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Subject: New Campaign Has Begun Winter 1972 rss

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Randy Knight
United States
Rhode Island
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By way of Overview:

I found some notes from the Spring 1972 Offensive:

1.) A quote from my opponent, Mark " I don't have enough money! The Chinese and the Russians seem to think that I do." ;(

2.) NVA Offensive season expenditures:
*** independent artillery
*** 2 x NVA regiments
*** 15 NVA repalcements
*** augment 2 NVA regiments
*** Offensive costs 10
*** 30 VC replacements

3.) ARVN Effectiveness Roll: 6 Yeah, I know, greeeeaaatttt timing?

4.) There are ARVN blocking two northern boxes of the Ho Chi Minh Trail.
Don't ask me what I was thinking. I just wanted to try it out. It works. Nuff said.

5.) The ARVN counter-invade Cambodia during the season of the Offensive to wipe out NVA artillery and other NVA who infiltrated from the trail but could not reach positions from which to launch attacks in Game Turn 1. This invasion of Cambodia by the ARVN killed many NLF units that were therefore unable to pad the Offensive attack count on Game Turn 2.

6.) Historic Moment: The "attacks" chit (which is used to count the number of attacks during the Offensive) actually surpassed the ARVN Replacements chit, which was ticking downward during the Offensive. This was a rather historic moment to see happen.

7.) The attacks tick up. The replacements tick down.

8.) 84 dead NLF units. 140 battalion-equivalents perish for the NLF cause.

Winter 1972

Flags still fly at half-mast over Saigon! Papa Khanh's corpse is finally interred on a hill far away from Central Saigon.
Ky rules in Saigon. Some sort of treachery must be afoot. The people left the government in the Fall and went over to Uncle Ho. This must stop!

Some historical notes:

1973 South Vietnamese and Communist forces engage in much heavy fighting in order to gain as much territory as possible prior to the cease-fire coming into effect.

On to the Winter 1972 Game Report:

Pacification Winter 1972:

Well. I'm pleased. The new Papa Ky brings +4 population into the SVN fold.

SVN population grows to 316 controlled. This is a peak, the highest level to date in the campaign.

SVN Morale adds +6 points, to 204.


NO Bombing this season.

Here's Why: During Operations, A HUGE single Napalm Bombardment Strike (93 Air Points) outright eliminates an NVA Regiment in the mountains of Laos

That was an awesome hit. Poof. NVA gone.

US Player Recruitment Phase:

The US begins to withdraw ground units, moving instead toward Air Points and Airmobile Points to support the ARVN.

US withdraws -20 points of ground units
US adds +22 points of other resources:

*** +2 SVN military supplies
*** +16 Airmobile chopper points
*** +24 Air Points
*** +8 x 105mm US artillery

*** US commitment +2 points (net) to 350 ***

The ARVN get +28 new replacements.

The ARVN begin the season with 227 Replacements. (bought +28)
The NVA begin the season with 169 Replacements. (bought +45)
The VC begin the season with 36 Replacements
The US begin the season with 18 Replacements


It is time for the US to send home the un-used portions of the ground force. 19 battalions and 1 Security Brigade HQ are sent home. The units withdrawing are from the 4th Division, the 23rd Division, the 25th Division, the 3rd Marine, and the 1st Marine Division.

More Aircraft, Choppers, and artillery come into South Vietnam to support the ARVN, who will continue to bear the burden of the fight against the VC and NVA.

NVA Recruitment & Deployment:

The NVN Morale increased from 994 to 1036 this season. So the NLF received +42 new commitment this season.

NVA purchases:
54 replacements (15 commitment)
3 augmented 8-4-10 NVA (15 commitment)
NVA HQ (1 commitment)
NVA independent arty (2 commitment)
NVA independent regiment (3 commitment)

Winter 1972 Operations

Operations Phase

1.) Huge Napalm Strike eliminates an NVA regiment lurking in the Laotian mountains.

2.) Then the remainder of the NVA leave and move along the Trail to the south near the Parrot's Beak.

3.) The VC move into the contested province of Chau Doc in the IV Corps.
The Black Panthers from Thailand fight off the VC and Clear Chau Doc for Ky.

4.) Koreans push the VC out of the Tay Ninh rice paddies.

5.) US units garrison coastal towns and capitols, while the ARVN attack VC battalions and political sections in Vietnam.

6.) All ARVN artillery will begin to move toward Saigon, to protect it in the coming final years.

7.) The ARVN 1st Division will garrison Saigon directly.

8.) The ARVN 7th and 18th Divisions will garrison and take up key defensive road junction and city positions in and around Saigon and the bordering provinces. These two Divisions have the worst leadership of the ARVN army, and will not generally be effective. So they will use this effective season (rolled a 1) to take up their likely to be final defensive positions around Saigon, in the event of a siege.

9.) No VC presence in South Vietnam after operations.

10) NVA now on the Trail only

11.) Mark and I talked and laughed a LOT during this Season

END of Winter 1972 Summary and Highlights:

* SVN experiences relative peace
* US Commitment increases +2 points

US Total Commitment 350
US Replacements 18
US Total Air Points remaining 183 (a new peak of strength)
US Riverines 4
US Helicopters remaining 43 (a new peak of strength)
US Morale: 440

NVN Morale Level 1,036
NVA Divisions remaining: 5
NVA Eliminated: 3 equivalents (the napalm regiment)
NVA replacements: 169

SVN Morale 204
SVN Draft Level 257
SVN Population Controlled 316
ARVN replacements: 224 (nice cushion this)

VC Population Controlled 44
VC Eliminated:
9 VC battalions
5 Political Sections
VC Replacements 34

Next up, Spring 1973 pacification.

Enjoying the Game!
Randy Knight (playing with Mark Evans)
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Mark Evans
United States
New Hampshire
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I really don't have much to say. This whole game is a blur. 1972 was a long time ago. Even after reading Randy's AAR I am still not sure what happened. When he catches up I might have more to say. We are in the summer or 1974 right now.
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Randy Knight
United States
Rhode Island
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drmark64 wrote:
I really don't have much to say. This whole game is a blur. .

That's the effects of the Carris Seed I drop into Mark's tea and coffee while we play the Vietnam Campaign

It's a liability of playing against me face-to-face !

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