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Subject: Dracula's events rss

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Brendan Cox
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Here are my thoughts on Dracula's events...

Vampiric Influence
The Good News:
It will always at least see Mina's items and events. It is much stronger when Mina herself draws it at night, or if another hunter is bitten.
The Bad News: It's not that great when Van Helsing draws it and no one is bitten. Harder to take advantage of this during the day.
Overall: Sometimes this card forces the hunters to make a tough choice. Other times, it does barely anything.

Night Visit
The Good News:
It's 2 damage. The threat of this will force bitten hunters to keep their health up.
The Bad News: That's all it does.
Overall: It's a card that the hunters must play around, but it isn't that strong.

The Good News:
You're instantly somewhere else! It gives you another good chance to mature something...or at least, makes them use Resolve to try and find you.
The Bad News: Drawing this card to early limits its effectiveness, and takes it out of the event deck, making it more likely the hunters keep drawing events.
Overall: Evasion is always going to be at least somewhat useful. Sometimes, it's devastating to the hunters, other times, it's just annoying.

The Good News:
+1 in combat can help you kill a hunter, or help you get out of a jam, or at least offset Advance Planning.
The Bad News: If you're not fighting, these just take up space in your hand.
Overall: It's best to use this for kills, but if you've got to escape, this will help that too.

Devilish Power
The Good News:
The most versatile Dracula event. Stops Forewarned when you really want that Fog to work. Stops Stormy Seas when you really need to go to sea. Gets rid of Sister Agatha. Can get you through Heavenly Host walls...
The Bad News: You only get two (if you draw them), so use them wisely.
Overall: You'll rarely regret drawing one.

Relentless Minion
The Good News:
Forces hunters to fight minions twice. Effectively counters Escape Route when used on a minion. Gets stronger the stronger the minion.
The Bad News: Won't work on Assassins. If you have no minions, or the hunters just avoid them, this doesn't do anything.
Overall: Effective use of this can badly wound or defeat a hunter, or ruin his hand of events.

False Tip-Off
The Good News:
Stronger vs. Lord Godalming. Can be used to counter Chartered Carriage (forcing a normal roll). Can be used as a ruse.
The Bad News: Using this too early will usually attract hunters to your trail. Does nothing if the hunters just don't take the train.
Overall: Sometimes, you've just got to stop a train roll.

Wild Horses
The Good News:
Can save Dracula from a single daylight attack. Can also force hunters into encounters.
The Bad News: It won't stop lots of hunters, so get your Fog ready.
Overall: You'll be glad it's there some days!

Time Runs Short
The Good News:
Can suddenly turn day into night, letting you use Wolf Form, or make a night attack when they were expecting it to still be day.
The Bad News: Doesn't do much else.
Overall: Sometimes you want to save it for the perfect moment, and other times you use it up when it becomes day to clear space in your hand.

Control Storms
The Good News:
Can push sea-faring hunters far away or into encounters.
The Bad News: Excellent Weather undoes what this card does very quickly. The hunters must be at sea for this to be useful.
Overall: If the chase moves to sea, this will keep one hunter occupied for a while.

The Good News:
Make a road or popular rail route impassable, slowing down the hunters. Remember that you can still pass through if the road is blocked. Can be used to bluff.
The Bad News: Don't use it too early.
Overall: Another good event to use for getaways.

Unearthly Swiftness
The Good News:
Combined with Wolf Form this can move you up to three cities by road...which is a long way in a short time. Can also mature encounters that much quicker.
The Bad News: You only place an encounter in the second city.
Overall: There are many ways to use this. Use it wisely as you usually just get one.

Customs Search
The Good News:
Taking someone's items will slow a hunter down...or even worse, let you attack at night to try and inflict bites or heavy damage.
The Bad News: It must be a city with no encounter.
Overall: Note this can be used against Sense of Emergency (in certain situations). Mina will need to be careful at night with this event out there.

The Good News:
Unless they're packing Good Luck, it's a guaranteed bite at night.
The Bad News: This often sits in your hand for long periods, waiting for Mina to walk into it.
Overall: It's the threat of this card that will slow Mina down the most at night, or force her to carry Forewarned or Good Luck. Know when to use it, though...sometimes it's better to bite someone else.

Sensationalist Press
The Good News:
It counters Newspaper Reports events, and can effectively counter Hypnosis if you have Hide or Dark Call available.
The Bad News: Against cards like Hired Scouts or Telegraph Ahead, its usefulness is much more limited, and it has no effect at all against Resolve-based Newspaper Reports.
Overall: Use it early in the game to keep your trail hidden. If the hunters are tracking you down, consider saving this for Hypnosis.

The Good News:
Can be used offensively to remove their strongest item and try to inflict bites or heavy wounds, or defensively during the day to remove their item that can hurt you.
The Bad News: You can't run away for 3 rounds. Occasionally, removing one item isn't enough to help you a lot.
Overall: If you know your opponent has Garlic, you might as well use Rage anyway. This is best used on the offensive, though.

Dracula's Brides
The Good News:
Being able to carry 7 encounters is always very'll have more options for what to stop hunters with.
The Bad News: Encounters are usually only strong if the hunters visit them.
Overall: The Brides are always going to help you a little...especially the move after you first draw them.

Quincey P. Morris
The Good News:
If nothing else, he'll be able to find hunters' Crucifixes and Heavenly Hosts. Occasionally, he'll injure hunters enough to force them to rest and draw more events for you.
The Bad News: Sometimes all hunters can protect themselves, in which case Quincey stops being that useful.
Overall: He can be very strong if you draw him right away, or if you draw him when hunters are already wounded.

Immanuel Hildesheim
The Good News:
There are times when you want to be carrying many events.
The Bad News: They don't occur that often. Most of the time the other two allies are better.
Overall: He's a decent first ally. If you've already got 3 or 4 events, and expect to be saving them and drawing more, Hildesheim can be kept...otherwise, the other allies are better.
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