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Nicholas Monter
United States
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Version: Crate Edition.
Players: 5-12 players.
Player Experience: Just Euchre and Video Games.
Age of Players: 7-59 years old (median - late 20's).

Quick Intro (Not a Description)
I purchased and used the Apple Crate Edition without the crate expansion pack. I played with anywhere from 5-12 people. Ages from 7-59 (median would be late 20's early thirties - I am 23.) We had a few video-gamers but for the most part no one could be considered a gamer other than traditional card games. I would also like to apologize if I am being redundant to what other players have said.

My Family Loves Euchre
Like many people after we had our feast on Thanksgiving we began to play games. Being the proper Midwest family (Ohio) we play Euchre. We enjoy the player interaction, and the light strategy involved. I was able to con my dad and mom to have us play Apples-to-Apples. Everyone was reluctant but they agreed to go along.

Pulling Teeth
At first one of my brothers was really reluctant to play anything else. Complaining, "this isn't a word match is it? I'll quit if it is." Earlier he was very reluctant to play the other games I played and I was worried he wouldn't even play Apples-to-Apples. One thing I learned being the youngest of five was to always get your parents behind you - so my dad and mom helped to keep people at the table to play.

Introducing It To The Family
I introduce the game by starting as the Judge. I placed the green card out on the table. While handing out the red cards I told them need to find a red card that I think is the best match to the green card. I explained that I would judge and decide what the best description was to the red card. No one had any problems and we got along.

Funny Laughs - Risqué With Adults - Uncertain With Kids
We let the kids get involved, as they were interested. We had to explain a few of the green cards and many of the red cards. As many of them didn't know who some of the names were. It was difficult to decide what the kids would get as many of the red cards seemed better suited for older adults. However, despite the age handicap it was still fun and even a few of the kids with the help of their parents won a few green cards.

Other family members decided to play we let them join midway. We found out that 7-cards was way too much for the number of players and reduced the amount of red-cards handed out to 5. We also ignored ending the game by the amount of green cards. However once everyone had to leave, we did count the amount and there were a few players that had a lot more than the others. The optional rule of letting the last card down seemed mean spirited so we choose not to do it.

I already had these cards!
One of the problems despite the number of red-cards it did seem that with as many family members as we had, after a few hands we were finding the same cards. To keep the game going I was shuffling and re-introducing the cards back in to the decks. Figuring this was the cause of the problem I let all the cards get used first. Had everyone shuffle and cut the decks. It seemed to work as no one seemed to complain afterwards. It took less than a minute and it didn't seem to interrupt the flow.

My cards suck!
Like any card game you are often going to be dealt a bad hand or hand that would have been great for the last word. If a person had a funny word that they knew wouldn't work but would be funny they often laid that down. However, answering for the children often meant really lame and unfunny answer.

A Sweet Spot of Players
We did find that having adults and around 6 players seemed like the sweet spot. There was still a number of entries but it didn't seem too big where you felt drowned out. The adults were easier to pick for and they were more willing to haggle to get their card picked.

Potential for getting Old
I do see a potential after a few plays that it would become old. Not the game mechanics but the words. I can see why people would get the expansion packs. Perhaps using variants before it becomes stale will be necessary. Either way this is definitely a game to bring out with the family on holidays or special occasions.

Gateway Game?
This may not be considered a gateway game, however for my family it may well be. My family isn't a big fan of board games or learning new games. My hope that with positive association to Apples-to-Apples they would be more willing to try my other games. I was able to introduce Citadels and Ticket to Ride to my more geek-friendly family members.
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