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Subject: Glory Soviet paratroopers! rss

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Alexey Beznin
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Soviet Airborn Force under command be Colonel Balakirev must hold bridge in zone 19 and some adjacent zones in his arms.

Set up at the begin of game

Turn 1.

Initiative phase – NATO has taken intitiative
Rally Phase: No actions
Operations Phase:
1) The German tanks platoon and recon unit “Luchs” have shot in Soviet paratrooper company and hit them. Russians are suppressed. “Fire!”

3) The unsuppressed German Armor Vehicles continue to shoot at adjacent Zone 7. They hit Soviet airborne platoon and VDV lost 1 step. Marker “Suppressed” is hold.

2) Soviet response. Mortar which situated in Zone 14 under Colonel Balakirev’s influence can reach Bundeswehr Armours. Fire! One M48 crew is suppressed.

3) The unsuppressed German Armor Vehicles continue to shoot at adjacent Zone 7. They hit Soviet airborne platoon and VDV lost 1 step. Marker “Suppressed” is hold.

4) Next shooting with Airstrike Barrage (+2 to Attack Value) was successful too. “Sky infantry” platoon is destroyed.

5) Soviets strikes back! BMP-1 squad and self-propelled guns ASU-85 battery have arrived at Zone 7 and opened fire. They did not go in time to rescue paratroopers and want to avenge. One suppressed tank was blasted and Recon AV was suppressed.

Rout Phase: No actions.

Turn 2.
Initiative phase – NATO has taken initiative again
Rally Phase:
NATO: Roll for rally “Luchs” are failed. Marker “Suppressed” has been changed on marker “Recovering”
Soviet: No units for rally. But Soviet side could received one reinforcement untit – just eliminated paratrooper company at Zone 29 (Rule 5.34 “Cadres”) but reduced side up.

Operations Phase:
1) The German reinforcements have arrived (3 infantry platoons and HQ).
2) And Bundeswehr tank platoon do range attack at Zone 7. BMP-1 are suppressed.

3) Col. Balakirev take under command mortar and request via radio airsupport. It is superb result for Russians! HQ, one infantry unit are eliminated and else infantry company is suppressed.
4) Next shoots of German tanks have eliminated BMP-1 platoon.

5) ASU-85 with attack helicopters Mi-24 “Hind” aka “Crocodile” strike Zone 3. Recon AV “Luchs” removed from map. M48 are suppressed.

6) Brave German infantry has assaulted Zone 7 from own Zone 2. Although the forest in Zone 7 did not give +1 Terrain Modifier to Defence Factor to defending unit so it is vehicle but assault attempt has been failed. Infantry retreated to initial Zone 2.

7) ASU-85 has ignored infantry and began fire to Zone 3 with German tank unit. Strike of Mi-24 helped to suppress M48.

8) Mi-24 has spent all his own action points. ASU-85 attacked tank unit in Zone 3 without any support. Attack is not successful.

9) The German infantry company and just arrived to Zone 2 tank have assaulted ASU-85. Soviet self-propelled gun unit has suffered 2 hits! ASU-85 lost 1 step and suppressed.

10) ASU-85 has to retreat from Zone 7 to Zone 12.

11) Soviets have launched ATGM “Kastet” from Anti-tank gun T-10 from zone 15 to zone 7. Shot in the blue.

12) M48 has destroyed last retreating ASU-85 by accurate shots.

Rout Phase: Suppressed German M48 has retreated into zone 1 under cover forest.

Turn 2 is ended.

Turn 3.

Initiative phase
– NATO has taken initiative again!

Rally Phase: It was lucky for NATO: All suppressed NATO units are recovered. American forces had arrived.

Soviet: No units for rally.

Operation Phase:
1) NATO placed “Sniper” unit into zone 14. Roll for suppress the Soviet mortar. The mortar is suppressed.

2) USA units had began advance on south flank from zone 13 to zone 12. Russians had opened fire using automatic grenade launcher AGS-17. But AGS-17 had missed.

3) The Germans had continued advance on north. But Balakirev had requested airstrike to zone 12. Airborne company using ATGM AT-3 “Sagger”. And again Soviets had shot in the blue.

4) VDV company under Colonel Balakirev command had assaulted the German infantry. But street combat was unsuccessful for Russians paratroopers. They had returned into initial zone.

5) G.I had assaulted AGS-17 with airsupport. But AGS-17 had good defence. And even Private Hudson could not fix situation. All Americans had retreated. Russians not surrender!

6) Return fire from controlled by Soviet zone 16 had suppressed one USA infantry company

7) German tank units had destroyed Soviet mortar by long range shots. Heavy casualties for defenders.

8) Again Balakirev command “Hurra! Attack!”. Paratroopers had assaulted Germans again. It was surprise for them! Bundeswehr company was eliminated.

9) German tank gunners is accurate. AT T-10 is suppressed in zone 15. German reduced infantry company had moved to zone 31.

10) Americans had destroyed T-10 by ATGM TOW.

11) German infantry had assaulted. Successful! Russian unit is “Suppressed”.

Route Phase: No actions

Turn 4.

Initiative phase – NATO has taken initiative again! No surprise.
Rally Phase:
It was lucky for both sides: All suppressed units are recovered. 3 tank platoons M60 had arrived as American reinforcements.

Operation Phase:
1) AGS-17, Mi-24 with airsupport had inflicted 2 hit. One US infantry unit is “Suppressed” and reduced (lost 1 step). Not bad result!

2) M60 had fired into zone 16. VDV is “Suppressed”.

3) Mi-24 had struck US suppressed company in zone 12. Unit is eliminated and Private Hudson had to join to another unit.

4) G.I. had captured zone 15 and eliminated hateful AGS-17.

5) Mi-24 had struck zone 15. Another unit is eliminated. Private Hudson had to join to next troopers.

6) Angry Americans had assaulted zone 16 and captured it.

7) M60 had eliminated Mi-24 unit. Soviets have no helicopters.

Turn 5.

Initiative phase – NATO…. Win initiative!

Rally Phase: No rally actions.

Operation Phase:

1) There was many alike street assaults. Situation at the end of turn 5.

Turn 6.

Initiative phase – NATO…. Win initiative permanently!

Rally Phase: No successful rally actions.

Operation Phase:

At turn 6 Soviet side had gained Spetsnaz unit and Colonel Petrova who gives +1 bonus in assault action.

1) Almost all Soviet units are eliminated in fierce combat. Colonels Balakirev and Petrova are understanding that combat will be last for them.

End of turn 6

Turn 7.

Initiative phase – NATO…. It’s impossible!

Rally Phase: Successful rally attempt for one Soviet unit.

Operation Phase:
1) Colonels Balakirev and Petrova had led assault adjacent zone for breakthrough. German Territorialhehr platoon is eliminated. The “pocket” had broke out by Russians.

2) American tanks had provided range attack.

3) Soviets had moved to zone 18.

4) Russian paratroopers are suppressed by American fire.

5) M60 had eliminated Soviet remnants include Balakirev and Petrova.

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