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Subject: Chapter 1: Hard Mode Playthrough rss

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Vincent Demeriat
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Quick Summary of Hard Mode:
- With a few exceptions, everything gets carried over into the next chapter, including Wounds.
- Surges happen more often.
- Searches may gain Cheese, and if you spend Cheese on a Search and succeed, then you take a Search Card.
- Every mouse has a skill tree, and besides Maginos, no mouse can learn every skill in his/her tree.
- Unused Characters will receive 2 Cheese.

(For a full list of Hard Mode changes, please see this post for further details.)


This is a Hard Mode session of Mice and Mystics. All storybook-related talk will be kept in the storybook so as not to spoil the story. All actions taken will be transliterated into fiction.


< Chapter 1: Flight to Barksburg >

Tile 5: Guard Room

< Storybook Passage 1-1>

The mice readied themselves quickly. The Guards, now Rat Warriors, were just adjusting to their new forms. Everyone understood: if there was any time to make sure there were no pursuers, this was the time.

Nez was a retired Soldier, but his rage at Vanestra had bubbled to his peak, and he could no longer contain it. Before Collin could stop him, Nez ran up to the Rat Warrior by the jail cell, the one that had bound him and personally had thrown the tinkerer into the musty cell. With his hammer raised above his head, Nez gave a ferocious yell.

Collin finally found his words, and raised a hand as if to stop the already long gone retiree. "Stop, Nez! If you're that loud, we'll attract attention!" Collin's words reached their target, but Nez's hammer found its target first. The Rat Warrior's scream was immediately silenced by the loud smack of the Hammer, and the Rat fell to the ground. As if by Magic, the unconscious Rat dissolved into the ground and disappeared.

Collin sighed. It might not have been clear to either Nez or Maginos, the oldest of their group, but he could hear the very faint scurrying of rats. They needed to hurry. Gathering the rest of the group in a huddle, he assigned everyone roles. Tilda was to tell Nez of their plans, while protecting him if need be. Filch was to scout for danger; his sneakiness would enable him to detect if company was coming without letting himself get caught. Maginos knew the castle best, so he would lead the way, while Collin would assist any way he knew how.

Coming out of the huddle, Collin noticed a Rat Warrior who had snuck up to them while they had been discussing. Unsheathing his Sword, he rushed past a surprised Tilda and unleashed a quick slash across the midsection of the Rat. This Rat Warrior was ready, and assumed a defensive stance to parry, and he blocked Collin's strike. But Collin's sword still found the belly, and as the Rat Warrior looked wordlessly at his attacker, wide-eyed, Collin withdrew his sword, and the Rat fell to his knees. "I wish you peace, but for now, it's time to rest." Like the Rat before, this one dissolved into the ground.

Tilda, as planned, moved up to Nez and told him of the plan. After focusing her energy for power, Tilda raised her mace to defend, but Nez shook his head, and he raised his hammer. He would defend her. The remaining Rat Warrior, realizing his guardmates were now defeated, gave a harried and hurried cry and struck out against the burly mouse that had just defeated a friend, but Nez swung his hammer up, knocking the sword out of his hand. The Rat Warrior, unperturbed, took out a hidden dagger with his left hand, as he extended his remaining hand over to his right and caught his sword.

Meanwhile, as Nez returned fire, Maginos moved over to the helmet. He felt some mystic energy coming from it, but he couldn't pinpoint where it was coming from. He beckoned for Collin to come over and investigate, and after a few moments, Collin found it. It was no more than a few tools, a needle, spool, but even the young prince knew that Nez could do something special with it. Satisfied, Maginos moved over to the sewers, ready to move everyone over once the Rat Warrior was defeated.

"Nez, catch your breath," Collin pleaded. "You're not young anymore; you don't have the strength you used to. I'll handle him." As Nez moved to the grate to catch his breath, Collin rushed at the Rat with speed. There was no time for the Rat to defend itself, and it too dissolved into the stones. Tilda pulled Collin with her, and they all jumped down into the sewers.

Tile 6: The Sewer

As the mice fell one at a time into the rushing water, they were hit with the sudden stench that only a sewer could love. They all realized the smell was stronger than they expected, and the laughing they could hear from the sewer grate confirmed what they already knew: Filch was a sneak. As Filch crawled from the top of the sewer grating, slowly inching his way across to reach the small hole in the stone wall, Nez made to start cursing the only dry mouse for picking the one animal with a superior sense of smell, but Maginos stopped him and pulled him aside. In no uncertain terms, Maginos stated matter-of-factly, Nez was not to curse in front of the boy. Nez sighed, and agreed.

The distraction of Filch and the stench was enough for the party; they had no idea they were surrounded until it was too late. What seemed like a horde of Roaches advanced in unison. The loud click-clacking of the many legs was almost too much to take, but the party steeled themselves. Maginos blocked a Roach that jumped at him with his Staff, then prepared a spell to enable the party to dive underwater. As he began gathering the energy, he noticed the Roach was heading into the water, and he almost began to cheer, until he realized that the same magic signature that dissolved the Rats was now letting that Roach float on the water. Tilda chanted, and a sudden magic shield popped up between her and another jumping Roach, and the attacker was repelled. Collin, likewise, took his scabbard and swatted at a third incoming Roach, and thankfully, successfully, knocking it away from the party. But he then noticed Maginos was now being swept away by the current.

"Maginos, stay there! I'm coming to save you!"

Maginos shook his head, and raised his staff. As Nez and Collin looked confused, Tilda understood what the energy meant, and she dove underwater. As Maginos predicted, the lone female found a fishhook wedged between two jutting edges. Taking some of the thread out of the pouch Collin had found, she fashioned a makeshift lasso, and with Nez's help, threw it over the nearby roaches to safety. She pulled herself, then anchored it to allow Nez to climb up. Once that was done, together, they helped pull Collin to safety. Collin tried to strike a nearby Roach, but it was too far away. As Collin sheathed his sword to recover a bit of energy, Nez raised his hammer and hit the magic circle underneath the Roach. The Roach realized its doom too late, and as it fell into the water its skittering sound became near that of a dog's yelps, and the bubbles from the underwater Roach were swept along.

As Tilda and Collin realized what to do to the Roaches, the prince noticed someone was missing. "Wait, where's Maginos?" Looking around quickly, the party saw Maginos being swarmed by floating Roaches. Maginos blocked the first roach, and was about to be headbutted by the second roach, until the Roach landed on Maginos' head, bit into the air around him, and jumped back. As Maginos cried out for his mystic energy, his turning to the successful Roach made him swing his staff, inadvertently blocking a third Roach. The fourth Roach eyed him, but the fifth Roach took advantage of Maginos' position to strike at his back. Maginos cried out in pain this time, and that Roach seemed satisfied at his job.

“Maginos!” The Prince cried out for the old sage, but Maginos assured the lad that he was fine. Raising a hand, he asked to be pulled out. Collin and Tilda’s arms were too far to reach him, but big, burly Nez was able to grasp the old mage’s outstretched hand and pulled him to safety. Tilda’s chants were already underway, and Maginos felt the familiar pulse of energy return to him. Maginos released a flash from his staff, but the Roach jumped the pulse of energy. As the Roach began to fall, it realized that Collin’s sword was underneath it, and was coming straight toward it. The Roach stiffened, knowing the incoming carnage that was coming. Sure enough, the split Roach hit the water, and the yelp and subsequent bubbles continued down the pipe, echoing eerily. Undisturbed by the display, Nez took aim and struck another magic circle, then realized his mistake. His strike sent the Roach flying into the wall.

Filch’s voice alerted them of company, and the dormant Spider resting on the Wall awoke. Realizing there was food, the Spider rushed down to the crushed Roach and started to partake of it and the wall that it lay on. Finished with its meal, the fluids of the Roach dripping down its mouth, the Spider turned violently, and Maginos winced. Some of the Spider’s venomous digestive fluid had been released, and he felt it on his cheek. His active aura was preventing it from spreading, but he needed to find safety, and quickly.

The Roaches continued to come, though. Even though some were having trouble attacking from the water to the shore, one managed to headbutt Collin, while Nez punched the Roach back off shore. Maginos, slightly dizzy from the poison, sat down behind the party, attempting to regain some energy and put himself out of danger for the moment. Tilda swung at the Spider, but missed completely. Collin also swung at the Spider, and managed to wound it. Nez, interested in keeping the Roach population down, swung at them instead, making sure to hit the center of the magic circle. He hit the Roach, which cracked the circle underneath it, making sure it swam swiftly. The Spider lashed out, and Tilda cried out as the poison started to seep into her system.

The distraction was enough for Tilda to get sneak attacked by a Roach, and Tilda cried out for the energy she needed to heal as the Roach bit into her energy. “Tilda, watch out!” Collin pushed Tilda out of the way, and smacked another Roach back into the water. He readied his scabbard for any other Roaches, but none seemed eager to approach Collin. Tilda, angry at the Spider, raised her mace again. This time, drawing power from herself and Maginos, she swung at the Spider and crushed it. The same magic signature came again, this time splintering the spider into its parts before being swallowed up by the ground, similar to the rats.

“Wait, I see something! Something in the Spider!” Ever the lucky mouse, Collin rushed up to one of the portals and pulled at the spider leg. He pulled it out, and it turned into a rapier. After swinging it a few times, Collin nodded. “I’m ready.” Nez, once again, took out another Roach. The two remaining brethren, anxious for more energy, began to create noise as they approached, with Tilda and Collin blocking their advance. Tilda reached down to pull the Fishhook and Thread, and found it stuck in the water. She had thrown the hook back to Collin to pull him up. Collin and Maginos helped her pull it out, and the hook had pulled ashore a tree branch. The line was safe, and the branch reminded Collin about the Tinkerer’s Treasure. He quickly made his way over to Nez, who had taken out another Roach, and gave him the Treasure. “I’m sure you can do something with this.”

The last remaining Roach began to skitter loudly, and struck out at Tilda. Tilda felt the poison weaken her, and the Roach took the last of her stored energy. Maginos sent a pulse of magic at the Roach, and the Roach was sent flying into the side of the wall Nez had hit an earlier mouse to. The wall crumbled, and out came a Centipede, looking eagerly at the bodies that going to be his next meal.

Collin advanced to protect Tilda and Maginos, while Nez started working on the branch with the tools. It took some time, but he made a functional wand, which he gave to Maginos. Collin had lashed out against the Centipede, but the Centipede was as fast as Collin and parried the blow. Nez, however, sensing Collin was in danger, rushed up to him and brought his trusty hammer down. The Centipede whipped his tail at Collin, and Collin steeled his resolve and went to parry the strike with his rapier. Unfortunately, Collin didn’t realize the Centipede was interested in taking out his legs, and with a soft ‘pomf’ he fell on his back.

Maginos took the wand, and aimed at the Centipede, but found nothing came out of it. As Collin stood back up, Nez took another swing at the Centipede. Angered, the Centipede rushed up to Collin, and coiled around him. As the Centipede choked Collin, his pack fell open, and his trusty sword fell into the water. The sight of the unconscious Prince was enough to bolden the magus, and Maginos used his new wand to fire a series of strikes between the Centipede’s eyes. Tilda rushed to Collin’s side and quickly revived him. Before anything else could ambush them, Filch quickly climbed down and showed them a path they could take, and the five mice left the sewers behind them. The sun was beginning to set, and they needed to get to safety quickly.

(to be continued…)
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Vincent Demeriat
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Tile 4: Kitchen Tunnels

< Storybook Passage 1-2 >

“Filch,” Collin ordered, “please find out what’s going on with Miz Maggie. I don’t want that kind lady to be disheartened. She’s probably the last healthy person in the castle that we can trust.” Filch, remembering how Miz Maggie kept him well-fed in the jail, reluctantly agreed. As Filch left to find out a way to reach the kitchen, Tilda began sniffing the ground.

“Tilda, what are you doing?” Tilda explained that since they were mice now, as they had found out when they entered the sewers, their sense of smell was enhanced. Without Filch to tell them if there was company approaching, Tilda suggested that they do it themselves. Before Tilda could return to sniffing, Nez raised a hand, suggesting that they were already here. Sure enough, another Centipede came barrelling out of the nearby tunnel. Nez and Collin, ready with their weapons, charged the Centipede. Remembering the weak points of the other Centipede, the two were ready, and between the two of them they were able to take down the lumbering beast. Maginos noted silently to himself that only moments before, another such beast had nearly killed their Prince. The old mage silently noted Collin’s bravery.

Wasting no time, he tossed his unreliable Wand aside, retook his Staff in his hand, and fired a warning shot into the far tunnels. It didn’t hit anything, but sure enough, two daggers came flying out of the shadows. Collin watched Nez get in the way, and the burly mouse smashed one of the daggers to the ground. The other nicked Nez’s ear, but the veteran smiled. His battle lust was back. Tilda picked up the wand Maginos dropped, and tried to fire a blast from it. Like Maginos before her, she found the wand was unreliable, and couldn’t release any energy.

Nez advanced, eager to exact revenge on the Rat Warrior that had struck him. Releasing some pent-up energy, he readied his hammer in a manner Collin recognized. “The Devastator!” Collin cried, his excitement obviously unable to be held back. Nez readied his hammer behind him, ran up to the frightened rats, jumped up, and brought his hammer down on his target, and the Rat Warrior crumpled, clearly injured. As the Tinkerer raised a battle cry, Collin and the rest of the group ran into the tunnel to the left, where they knew it would lead to the courtyard. If nothing else, Collin had a great sense of direction, able to tell which way the stars were during his astrology lessons, and Tilda marveled at how his princely training was paying off in an unexpected way. While running to catch up with the speedy Collin, Maginos fired a blast from his Staff and took out the standing Rat Warrior, felling him.

As Nez turned to join Collin, the Rat Warrior that had taken the hit proceeded to stab Nez in the back, but Nez was quicker. With an upswing, Nez hit the Rat Warrior into the room, before bringing his hammer down to smash it into the ground. With a satisfied grunt, Nez turned to find Collin stuffing a Longbow into his pack. When questioned, Collin gave a shrug. “The Centipede had it in his mouth.”

Tile 2: Tunnel Entrance

The sight of what came into view nearly sickened the mice. A few Roaches were crowded around what appeared to be a mouse’s body. Collin nearly called out for Filch, but realized in time it wasn’t the Scamp. Indeed, the roaches were feasting on the unconscious mouse’s pack, which had provisions a-plenty, as well as a bow. It seemed this mouse was dressed like a castle hunter, but there was no more time to think about things like that. Another Centipede awaited them at the opposite end.

Collin surveyed the party. Maginos’ magic aura was helping keep the poison contained. Tilda was having less luck doing the same, but no matter what that poison was made of, it was influencing their aim. Maginos was having trouble shooting his mystic energy, and Tilda couldn’t keep energy to heal the group. Collin sighed. They’d have to rely on him and Nez. But he wanted to test a hypothesis first.

“Maginos, can you try casting Mystic Bolt?” Maginos nodded, and prepared the chanting to summon his fearsome bolts. As soon as he did, Collin noted that the poison seemed to drain the energy from the air and redirect it into itself. “Maginos, stop! Don’t bother attacking. The poison’s sapping your strength!” Maginos stopped his chanting immediately, hoping that the nearby monsters wouldn’t notice. They did.

Tilda correctly assumed the same thing that happened to Maginos happened to her, and she moved closer to Maginos to inspect his wound. Nez did the same, but drew his hand to the sky, and a yellow band began to surround the group. Maginos stared at Nez, wondering out loud where Nez had learned that. Nez shrugged. It had been something he had hid from Maginos in their battlefield days, and was starting to come back to him now. There was more, he reasoned to himself, but he would have to fight more and live to keep relearning what he had once forgotten.

The roaches made their way over, forgetting about the unconscious mouse for the time being. There was new blood, and their old selves remembered what it was like to enjoy the thrill of the hunt. Leaping at the mice, the roaches thrust themselves into the mouse huddle. Nez’s band seemed to do the trick, as two of the roaches reached the mice, one was repelled by the band itself, while Tilda was able to manipulate the band to sling the roach back toward a tunnel entrance. Collin, focusing on the roaches, reached the group and took out one of the roaches. It was too late when he noticed.

The Cave Centipede had actually its eyes on the mice the entire time, and it slithered over to the magus. With a hungry look in its eyes, it grabbed Maginos, and started to tighten its grip, similar to how Collin had nearly succumbed to first Centipede. Quickly, Tilda raised her mace, drawing power from her poisoned blood and Nez and smashed the centipede’s tail, releasing Maginos. Nez’s hammer hit the head, and the centipede stiffened before collapsing. Collin turned his attention to an incoming Spider, who must have smelled the mouse. Sure enough, the mouse was gone, and his pack and bow was left behind. The Spider, mused Collin sadly, must have gotten hungry. After seeing what the poison had done to Maginos and Tilda, Collin hesitated while the Roaches attacked the group, but he steeled his will and ran straight up to the Spider and unhesitatingly thrust his rapier forward. The Spider blocked his attack and struck back, but Collin recoiled while he defended, ready to strike again.

Tilda and Nez stood in the way, protecting the fallen Maginos from the roaches, fending off whatever they could. Collin finally struck the Spider, and once again backed down from the counterattack while the small critters failed to hurt the defending Healer and Tinkerer. After taking out the rest of the roaches, together they helped drag the unconscious Maginos with them. Collin struck again and ran after them, but realized that Tilda stopped. “Why did you stop, Tilda?” Tilda pointed, and Collin realized the problem. The light coming from the nearby hole signified they were almost free, but right in-between them lay a mousetrap as wide as the hole. Collin realized that these were some of the very first mousetraps he had ever laid. As a child, he had noticed mice in the courtyard, and told his father. He was told to place a special contraption called a “cheese-feeder” into the holes to give to the mouse. Excited, the young Collin had eagerly but carefully placed two of these feeders to feed the mice. They were sure to be happy!

But here they were as mice, and Collin certainly knew about mousetraps now, and he was not happy. None of them were. Nez and Tilda looked at each other, and realized that they would have to try and cross it without triggering the old and rickety “machine”. After a short discussion, a decision was reached. Tilda would try and gather enough energy to use her healing spell one more time. After that, the luckiest among the three of them would cross, with one staying behind to deal with the Spider. Being the healthiest, it easily fell to Collin to defend Maginos from the Spider. Nez would help bring Maginos, so Tilda would try to cross the mousetrap. As the group broke, Collin noticed a vial of water. Collin wondered what it was doing there, and grabbed it for safe-keeping.

Tilda finally gathered enough energy, and the plan was a go. Calling upon the healing arts again, she felt some of her health come back. She directed the rest at Nez, and Nez thanked her. The Spider finally caught up to the group, but a quick defensive stance by Collin protected him from the poisonous limbs of the arachnid. Tilda backed up from the Spider’s attack by instinct and fell straight onto the trap.


The trap immediately sprung. Tilda shrieked in pain, and Nez rushed to her side, actively smashing the trap with his hammer in an effort to free Tilda. In a stroke of good luck, as the trap broke, sending the parts flying everywhere, the mouse’s bow that had been just left on the ground was snagged by the coil and richocheted back toward the party, where Nez hit it out of the air. He picked up the bow, and marveled at how well it had been designed.

Collin retreated to make sure Tilda was fine, and fed her the cheese from the mousetrap. Despite how long it had been there, for some reason, it was not moldy, and the Tilda’s energy came back to her. She struck out at the Spider, and the Spider recoiled back. Nez, then Collin approached and destroyed the Spider, and again the pieces dissolved into the ground. But then the laughing of the rats filled the chamber, and they realized they were surrounded. Nez could clearly see 4 Rats from where they had come from, and as Tilda turned around, she spotted 2 from where the mouse had been. This was bad.

However, to their surprise, the group of 4 Rats suddenly fell to their knees in unison, and dissolved. Filch stepped out from the shadows, a big smile plastered on his face. “Filch, am I glad to see you! How was it?” Filch pointed out that Miz Maggie was just freaking out about Roaches, and she managed to deal with them. All they were after was some cheese, and once they got what they wanted, they left, Filch stated. The Scamp had even found some salt on the table, and decided to take some.

Collin looked him squarely in the eye. “Did you eat any?” Filch shook his head. Collin repeated the question. Filch shook his head again. Collin asked a third time, and Filch finally relented. He explained that he was hungry, so he tried to eat some, and needed water. Collin took out the vial he had found, and once again stared him right in the eye. “Your salt, my water. Your choice.” Despite the fact that he trusted Filch, Collin couldn’t shake the lessons he had been taught regarding thieves and scoundrels, and his normally bright outlook had been clouded, even if only temporarily, by the scamp in front of him. Filch once again relented, and gave him the small bag of salt. Collin immediately took it and sprinkled it on Maginos. It would take some time for it to take effect, but he was certain Maginos would wake up soon. The liquid poison wound was now being absorbed by the salt, and the smell and effect it would have on mouse skin meant that Maginos would be shocked awake.

In the meantime, Tilda took the time to use her wand again to fire a warning shot at the Rats, hoping they would flee after four of their brethren had been defeated by one of their party. Undeterred, the Rats advanced, so Nez got in the way. Collin, careful to avoid the mousetrap, moved over to it, leaving Maginos with Filch, so he could take out the Rat Warrior. The light was fading from the hole, which meant it was getting to be dark soon. They needed to hurry. The remaining Rat Warrior advanced, but a rejuvenated Nez (courtesy of Tilda) advanced and smashed the Rat into the ground. A newly awakened Maginos was led to the exit by Filch, and the five of them quickly made their way into the courtyard.

Tile 1: The Courtyard

< Storybook Passage 1-4>

The still-groggy Maginos had just straightened his bearings, and realized where he was. Turning to see the group, he realized that Tilda wasn’t feeling as good. They were surrounded by only three Rats, but the sun was falling fast. Collin had already figured what he wanted them to do, though. He had been the first to climb out of the castle wall, and noticed a crow had just picked off a Rat before flying back to the tree. His small talk with Maginos was to help him regain full consciousness quickly, and it seemingly had worked. Quickly, he ordered Filch to distract the crow while they moved, lest the crow pick off Tilda and carry her to who-knows-where. Filch reluctantly agreed, muttering the entire time.

The rest of the group advanced slowly but surely. Tilda struck the Rat Warrior, who blocked her mace with his sword. His side was wide open, though, and Nez took the opportunity to strike the Rat Warrior. It dissolved before long. Maginos moved towards another Rat Warrior, getting in the way of a strike to Tilda, and fired a blast from his staff. It was reliable, but the Rat Warrior blocked the weak blast. That Rat readied himself to strike back, but the crow had come back for it, and took the screaming Rat in its claws. The Crow dropped the Rat on Collin, then went back to the tree, eyeing the group with a wary eye. Now the entire party was aware of the danger, and Collin motioned to Filch as well. “Hurry, let’s all take cover!”

Tilda did so, and Nez stumbled his way in, hitting his head on the entrance. By doing so, he knocked a hidden doorway open. Filch smiled as he appeared from the doorway. As Nez righted himself, Filch took the opportunity to steal from Nez, taking some cheese from Nez’s pack and eating it quickly. Tilda didn’t notice at all.

Maginos struck the final rat, and moved into the tree. Collin, using the last of his strength, dove into the tree, and right into the hidden doorway. He came out of the pile of junk, holding up a plate made out of fishscales in his hands.

They quickly heard the sounds of approach rats, and rushed outside to defend themselves, but the crow decided she was hungry and made a meal out of the Rats. Sighing in relief, the mice turned towards the tree once more.

< Storybook Passage 1-5 >

As night fell, the weary mice lay in bed. Collin, Nez, Maginos, and Filch all shared a room. Tilda was in the room as well, but she and other healers were busy tending to all of their wounds. Collin and Filch looked to be the worst of the bunch, but the young prince noticed something off. “Tilda, you’re injured as well, aren’t you?” Tilda seemed to glare, but nodded silently. The other healer mice looked at Tilda as one of the few male healers spoke up. “You need to rest too, Tilda. We told you already, but we can handle things like this. You need to rest, as you’re the one in the worst shape. We’ll come help you shortly.” The mostly female group nodded in unison, and Collin looked up at Tilda. He pleaded, “We need you Tilda. Please listen to them.” The Castle Healer relented, and let a few of the nursing mice lead her out of the room. It was obvious she was still suffering from the effects of the poison.

Collin then turned to Filch. “Thank you, Filch. I’ve never been taught to give praise to a Scamp, but you helped us all. Even with the crow. I actually have something for you.” Turning to his pack, he pulled out the Longbow. “Here.” Filch’s tail grabbed the weapon, and Filch turned to his side. He didn’t like saying ‘thank you’ to anyone, so he wagged his tail in response. Earlier in the day, Filch had taken Nez’s found bow as well, but there was no need to state that. Nez had been gone because Collin wanted him to wear some armor. After realizing that the armor Collin wore was adjustable, Collin had taken the Fishscale Armor and equipped it, and Nez worked at the Leather Breastplate until it was big enough for him to slip in it.

The party was ready to take on the next day. Lily was somewhere, and they knew they would find her. As for Filch, he resigned himself to his fate. He was going to be indebted to this prince before long, and he knew that even he would have to pay him back. So, he figured, he might as well hang around. There wasn’t much else he could do anyways.
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