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Your reaction to this game will largely depend on how you feel about “banter”.
If you are happy coming up with amusing quips to insult your friends and listening to them do the same to you, then you’ll probably get a kick out of playing a game or two of Abuse: The Final Insult every so often. However if you don’t like the idea of saying to a friend that their “life partner is laughably inept”, even in jest, then this is probably not the game for you.

The idea of the game is to construct as insulting a sentence as possible using the cards in your hand and direct that sentence at another player. Hopefully this will be taken in good humour and instead of leaping across the table and punching you in the face, the other player will either player a “retort” card or have to sit there and take it. However it will be their turn soon and they also have a handful of cards.

To start an insult you need to have a proper “start” card in hand. This card will end in either a white arrow or a red arrow and to continue the insult you next need to play a card that begins with that colour of arrow. This second card will also end with a coloured arrow and, assuming it’s not an “end” card, you can keep playing out cards with matching arrows until you’ve completed an entire sentence.
That is pretty much the meat of the gameplay. It’s all about getting enough cards in your hand to have the arrows match up to form as long a chain as possible.
This is, obviously, quite dull. Thus the fun of the game comes from the words on those cards and the insulting sentences you are trying to construct.
Compare, for example, the relative fun of playing the following cards:
“1. Must be followed by a 2.” “2. Must be followed by a 3.” “3. Must be followed by a 4 or 6.” “6. End”
With the relative fun of playing these cards while aiming it at a specific player:
“You.” “Are” “Laughably” “Uglier Than Homemade Sin On A Sunday”.
If the first example sounds dull but the second makes you smile, you’ll probably enjoy a game or two of Abuse: The Final Insult.
Until, that is, someone plays a “rebuttal” card, thus cancelling your entire insult! But there’s always next turn …

The cards are cheap both in design and quality. I quickly found I needed to put the entire game in card sleeves because they started to scuff and fray after just one game. And the design is functional but not beautiful.
The design aspect isn’t a problem for me, it doesn’t interfere with the game so no worries, but the cheapness of the card stock was annoying.

You won’t lose entire evenings to this game and your enjoyment level will greatly depend on how amusing you find it to insult your fellow gamers and have them respond in kind.
5 out of 10. A fun game every now and then but not one you want to play with your elderly mother or even your kids.

Note: I have learned from bitter experience with this site that I need to stress that all reviews – including this one – are entirely matters of opinion. I am not claiming that anything I have said in this review is fact, it is all entirely my opinion and I am sure that many others have different opinions. If you wish to reply with yours, I welcome it. I enjoy discussion but will not respond kindly to aggressive replies.

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