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Subject: Rules can be interpreted many ways; what was intended? rss

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Dan Fielding
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Played several times & enjoying the flavor due to the clever cards & functional action resolution.

But every time we find a different interpretation of the game sequencing & intention for how often certain actions occur. The rules never actually SAY when they are talking about a "meta" rule and when they are referring only to something that is marked on the board (picking up cards). Also questions about how long some cards "Persist" (as opposed to being discarded after one use). And these interps have a profound affect on play balance.

So here's my current best guess for Nathan to rewrite:

I. Each Human player, one at a time, will do one of
A. Hide
B. Move
C. Spend
D. Play a card as a turn

II. After all Humans have done I. above, then for each location (aka a single space on an area Card) do these things in order.

Note that the order in which Locations are resolved is Spotlight Player first, then around the table. If a Group is in a Location, they all resolve their actions before going to the next Location. Within a Location, precedence is also from Spotlight Player around the table unless a rule specifically says differently.

A. Explore
1. All Humans on the CARD (not just in the Location) add 1 Aggro
2. The Spotlight player flips & resolves the Event card

Q. Are all these cards discarded or do some of them "Persist" and thus might have their effect triggered again & again? The phrasing is ambiguous on some cards.

B. Fight, in a series of Rounds. Within each Round:
1. Each Human announces which Zombie he will attack & may only attack one Zombie at a time
2. Roll dice for a weapon and resolve its effect, until all desired weapons have been used.
3. Must attack the same Zombie until it is destroyed; then can target another.
4. Exception: Full Auto applies its hits to one Zombie until it is destroyed, then another, etc. [If I remember that card correctly]
5. Each player who fired a Gun adds 1 Aggro

Another way to sequence Fights which would be Thematic, but which makes Groups less coordinated, so helps the Zombies:
On a piece of paper with a box drawn for each Zombie, place the Zombies and then the players (in order) put their piece in one of the boxes. For that round, all attacks by a player(s) are against that Zombie. So you can get overkill. Players pick another box for the next round when their Zombie is destroyed.

The Zombie attacks one random Human in each box. Zombies in a box with no Human in it attack last, and attack a random human anywhere.

C. Loot the Location. This rule is very ambiguous. Have tentatively decided that the words about drawing Items and taking an H-Card are meant to apply only to those green colored Locations which say to take them. The Spotlight Player gets all of it, but may distribute to others in the Location. The rules specify that Items are only drawn once. What about H-Cards?

But we wonder if the Humans need more Stuff than that provides. Maybe everyone draws an H-Card, in every Location (not just the Green)?

OTOH if the Humans spread out they will be able to get to more green Locations.

The game has a lot of abilities that are activated by an action taken by another player, so its important that each player describe in detail what he is doing (ie MELEE attack vs attack) and what cards are being played and even merely discarded. You could make up markers for each player and mark other player's cards to remind them to tell you when something happens (ie I get Aggro if an Item is Discarded, so I mark the Item Discard Pile so I'm informed when it happens...). OTOH cards are not _exactly_ open information. The Zombies should not make plans based on what Items players have; but if they don't look at those cards then the Humans need to give detailed descriptions of _everything_ they do because they are not aware of when a Zombie gets a benefit from something they do. I don't have a good solution for this. If there was a complete list of Actions which might possibly trigger some effect for the other side, then we could make sure that those particular Actions are clearly announced.

Great game; but we don't know the intended way to make it balanced.
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