Chris J Davis
United Kingdom
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Place the relevant factory title deed in the "mission" space of a culture's market area when it is revealed.

A player may buy the factory deed during the Merchant Spaceport phase by paying the relevant cost to the bank, taking the deed token, and placing one of his drill tokens in its place (this is now referred to as a factory token - any effects that refer to drill tokens ignore factories). The matching factory good is then also placed in the culture's market area. Players may not buy both a factory and a merchant spaceport in the same turn.

Whenever a factory good is purchased, the owner of the factory receives a 50% commission on the buying price of the good from the bank. When a factory good is sold, it is returned to the culture's supply area at the side of the board.

Whenever a culture market shifts into an Active market, it produces one regular good *and* one factory good (if the factory deed has been purchased and there is a factory good in the supply area). Likewise, factory goods are also produced via the culture's icon appearing on encounter cards.

Additionally, players may force the production of a factory good; at the beginning of a round in which drill tokens are being evaluated, a player may produce a factory good at one of his factories *instead* of receiving c10 for one of his drill tokens on an asteroid space.

Players *do not* count the cost of their factory deeds when totalling up their scores at the end of the game (not entirely sure about this last part - would rather have factories be something players have to feel sure they'll make their money back on, rather than a no-brainer).

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Frank Baumer
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Your idea is great!

In my opinion the seed of drill tokens could easily be replaced by a rule that just gives you 10 credits whenever you pass an asteroid. That way no confusion about the factory tokens would come up. (Possibly even change this completely and force a player to land on the asteroid if he wants to drill, thereby getting 1d6 credits).
Alas this can be confusing, and doesn't work well with the drill baron, and contradicts the idea of the rules that you can't have unlimited space ports/factories AND drill tokens at the same time.
The Drill Tokens which are used as factories are easily recognised by placing them on the "mission" space.

In the "factory-turns" (non-passenger) one could build x factory goods.
x needs to be playtested - only ONE of your choice - or one for each factory - or even: you have to pay y to produce x tokens.
Maybe this would be too complicated. Your solution as written above is much more elegant. That said, I'm still not sure, if production should be allowed "by will" for factory owners. Although since there is only 1 piece of factory good anyway, it's maybe not that much of an impact.

I tested your variant (once, 2player-solo ) and it worked quite well. It gives players a buy option if the market is empty. Reproduction was not an issue with 2 players, but I've got a feeling that it could work well (and would be needed) with more players.
An option could be to EITHER produce goods, OR to receive/create 10 credits also for each built factory, not only for drill tokens (without need to have licence to drill. And without deployment of the factory of course). This would give an incentive to build them even at start of the game. (150 credits for free if built on turn 1...)
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