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(This is actually my second play-through of the second day of battle, since I made an inadvertent blunder on my first play-through, giving the Austrian Grenadiers 'Guard' status when, in fact, they're actually 'just' elite. I've also increased the Austrian morale by 1, as the Grenadiers were unable to advance in one battle on the first day, when I was also applying the wrong rule. Thankfully, it was only the one occasion.)

Turn 8: July 06, Morning (French morale 9, Austrian morale 4)

(random event = “Avec Moi, Mes Amis!” May commit reserves, for free, to one battle)
4a and Res cav move to engage Res 2, with Dragoons moving to Raasdorf and both 3b and 9 moving to engage Grenadiers. 2a then moves to engage III, Guard moves to Stadlau, Grenadiers move to the road outside Breitenlee, II move along their road and Grand Battery moves to Aspern.

3a commits reserves (for free) against II, routing II 5 hexes (-1 Austrian morale) and advancing after combat. 4a and Res combine to attack the (now surrounded) Res 2, breaking them outright (+1 French morale, -1 Austrian morale), with Res 2 losing command control and advancing after combat. 3b and 9 combine to attack Grenadiers, routing Grenadiers 5-2 hexes (another -1 Austrian morale) back to Gerasdorf, with 3b advancing after combat. Finally, 2a attacks III, forcing III to withdraw and also advancing after combat.

(random event = “Let us leave this field of death” Really a no effect)
I moves to Aderklaa, with VIa and AG moving to engage 3a. IV, VIb and John all move to engage Dragoons.

Dragoons counter-charge VIb, but are forced to withdraw.

I, AG and VIa all attack 3a, routing 3a 2 hexes back to Breitenlee. This includes a hazardous retreat, which 3a fails and so breaks instead (-1 French morale, +1 Austrian morale), with I advancing. III attacks 2a, but are forced to withdraw to Florisdorf, with 2a again advancing after combat.

Situation at end of turn 8

Turn 9: July 06, Mid-day (French morale 9, Austrian morale 2)

(random event = “They’re not beaten yet!” +1 Austrian morale)
Dragoons move to Essling, with 4a moving further north and Grenadiers and 3b moving to engage VIa. 9 then moves to Leopoldau, 11 to Breitenlee and Grand Battery along the road past Stadlau.

2a attacks III, but are forced to withdraw with III opting not to advance after combat. Res and 4a attack I, suffering an exchange of troops, with Res then advancing after combat. Grenadiers and 3b attack the (now surrounded) VIa, forcing VIa to withdraw into Aderklaa (safely making the hazardous retreat), with 3b advancing after combat.

(random event = “Let matters take their course” Cards reshuffled)
IV moves south or Res cav, with John moving along the road to engage II and VIb moving to Gross-Enzerdorf. II then moves to Wagram, with Grenadiers and III moving to engage 9 (in Leopoldau)

Res counter-charge AG, routing AG 2 hexes and advancing after combat.

Grenadiers and III attack 9, suffering another exchange of troops, with Grenadiers then advancing after combat. John attacks ii, remaining engaged. VIa attacks both Res and 3b, but are routed 6 hexes (-1 Austrian morale) to Hagenbrunn, with Res 2 advancing then pursuing and 3b moving into Aderklaa.

Situation at end of turn 9

Turn 10: July 06, Afternoon (French morale 9, Austrian morale 2)

(random event = “Vive l’Empereur!” May spend 1 morale point for free)
Grand battery, Grenadiers and 2a all move to engage Grenadiers, with 3b and Res cav moving to attack the (still routed) AG and with Guard moving to Aspern.

3b and Res cav attack AG, forcing AG to withdraw (over bridge), who then promptly fail their hazardous retreat roll and so break (+1 French morale, -1 Austrian morale). Res cav then advances after combat. 11 commit reserves (for free) against John, again only remaining engaged. Grenadiers, Grand battery and 2a all attack Grenadiers, forcing the Austrian Grenadiers (who pass the hazardous retreat roll) out of Leopoldau, with 2a then advancing into that location.

(random event = “Conflicting orders!” French player chooses VIb as unable to move)
IV moves to Aderklaa, and that’s it for this phase!

Res cav counter-charge II, but are themselves routed 4 hexes (-1 French morale), failing a hazardous retreat along their rout path (+1 Austrian morale)

John attacks 11 (in Breitenlee), but are routed 4 hexes (-1 Austrian morale) along the road. Grenadiers attack 2a (in Leopoldau), but are forced to withdraw, with 2a then advancing after combat.

Situation at end of turn 10

Turn 11: July 06, Dusk (French morale 9, Austrian morale 1)

(random event = “They’re not beaten yet!” +1 Austrian morale)
Grand battery moves to aid 2a in upcoming attack on Grenadiers, with Grenadiers, 11 and 3b all moving to surround IV (in Aderklaa) and with Dragoons and Guard moving to engage VIb (-1 French morale for Guard committal) outside Gross-Enzerdorf.

Dragoon and Guard combine to attack VIb, only remaining engaged (-1 French morale for Guard unable to advance). 2a and Grand Battery attack Grenadiers, routing them 5-2 hexes (-1 Austrian morale). Finally, Grenadiers, 11 and 3b all attack IV, forcing IV to withdraw, with IV passing the associated hazardous retreat.

(random event = “Caution and uncertainty” All units have =-1 MA)
John moves to Glinzendorf, Grenadiers move north-east and II moves into Wagram.

Dragoons counter-charge VIb, forcing VIb to withdraw (between Gross-Enzerdorf and Wittau), then advancing after combat.

VIb then promptly re-attacks Dragoons, forcing Dragoons to withdraw, but opting not to advance. IV then attacks Grenadiers (in Aderklaa), only remaining engaged against them.

Situation at end of turn 11

Turn 12: July 06, Evening (French morale 7, Austrian morale 1)

(random event = “Imperial Indecision”. May not spend morale to force march, commit reserves or rally)
Guard moves into Gross-Enzerdorf (for 0 morale, as Austrians on a single point), with Dragoons moving west of Wittau. 3b and 11 then move to engage IV, with Grand Battery moving through Leopoldau and 2a moving onto the road past Hagenbrunn.

11, 3b and Grenadiers attack IV forcing IV to withdraw east of Gerasdorf. Guard and Dragoons attack VIb, only remaining engaged (-1 French morale for Guard unable to advance)

(random event = “Even the simplest things are difficult!” Associated roll = all units -1 MA)
Grenadiers move towards Bisamberg, eith IV moving into Gerasdorf.

Dragoons counter-charge VIb, but are routed 4 hexes (-1 French morale) back to Essling.

VIb attacks Guard, but are forced to withdraw (to Wittau) with Guard then advancing after combat

Situation at end of turn 12

Turn 13: July 06, Night (French morale 5, Austrian morale 1)

(random event = “Only the emperor can order me to act” No effect, as Res cav currently broken)
3b, Grenadiers and 11 all converge on IV

That night, Res cav rallies as does 3a, while 9 remains broken and 4 is eliminated for good. The French forces then regain a single morale point (+1 French morale) from rest.

(random event = “Voltigeurs” Again, really a no effect)
Grenadiers move into Bisamberg, and that’s it!

Res 2 rallies outside Leopoldsdorf, I remains broken as does III, with AG then rallying outside Wagram. The Austrians then regain two morale points from rest (+2 Austrian morale).

Situation at end of turn 13

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