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Subject: 3 Heralds, 10 Comrades, and A Pizza Place rss

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Mike Pole
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I recently finished a round of Arkham Solo with three heralds: Mother H., Dunwich, and Coming Chaos. I ended up winning with Hasteur at 7/13 removing five doom tokens but it was not without some serious road bumps. After a second monster surge at the Order of Dagon, the Dunwich awoke because of the Coming Chaos leaving me to deal with that and 19 monsters in Innsmouth, many of them stationary.

Here is how I interpreted/saw a bit a certain bit my match:
- - - - -
It Burns! It Burns! Akachi holds the Eldar Sign, carefully aiming it at the portal she just came through as her fingers cringe, old wounds open, and her mind begins to falter but it works. Less than a minute later she is running from something unseen through the buildings controlled by the Order of the Dagon. Bastards! She rummages through her leather satchel looking for something to get away. It must be here! A cold winter breath on the back of her neck... a ghost! She quickens her pace and turns into an alley seeing but a glimpse of a Dark Young. Yes, here it is. She found it, a strange mystical cylinder and as she cradles it in her arms allowing her to just feel at the outskirts of her senses the others... those who chose to fight back against the horror that is assailing the city.

Hank stands at The Hill and exhales. He finishes putting the last cartridge in his shotgun and looks back to where giant creature receded to. What's this? All his hairs are standing on end- a quick flash of another place and a face... Akachi...

The Order. This was my next stop, how did I get here? Akachi's magiks brought Tom here too. The pair wait... wait till it gets low enough. It look like a gargoyle but it be a bit too big. Looking like it will swoop down, Hank fears the Night Gaunt will get him before he fires so he unloads a shell too early, barely taking out the beast. The ghost almost startles him but he turned the tables when the ghosts hands could not penetrate his flesh and get at his juicy soul. Hank pressed back, crushing the specter with his bare hands, then as it cried out, but a whisper escaped from its throat: my wife Belina, find her, she was all I had. The next ghost is even easier with his enchanted knife. Hank whips around the corner and levels his gun. He does not understand how, but he knows but exactly where to aim. Hold your breath. The Dark Young ravages the alley beside the cultists' building while charging at him but he waits. Just like a wolf back home. One shot is all it takes. The same goes with the next two Dark Young. Finally, the man leading all these creatures: some sort of magik-man from one of these lands beyond Earth. They glare at one another. I just fought a creature bigger than a bus and this nerd thinks he can one-up me? No more games, Hank brings up his shotgun to bare before the Warlock can react taking the man down. Instead his body dissipates, probably back the retched land he came from but fragments of parchment flutter from where he once was. Hank grabs at these from the air and reads them frantically... yes, of course!

- - - -
Akachi, Patrice, Marie, Bob, and Wilson all passed their quests while Kate was the only one who failed. Two doom tokens were removed through Marie, two through a tomb, and one through an eldar sign as described above. Final Terror Level: One.
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