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Subject: first preordered game, first session report, (i also hope i came) first place rss

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Jim Andrew
Jawa Barat
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today would be a memorable day in my boardgaming life. just after i finished my morning routines, my brother calle me "your order has arrived". i was so surprised, i expect it to arrived around next two weeks. so i rushed to his shop, take the game home and immediately rushed to unboxing. the two plastic cases i just bought yesterday immediately serve their purpose

while doing that i called my two friends to test play this game. so after lunchtime they came, i explain the rules (i've read the rulebook several times before) and we immediately started the game (i've set the game while waiting)

well sorry to disappoint you, during the game i'm so absorbed to the point that idea of taking pictures never crossed my mind. so from here it's all text

the game start with 190 ppm, i become starting player to give them example of a turn. i start with proposing project on Africa, take a scientist from pool as bonus, place my scientist on the project, play major lobby (it match my action), and use the money to buy a CEP. both my friends (or should i say opponents) follow my example and do the same for Asia then Europe. next we install our proposed project, taking note that we're unable to do all 3 free moves while doing so, so on following turns we start diversing our actions.

we manage to construct our initial 3 green power plants by the end of first decade, so the global pollution only increase to 270 ppm. after income distribution, we just start to understand how a full round works (my friend ricky almost sell his company goal card to earn money on first decade). my company goal card is to 4 VP/controlled region, so i start invading Asia by proposing project here, because of huge CEP it holds. ricky, one who start at Europe, do the same, but so2 (my friend's alias, dont ask why it resembles this game's title) doesnt want to let go, so he instal ricky's project, forcing his scientist to become a hermit... sorry, i mean attend a summit. after seeing that, i lost my interest in Asia, i'd rather start in new region

so we also manage to construct another 3 green power plants during second decade, and the global pollution increase past 350 ppm. disaster occurs in North America, and none of us has power plant there. well, paying one cube is HUGE, now we think more than twice for proposing solar station, as none of us wanna give three cube to anyone else. at that time so2 is leading, because he almost use all his lobby cards. even so i have more income, but i take almost all of it as money. on the other hand, ricky falls behind in income because he's 3rd place at almost all expertise track, and he also takes most of it as money

i'm the first one scoring UN goal cards, as the first one constructing 3 plants (3 plants of different kind, 3 regions controlled, very efficient i guess). seeing that, my friends start become aware of the ten cards sitting there untouched since the beginning. at that time i still have three lobby cards, one for constructing Forestation, one for attending Forestation summit, and i still have zero expertise on it. so i start by proposing the project in Oceania, using my third lobby card. i manage to construct it on fourth decade, letting me score two more UN cards and take the lead from so2. unfortunately the rest of the cards need Cold Fusion plant, which i havent start either. so i aim to build one, but it never occurs

flashback a little, during third decade ricky was dead last, having least power plant but much money and many scientist here and there. it allows him to build all 5 type of power plant. the reason i stop aiming for Cold Fusion is because (after calculating) ricky would have taken the last UN card by the time i construct the plant. by the way so2 was focusing on only Cold Fusion and Solar cell. he only control Asia, but the CEP stack there is very very tall, so is the CEP stack in his hand. so, we know he's aiming huge points from it at end game scoring. both ricky's and my reaction is to collect as much CEP, and we succeed in doing so. my huge source of point, since the beginning, is the expertise track

i thought the game would last until sixth decade, i forgot we're only playing 5 decades in 3-players game. practically i only construct one power plant during the last decade, since i dont save more cubes. my rest of actions are only collecting cubes and CEP, and moving scientist around

so, after around three hours (including the time to explain the rules), we arrive at end game scoring. ricky is in lead, followed by me, and so2 last. first we receive income, both me and so2 gains 28 VP, while ricky gains 26. so2 has 13 CEP, both me and ricky have 10, and the price is 6. including money in hand, so2 gains 39 VP, ricky gains 31, and i gain 32. next we reveal company goal cards, so2 got 16 VP for having 8 CEP in hand, ricky got 15 VP from having all 5 types of power plant, and i got 12 VP since i only control 3 regions, ricky took control of Africa from me. i would have won otherwise since it got 3 CEP at the end of the game. lastly i get 3 more VP for having most resource cubes, and ricky get 3 points for scoring most UN cards. ricky win the game with 167 VP, so2 second at 162, and i'm last with 157.

so after our first game, one inevitable topic is "whether co2 is heavier than vinhos or not". imo, vinhos rule is still more complex than co2. but for strategic depth, i guess co2 is deeper. my reason is because in vinhos we can focus on several aspects only, while in co2 we have to balance everything out. i remember so2 said in the middle of our game that his strategy doesnt work, that he's controlling only 1 region and only focusing 2 of 5 power plants and at fourth decade or so his expertise in both track is maxed. well i'm also guessing it only happen because it's only 3-players game, in 4 or 5-players game we have less actions so our expertise wouldnt be this high

imo, another aspect of strategic depth here in co2 is in several ways to end the game, but i need several more games to prove it. speaking of which, what about the global pollution rate later during the game? well at the fourth decade it reaches its peak at 400 ppm before we started replacing fossil power plant. it didnt drop below 350 ppm during fourth decade though, because we only replace two Gas power plant, making it 360 ppm. if the game end prematurely at the end of fourth decade, i'm sure the score would be much different
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John Weber
United States
Ellicott City
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Excellent report. It's up to the player who is leading to make the effort, if possible, to end the game early in the 4th decade. I.e., if the global pollution needed to go down by 60 instead of 40, that person needed to try to find a region where the oldest fossil fuel plant was a Coal plant and not a Gas plant.
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