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Subject: [Mission] Platform Talca rss

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Michael Ptak
United States
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Platform Talca
X-Wing mission
2-16 players


Platform Talca, an Imperial customs and support base for this sector, has come under rebel attack! The Rebels, launching this attack as a feint for another mission, spared no expense in hoping to destroy the platform as a bonus for their larger operation!

Catching wind of a rebel strike, the Imperial garrison on Talca has begun evacuation procedures, but the rebel alliance strikes before the last transports of technical crews have escaped!

The valiant Imperial Defenders must protect the platform from the concentrated Rebel assault, or at least ensure the safety of the evacuating transports if the platform should fall!


The playing field is approximately 4x4ft, or larger if room permits. Platform Talca, an XQ-1 Platform, is placed at the exact center of the playing field. The platform is governed by Capital ship rules, and has the following armament:

3x Heavy Turbolaser turrets (3A, 4H)
6x Light Turbolaser weapons (2A, 1H)
1x Warhead launcher (2H)

The template provided in the Capital ship thread has all the parts necessary for the scenario.

After the platform has been placed and oriented to the satisfaction of the operating player, the Imperial flight groups set up within 1-2 distance of the platform in whichever orientation they wish. Each flight group must be oriented in the same direction and within 1 distance of two ships in the formation (diamond shape is ideal and standard for Imperial fighter squadrons).

The Imperials then place two of TRN Izab (which may be represented by senator shuttles) on two separate platforms of their choice. The transports will be 'flown' by the Platform operator player.

Next, the Rebel player chooses where to place their flight groups of four ships each. Though the Rebel player may choose two different map edges to deploy on, each flight group must deploy together. Each ship must be within 2 distance of another ship in that flight group.

After the rebels have chosen their deployment edges, the Imperial player finally declares which map edge will be their 'home' edge, and thus which edge the transports must retreat off of to reach safety.

Play begins once setup is completed.

Special Rules:

Platform Talca:
The platform has no speed. The platform follows the Capital Ship rules for operation. The warhead launcher has its interception mode activated and can cancel one torpedo attack against any subsystem on the platform at the expense of the concussion missile for that turn. Otherwise, the platform can launch one concussion missile at a target in range.

TRN Izab
Senator shuttles may be used to represent the DX-9 transports being used to ferry the technical crews. During the game only one transport can launch from the platform at a time, determined by the platform operating player. Once launched both transports can move simultaneously.

The TRNs will be doing the best they can to move towards the Imperial Player's designated home edge. Once the template has passed even partially beyond the play area, it jumps to hyperspace and is considered safe for scoring. The TRNs may be disabled by Ion cannons (See Ion cannon rules).

Multiple players:
The scenario is designed to be scaled between 2 players (With the Imperial player becoming the "Operating player" of the platform), or in an event situation where the referee and event overseer operates the platform (to attack the closest targets) and transports.

Standard play is 4 players, one player each commanding a Flight Group of four ships (The imperial players may alternate control of the platform).

If more players are required, each flight group can be further sub-divided into two elements of 2 ships each. In this way sixteen players may participate with a possible seventeenth if the Platform operator is included.



Objective: Destroy the platform and escaping transports

Player One (Red group)
4x Red Squadron Pilots (x-wings)
1x Proton Torpedo
1x R2 Astromech
Objective: Eliminate Escort TIEs, Escort Y-W Gold

Player Two (Gold group)
4x Gold Squadron Pilots (Y-Wings)
2x Proton Torpedo
1x Ion cannon turret
Objective: Destroy Platform Talca, attack TRN Izab


Objective: Defend Platform Talca and TRNs!

Player Three (Alpha Group)
4x Black Squadron pilots
Objective: Defend Platform Talca and escaping TRNs

Player Four (Beta Group)
4x Black Squadron pilots
Objective: Defend Platform talca and escaping TRNs

Victory Conditions:

The outcome of the scenario is dependent on points. These must be tracked and are assigned to players when the conditions have been fulfilled.

100 points - Platform Talca (For the rebels, Destroyed. For the empire, intact at scenario end).

50 points - One Transport (for the rebels, destroyed. For the empire, if it escapes off-board)

10 points - Every enemy fighter destroyed.

The scenario continues until either the platform and TRNs have been destroyed, escaped, or all rebel craft have been destroyed.

I intend to be running this scenario as an event at my local game store! but here are the scenario specifics if anyone is interested. I will be uploading the mock-up platform templates I am using shortly.
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