force.
Another battle around Kaunas sees another the Russian successfully one more time but another red Ftr is shout down by the German sky warriors.

Italian sink a lonely CP in the Gulf of Guinea.
Then advance from Haifa to Beirut losing a Div and killing a Terr but the CW reply with an all in blitz lead by Wavell (only eligible first loss), in the sand the CW tanks put the Italian to flight and they surrender.

Few moves in Spain except that the CW hit the Prado Museum for 2pp.

Back to Asia, the US find the Japanese out of escort in the SCS and sink 3 ships then run away when the CV approach the area.
The battle in the Bismark sea lead a runaway of the US after lost a CVP and save a CV from a D result.

The Japanese take advantage of the rare fine weather and assault the way to Kumming, the Naz surrender at the first shoots but some Japanese (around 90.000) fall down while are climbing the mountains and die (2/1 result).

In the end some CW pilots want to try the new Russian bombers and do what they do better: bombing innocent people.
Kyoto is strat destroying all the secondary schools, with no more subject for their Manga the Japanese drawers go to work to the factories and the production fall down (2 pp).

The turn end with 1 and 1 is rolled by the CW.

Losses It 18, G 19, R 8 + 15 ochit, J 13 +2pp, US 1.

39 S/O
Poland and Denmark crushed, Ark Royal sunk, US gain a bunch of chits.

39 N/D
Netherlands and Belgium conquered, Mao killed, Japanese advance in the north and in the south.

40 G/F
Some CP raid, Japanese keep advance in the north and in the south and strat Chinese.

40 M/A
Poor action all over the world, Lan-chow hold, German find nothing in the BoA

40 M/J
Offensive in France crack the line and destroy enemy Airforce but doesn't achieve a completely success, Japanese conquer Kwey-Yang, US farm chits.

40 J/A
German conquer 2 esa on Paris with losses, Italy DOW France and conquer Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. Japan conquer Lan Chow and Nanking.

40 S/O
Bad weather froze all the move, German sink the first cp of war.

40 N/D
Bad weather freeze the Europe, Japan take 1 esa on Kunning and 1 on Chunking, US reopen Burma Road and freeze Japanese assets.

41 G/F
German conquer the third esa on Paris, Japanese second on Chunking, rain and snow no much action.

41 M/A
Paris conquered and Vichy is set up, German redepoy to east and Africa, Japanese advance on Chunking.

41 J/A

Some combat in Bob, German sunk 9CP, CW destroy Metz, Vichy sunk a CW CV.
Russia dows Rumania and conquers oil fields, German aling Ungheria, CW dow Italy and sunk a lot of Regia Marina.
Japan conquer Chunking, the plains and the mountains.

41 S/O

Rumania conquered by Russia, minor fight in the ocean.

41 N/D

US fail to dow Jap, German conquer Yugoslavia for no losses, Italian subs sink a bunch of CP in the BoB, CW invades near La Rochelle.

42 G/F

German try to conquer Gilblatar but fail, so buy Spain.
Japan dow US and CW conquer Rabaul, Singapore, Aden, Columbus and debark in the Philippines. Russia dow Japan moving slowly to the Manchurian capital.

42 M/A

US at total war. US reinforce NEI and Philippines, IJN sink the first CV and win some naval battle.
German avoid a US invasion in Spain and kill some ships i BoB.
Japanese CP are slaughtered.

42 M/J
Little naval battle in Europe and Asia, Russian conquer Harbin, Wallies advance in Morocco.

42 J/A
Japanese conquer Telok Batong. Naval battles in the BoB, Germna DOW Russia, conquer Poland, Rumania and Blatic states.

42 S/O
Bulgary conquered, Italian invade Haifa, German CV sunk, minor naval battle in the East, Japanese conquer Manila and the Philippines

42 N/D
Major offensive in Russian the German fall back to Kaunas, Italian kicked out fro Middle East, minor fight in the Pacific.
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This is a fairy tale the babushkas will tell their grandchildren for generations, while they pour hot tea from the decorated samovar. This is a story about white horses galloping in the moonlit winter landscape, about biathlon athletes that eventually make sense, and the snow which muffles the sounds of approaching vindicators.
It’s winter! It’s snow!! It’s offensive chit!!!
But first, I don’t want to talk about some heavy armored unit or state of the art fighter. I want to tell you about the 3rd cavalry corps, codename Snow White, because people need a hero. They were told they were outdated and useless… they sometimes were even laughed at. But this was the day to show their pride and honor, and they rode through it without hesitation.
The cavalry corps receives its order while it’s garrisoning the border between USSR and Estonia: “go south, run fast and never stop: you are the hope of Mother Russia”. And so the riders and their horses begin an hellride across barren steppes, ice cold woods and frozen swamps, until they alone conquer an undefended Riga. But they still don’t stop. Their forced march takes them to the lithuanian border, where they finally can challenge an utterly surprised Kesselring. The riders of Snow White, seriously outnumbered, know they are hopeless, but they keep fighting to the bitter end, making the Soviets’ day. And we like to think that before their last breath they are granted a glimpse of fear in their enemies’ eyes, when they realize this attack is a decoy, meant to distract them from the real slaughterings happening east of them (the CAV’s suiside attack prevents the HQ from giving defensive support).

Operarion Snowmen’s Land, part 1.

At the beginning of NOV/DEC USSR produced 5 quality land units and 4 fighters, all of them north of the Pripets, and sent two more powerful MECHs from the south, across the marshes. Germany wasn’t expecting such a strong commitment and was pushed back a couple of hexes, losing four units and a plane in the process. The snow bonus was crucial in helping the Red Army achieve two flawless victories during the first impulse, while fine weather and rain limited the offensive potential in the subsequent weeks.
As the russian player i like what i see now (I was even lucky enough to get rid of german CPs in the Baltic Sea), but Germany is Germany, and won’t back down so easily. They are not going to lose ground without fighting and they didn’t retire behind the polish rivers as we Allies supposed they would.

Northern front at the beginning of 1943

The southern front was quiet instead, since USSR has not enough winterized units there and the german line is tighter.

The one other highlight of the turn was the killing of few italian units that invaded Palestine in october. Now the middle east (and Egypt) is all-british once again.

Notes: triangles are small islands with ports, swords are battles fought this turn, crowns are conquered or liberated countries.
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