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Subject: A lion's lessons - Will To Fight rss

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Jan Dreske
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Having to face the brotherhood again, and with my cavalry a good deal away
from the crossings, i was not sure whether i could prevent Stark from washing
over me. Infantry does strike back with 2 less dice when on fords, and those
lightning archers were able to rain down three dice valor hitting arrows, but
then again a pack of heavy infantry plus Jaime on the one side and Shaga on
the other were right the men i would choose to stop an onslaught.

This is the initial setup:

Smalljon and some lancers head to the bridge, the brotherhood takes the objective
on the fords. My infantry attacks the fords and drives the brotherhood back. They
throw themselves at the crossing again, and one cavalry unit manages to get through.
My crossbowmen and Stone Crows start their take on the lancers who crossed the
bridge, which had placed a defense token. They drop it to get a simultaneous counter
attack and get killed.

Beric attacks the ford, a lone figure of heavy infantry holds ground. Jaime flanks
the brotherhood riders with no effect. Beric attacks again, killing my men and taking
the objective, then tries a third attack but without causing hits. Shagga advances
one field at end of round and engages Smalljon on the bridge.

Jaime flanks the Cavalry again, and my heavies engage Beric. The riders i initially
ment to send to the building flank and kill the brotherhood cavalry at the ford. My
infantry attacks Beric again and dies because of the counter-attack. At the bridge,
my Black Ears riders flank Smalljon and score some hits.

Beric and his men use the breach and cross the river, they attack, pursue and
rundown my cavalry. my heavy infantry crosses the ford, too, and kills the green
winterfell riders unit. Longbowmen take their shot at my guys and kill two heavies.
My crossbowmen try and target green cav but score no hits.

The bridge looks like a stall, so Tyrion, Chella and the Black Ears ride to the ford.
Tyrion rallies them and Chella commands them again, killing Starks men on the ford
and retaking the objective. Shieldmaidens arrive at the building.

Morale is 4 points in favor of Stark after this round.

Chella orders herself and the Black Ear red riders, giving both plus 2 dice this
round, and they each kill a unit, collecting some ears and ripping open the crossing
for all Lannisters. Beric attacks the lone cav figure but fails to kill them, so Jaime
flanks him. Due to reduced capture rating, Jaime takes Beric and uses his commit
ability to rally all my units on the board.

Stark attacks Chella with archers and Cavalry, but only gets her to reduced
strength. She uses 10 ears to have Black Ears attacking Rodrik three times
without taking him, before herself and the riders head over to the archers on
the hill. Last hearth lancers head over to the ford, and Thoros rallies all.

The brotherhood riders kill my blue cav and head to the lone objective, Tyrion
follows them. The Shieldmaidens move onto the point. Rodrik moves onto the
ford and gets captured by heavy infantry with a lucky roll. The winterfell riders
kill my guys afterward. Shagga attacks Smalljon with no effect.

Morale had gone up for Lannister a bit but drop down again to 4 points in Starks favor.

Riders of Winterfell move onto the ford, Jaime attacks them, rolls morale and
advances to retake the objective. The Smalljon disengages from Shagga, attacks
other Stone Crwos, reactivates and heals himself, and moves away, in order
to be able to command some units.

Tyrion kills the brotherhood riders and attacks the Shieldmaidens on the ford.
My Black Ears at the ford charge into enemy lines but end up in a bad position
and get killed by Thoros’ unit. Shagga walks onto the bridge and kills some nearby
brotherhood guys. The lancers attack Jaime without hitting him, and get shot
down to reduced strength by my crossbowmen in response. The Smalljon drives
Shagga back off the bridge but cant pursue.

Morale is finally one point in favor of Lannister.

Round five:

Stone Crows cross the bridge and Shagga moves onto it again. Smalljon and his
men nearly kill the Stone Crow unit, and the archers finish them off. In turn my
Black Ears kill some archers and the remaining winterfell cav, and Tyrion finishes
those maidens.

Jaimes men kill the lancers and engage Thoros. he disengages and tries to sneak
past Jaime, but Jaime gets a lucky roll and captures him. Archers drive Shagga
off the bridge with morale results, and the Smalljon finally crosses. But its too late.

All objectives are occupied by Lannister (Smalljon could have taken the bridge,
but without effect), three Commanders got Captured (Beric, Thoros, Rodrik),
and morale is deep red on Starks side.

A glorious win for the lion after nearly 4 hours of gaming!

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Scott Randolph
United States
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wow!...that is an awesome session report.
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