David in Sydney (now in Coffs)
Coffs Harbour
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Modern Naval Battles - Campaign Expansion has arrived from the printer, and we have started shipping them! The shipping process will take several days. Once shipped, orders within the US should arrive in 3 to 5 days, and International orders should arrive in 7 to 10 days. If you have any questions, please email us immediately to make arrangements at: dan@dvg.com

Thank you,
-Dan Verssen Games (DVG)

Who will be first to post a review?

I could - but that would be cheating as I did proof reading. whistle
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David in Sydney (now in Coffs)
Coffs Harbour
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G'day all,

Great nerws for those of us waiting on the expansion

Dan has published the rules at:

www.dvg.com/mnbcampaignexpansion.pdf" rel="nofollow">http://images.dvg.com/www.dvg.com/mnbcampaignexpansion.pdf

That way we can see what the main game mechanics are!

This is the sort of support that Dan provides that makes me very happy...

and not just because my name is on the last page.. whistle modest

All the best

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David in Sydney (now in Coffs)
Coffs Harbour
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Sorry the above link doesn't work,

Go to:

scroll down looking on the left for the campaign rules.

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David in Sydney (now in Coffs)
Coffs Harbour
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Draft Ship list for the campaign expansion - I'll need to double check the following - as there were some last minute changes before it went to print (eg India - no 2nd Type 12):

Nation Name Abv Class Commis
India Viraat CV Centaur 1987-
India Rajput DDG Rajput (Kashin II) 1986-
India Ranvijay DDG Rajput (Kashin II) 1988-
India Dehli DDG Delhi 1997-
India Mysore DDG Delhi 1999-
India Shivalik FFG Shivalik 2010-
India Talwar FFG Talwar (Krivak III) 2003-
India Tabar FFG Talwar (Krivak III) 2004-
India Brahmaputra FFG Brahmaputra 2000-
India Ganga FF Godavari 1985-
India Sindhurakshak SS Sindhughosh (Kilo) 1997-
India Kalvari SS Kalvari (Foxtrot) 1967-1996
India Vikrant CV Majestic 1961-1997
India Talwar FF Talwar (Type 12 Whitby) 1959-1992
India Trishul FF Talwar (Type 12 Whitby) 1960-1996
India Nirghat FAC Viyut (Osa I) 1971-1988
India Nipat FAC Viyut (Osa I) 1971-1989
India Veer FAC Viyut (Osa I) 1971-1982
India Katchall CRV Arnala (Petya III) 1969-1988
India Kiltan CRV Arnala (Petya III) 1969-1987
20 Cards 3.0 VP average

UK Hermes CV Centaur 1959-1984
UK Conqueror SSN Churchill 1971-1990
UK Onyx SS Oberon 1967-1991
UK Antrim DDG County-2 1970-1984
UK Alacrity FFG Type 21 1977-1994
UK Plymouth FF Type 12M 1961-1988
UK Brilliant FFG Type 22-1 1981-1996
UK Bristol DDG Type 82 1973-
UK Starling CRV Peacock 1982-1996
9 Cards 3.4 VP average

Argentine Santisima Trinidad DDG Type 42-1 1981-
Argentine San Luis SS Type 209/1 1978-1997
Argentine Santa Fe SS Balao (Guppy II) 1971-1982
Argentine Guerrico CRV D'Estienne d'Orves 1978-
Argentine Granville CRV D'Estienne d'Orves 1978-
Argentine Segui DD Allen M Sumner 1972-1983
Argentine Hipolito Bouchard DD Allen M Sumner (FRAM II) 1972-1983
Argentine Piedra Buena DD Allen M Sumner (FRAM II) 1972-1983
Argentine Rosales DD Fletcher 1961-1982
9 Cards 2.4 VP average

US Conyngham DDG Charles F Adams 1963-1990
US Coral Sea CV Midway 1947-1990
US Tautog SSN Sturgeon 1968-1997
3 Cards 6.0 VP average

Germ Lütjens DDG Type 103 Lütjens 1969-2003
Germ Mölders DDG Type 103 Lütjens 1969-2003
Germ Rommel DDG Type 103 Lütjens 1970-1998
Germ Bussard FAC Type 143 Albatros 1976-2005
Germ Falke FAC Type 143 Albatros 1976-2004
Germ Geier FAC Type 143 Albatros 1976-2005
6 Cards 2.5 VP average

USSR Admiral Kuznetsov CVHG Admiral Kuznetsov 1991-
USSR Admiral Golovko CG Kynda 1964-2002
USSR SKR-11 CVR Petya I 1961-1992
3 Cards 4.7 VP average

Canada Onodaga SS Oberon 1967-2000
Canada Iroquois DDH Iroquois 1968-
Canada Huron DDH Iroquois 1968-2005
3 Cards 2.7 VP average

Italy Caio Duilio CH Andrea Doria 1964-1989
Italy Vittorio Veneto CH Vittorio Veneto 1969-2003
Italy Nibbio FAH Sparviero 1974-1991
Italy Enricho Toti SS Toti 1968-92
4 Cards 3.8 VP average

French Jeanne d'Arc CVH Jeanne d'Arc 1964-2010
French Lt de vaisseau Lavallée CRV D'Estienne d'Orves 1973-
French Doris SS Daphne 1964-1994
3 Cards 3.3 VP average

Norway Otto Sverdrup FFG Fridtjof Nansen 2008-
Norway Kobben SS Kobben 1964-2002
Norway Kunna SS Kobben 1965-2003
3 Cards 3.3 VP average

China Hoku GMB Type 024 (Komar) 1956-
China Type 03 (Whiskey) SS Type 03 (Whiskey) 1957-1990
2 Cards 2.0 VP average

Taiwan FACG-61 FAC Kuang Hua VI 2004-
Taiwan Hai Bao SS Tench Guppy II 1976-2008
2 Cards 2.5 VP average

Japan Kumataka FAC Hayabusa 2003-
Japan Arashio SS Asashio 1966-1983
Japan Chikugo DE Chikugo 1971-1996
3 Cards 2.0 VP average

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