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Hello everyone,

Submissions for Trial Events at the 2013 WBC have closed and, thanks to Sean Colombo volunteering to be our final assistant GM, Hive is now on the ballot for inclusion as a possible 2013 Trial Event at WBC. If you're a Hive fan and a BPA member, I encourage you to vote for the Hive event in this year's ballot.

Event previews have not yet been posted, but I've reproduced a summary of the proposed tournament format below. It would be a Class B event meaning that beginners would be allowed to participate but won't be coached during the game. I'll be hosting a demo to explain the rules to new players prior to the tournament's start--then they're on their own.

Tournament Format

The 2013 Hive Trial Event Tournament will consist of 4 heats (i.e. 4 matches per player) followed by a single elimination tournament among the top 16 players from the heats. Sides will be determined by random die roll at the beginning of each match, with the player rolling the highest choosing which side (black or white) he or she will play.

In the heats, players will earn 1 point for a win, 0 points for a loss, and .5 points for a draw. The top 16 scorers from the heats will advance to the single- elimination tournament.

Tie-breakers to determine the top 16 advancing players will be as follows: (1) most wins, (2) fewest losses, and (3) highest die roll.

The version of the rules used will be the current version posted on Gen42's website.

Both the ladybug and mosquito pieces will be used. Players will not be allowed to place the Queen Bee as their first piece in order to reduce the possibility of draws. As in chess, players will be required to move any piece they intentionally touch if there is a legal move for that piece.

All matches will be timed in order to keep the tournament moving. Each player will keep track of the escalating amount of time spent on his or her turn using a digital timer (e.g. a chess clock, digital stopwatch, or smartphone timer). A player will automatically lose a match due to time if their total time is at least 30 minutes and at least 10 minutes greater than the opponent's time.

In the single elimination tournament, the 16 players will be seeded according to heat rank. Sides in the single elimination tournament will be determined by random die roll as before.

If a single elimination match results in a draw, players will switch sides and play one rematch. If the rematch also results in a draw, the victor will be the player who has more pieces surrounding the opponent's Queen Bee at the end of the rematch. If both players have equal number of pieces surrounding the opponent's Queen Bee, the victor will be determined by highest die roll.

If fewer than 32 people enter the Hive Tournament, the GM will reduce from 16 the number of players who will advance to the single elimination tournament in order to ensure than no more than 50% of heat participants advance to single elimination.

In addition to a WBC plaque, the winner of the 2013 Hive Trial Event Tournament will receive one jar of tasty Texas Guajillo honey:

That's it for now. If the tournament wins enough votes to become a trial event, I'm happy to answer any questions from potential players. But first, please vote!

--Stephen Aslett
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