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Subject: A Game of Two Andys 13 : Grey Cortina rss

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Simon Nicholls
United Kingdom
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Our DoD3 / WiFFE game continues. The Soviet Union still occupies most of Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Western Europe is, with the notable exception of the British Isles mostly conquered or allied to the Fascists. The Americans remain isolationist and the Japanese are all over the Asian and Pacific maps. And Mexico is an active Japanese ally.

Sep / Oct 41

Political affairs are a little dull. Italy calls the League of Nations with no hope of getting anything through (and they don’t). Germany supports the Bulgarian government in their civil war. Greg and the Andys harvest bid points.

Irritatingly (for Simon) the Fascists lose initiative allowing their enemies to run away.

Italy opens up and sinks 3 CW cruisers in the Western Med. Again the CW are not keen on revealing which boats went down - but they did end up in the scrapped pool.

The Russians continue their retreat to the next river line leaving a few speed bumps, two garrisons are dispatched as the German aircraft are slowly brought forward. Greg has split his forces on either side of the Pripet marshes – which way is Simon going to go? Whichever direction, its going to be painful for the Luftwaffe as the VVS shoots down a ME109 and Stuka for no loss on a 4 and 5. Lack of successful ground strikes causes the German offensive to stall as Simon rethinks his strategy.

The Japanese kick off an attack on Australia and manage to land south of Canberra. A Northern invasion fails but the Japs are ashore and Australia could be knocked out. In the Med the Italians consolidate around Gibraltar – an attack is imminent (apparently).

And then a late rule check reminds us that on a Combined Action you only get 1 attack so the successful Japanese attack is rolled back (but not the unsuccessful one) – gloves are now off on the rule interpretations.

Nothing much goes on for the rest of the turn: the Germans sink some convoy points in the Bay of Biscay; Greg flips the lead German MECH in the Carpathians and then declares an attack in the belief it is out of supply - oops it is not and due to the “gloves off, no quarter given on rules” environment is forced to go through with the attack at +4 on the assault. Two Soviet corps die.

November / December 41

The political affairs phase seems a little dull. Italy, Russia and the CW take bid points. The Germans support the Bulgarian government again and France and the US sign a level two treaty (known as The Pact of La Di Dah Embiggenment).

Note - the DoD rules allow any MP to support rebels or government forces in a civil war. In this game, the Fascists have been quick to play options to take control both sides and thus manipulate civil wars to deliver their desired result. Gamey and worthy of a house rule. Of course we may just have missed the relevant rule that already prevents this "abuse of minors".

Military affairs are also subdued, at least on the Russian front. The newly arrived FW190 shoots down a pesky Soviet 4 engined bomber but otherwise poor weather means nothing really happens. The advance of a lone Spanish MIL into Morocco causes great consternation among the kleptocrats who rush forces to Casablanca. Not really sure why (and neither Andy is telling).

The Japanese invade Australia again and capture Portland. They also dispatch a partisan in China.

January / February 42

Germany, Russia and Italy gear up. Soviet production is now ridiculously large – buoyed as ever by the upward shift for being at war with Germany (despite being the aggressor). This looks like another candidate for rules revision). The CW attempts to ally Sweden but fails. Japan pays for an owed DoW and then plays the credit card causing some nasty debt related issues for everyone except the Chinese.

Weather is very poor, an out of supply Soviet corps goes walkabout killing a facedown German FTR and then dies. Greg launches an attack on the northern German line and succeeds in removing an INF at the cost of a div and a MIL. Swiss cleans Laurence’s Italian clocks in the Med again with a series of 1s and 2s in his search rolls. Japan captures Melbourne.

Military affairs end and we close the session. Back in January.

PS sorry about lack of pictures this time, will try harder in future.

PPS As it turned out, continuing with TRB song titles was quite easy.
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