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Uwe Heilmann
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Hi from Germany,

DotZ is great fun to play.
And a lot of "spicy" stuff can be modified or added,

What follows are some examples about what is possible.

Examples of some of my game components.
No laser cut, but ...
A typical situation at start. Note the 28 small shield shaped markers on the four tracks (spaces 1 to 7). They hide the secret attack plan of the Zeds.

The deck of Event cards. The different colors indicate different card types. There are not just the 48 genuine Event cards ...

The game begins and here is the first Event card.
Note the code in the bottom right corner. This could trigger some special extra effects (via the draw of specific Fate Square cards).
The game system now includes seasons and the 24 hours clock. This game takes place in winter (cold, short days) and starts at 10 PM.

Here is an example of the Zeds activities during the first turn. This large Zeds unit will advance one space.

Doing so it enters a space marked with a Clue counter. This counter is now revealed. Its color and location (orange-7) might trigger some extra event or action.

Here is the result.
Both color and number do not fit: there is nothing special happening.

At the end of the four advances as triggered by the first Event card, the following Clue counters were found. The orange track (=suburbs) seem to provide a hint to the overall Zeds plan ...

Stacey entered Area 51 and conducted some research.
Great result! Two research levels progress!

Why already level 5 now?

Each game starts with a specific set of parameter settings.
The initial Research level is 3. Note the different cases of advantages for the defenders, e.g. placement of outbreak Zeds units, automatic game end on NGA; but also the disadvantages, e.g. 2 new Zeds units arrive on outbreaks at Infection level 10+, there are only 3 heroes at start of the game, etc.

Shuffled within the Event deck are 10 Secret Path cards.
When revealed, the Zeds will use those paths as additional assault routes. The defenders should protect the start locations (here: Saint Thomas) denying the undead this dangerous alternative.
At the end of each turn, one Location Trigger card is drawn.
As soon as a location (the 5 villages and the 6 special locations) has gained 4 dots, something might happen here ...

Just to add some extra thrill to the game flow ...

After all phases of the first Event card had been resolved, the clock shows ...

At start of turn 2, a special card provided the reduction of the Infection level. Tough luck! As it is currently 0, the goodie turned into a nasty outbreak.
The new Zeds appear in the Suburbs (Start space, remember the parameter setting) and ... the bridge collapses. Is this part of the Zeds evil master plan?
A very bad development. Simply too early for the defenders' movement activities.
Here is the new Zeds unit.

The next Event card.
Not the usual format of an Event card. But bad enough.

The next Event card.
Ooops ... nothing was specifically prepared for this report. This must be Hermann's spirit or something ... cool
The bridge destroyers apparently enjoy their evil deed. If they would advance now! At the moment, nothing protects Farmingdale against such an assault. The active Event card requires to move Zeds units on the Suburbs track. Luckily, the new unit at the bridge is frozen in its position. For the moment.
This is the first real threat of the game. Game turn 2!

Luckily, Samantha (Sammy) crossed the bridge during turn 1. She now faces attackers that captured East Irek and she knows that the way back is now blocked by another enemy force in her back, The militia (Civilians) at Beauxville are her only close allies now.

At the end of turn 2 another Location Trigger card is drawn. The Nuclear Plant has become the prime candidate for something surprising.

The game continues, the time is running.
Note the special effects during night.

The next Event card.

The Red Zeds unit is activated. It will move two spaces!

On entering the Mine, another Clue counter is revealed. This time the Clue card triggers an effect.
The number fits! Very bad. This adds this number many Event cards from the Event Reserve deck to the actual Event deck.

The moment more than 1 card is added to the Event deck at a time, it must be checked for its total number of cards. If this total is greater than 48, all surplus cards form a second (minor) Event card deck.
As long as both Event decks exist, a specific procedure is applied to determine which of the two topmost cards are applied. Another challenge for the player ...

The Red Zeds unit moved on, entered Lefty's Pass and fought against the defenders there. The undead succeeded and forced the survivors to escape towards Farmingdale.
Chaos reigned!
The placement of a Chaos counter also requires a Clue card draw.
This time the color is correct. The effect is great as exactly this attacking Red Zeds unit is removed! The Zeds were annihilated by their own fire.

The third turn ended at dawn.
The new Location Trigger card reflected simply more possible cases.

As the game develops, all kind of activities, actions and so on are plotted by collection different types of cards, This deck of cards then is partially processed at the end of each turn to check for extra effects, for example some of those cards might help the Heroes to raise to the next level.

A few game turns later, a new hero entered the play.
Tanya, specialized in logistics and she is an extraordinary sniper.
Note the placed Super Weapon counter. Stacey did a good job at Area 51.

Tanya's first task was to retake Lefty's Pass.
In order to do so, she had to move away from Farmingdale and had to enter a space containing no longer a Clue counter. This is a daring maneuver.

Such Recce in Force requires a check.
Nothing happened (the location listed on the card is too far away from the girl's current position.

The game system plots the activities and actions conducted by both sides. If the defenders are quite successful, the system will increases the challenge. One way is to insert more dangerous Event cards into the actual deck.
This is an example for such an increased danger.
The check (see right edge of the card) failed! The card had to be applied twice!
As the current Research level was still 6, guess where a new Zeds unit was placed. And all Zeds units placed due to an "All Effort" card are Red Zeds.
The bridge had become a true "centre of gravity". Luckily, the Suburbs track was not activated by this Event card.

As this Event card had been completely dealt with, the clock showed midnight.

The situation on the game board as the dust of battling settled again.

At a later turn, a window of opportunity! The external support allowed to bring in some stragglers. The Zeds had already killed 3 groups of refugees.

During the following day, two places turned into something not really inviting for the defenders.
Did you notice the typo on one of the cards? Too bad that I only detect such mistakes AFTER printing the cards.

As the raiders showed up, some civilians grew nervous and one of the heroes was expelled.
Luckily, Sammy showed up later in the game again.

Yes, the Zeds' master plan was using the Suburbs track as the main axis for attack.
This marking reminds the player to apply special effects on this track regarding the placement of new Zeds units here.

You always know that the NGA card is in the Event deck. But it still comes as a surprise when this card is actually drawn.
Three cheers for the defenders. They made it!
All the girls were wounded, one group of refugees had to be called "to arms!", the Zeds moved forward in great numbers.
The situation at the moment the "cavalry" entered the stage.

Due to this victory, the next game will see some changes of the parameter settings.
Two conditions will change in favor of the undead, two will change in favor of the good guys.

I hope, this provided some impressions what can be done with a great game like DotZ.

Let's see what will happen once the 2nd edition is "in my hands".
cool cool laugh laugh


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United States
New York
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Amazing, Uwe!
Thanks for posting all that.
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